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Title IX

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Since none of this has been adopted as official regulation, it can be easily reversed by the Trump Administration. Also the accused male students have every incentive to allege that the woman had subjected him to sexual violence. Cases that were quietly resolved by campus judicial systems before this expansion of Title IX, now frequently result in extensive litigation.
“Due process is the foundation of any system of justice that seeks a fair outcome,” Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos said. “The notion that a school must diminish due process rights to better serve the ‘victim’ only creates more victims.”<ref name=sun>{{cite news|url=|title=DeVos Slams ‘Failed’ Title IX System, Suggests ‘Better Way Forward’|date=September 7, 2017|accessdate=September 7, 2017|work=Cornell Sun}}</ref>
“I don’t think Washington has helped much and their presumption that universities aren’t dealing with this problem is wrong,” said Hunter R. Rawlings III, past Cornell President and past President of the Association of American Universities. “The federal government is demanding we be on top of the issue, but where they presume we’re not doing a good job it’s not helpful.”<ref name=sun/>