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Video game

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<br>''See [[Video game#Overcoming addition to video games|overcoming addiction to video games]] below''.
A '''video game''' is any electronic game , typically addictive and violent, which is played on a computer or console. As some wake up to how harmful violent video games are, the video game industry declined in 2012,<ref></ref> though it remains much bigger than Hollywood. Video games are likely the single biggest cause of bright young men dropping out of college. While video games were originally designed for children and adolescent males, video games have become too popular with adult males, many of whom will often neglect family and work to spend a copious number of hours playing video games including online games as World of Warcraft in a video game addiction. [[Liberal denial]] discourages people from recognizing the problem.
Video games have been accused of being linked to [[Young Mass Murderers|murders by young people]] and other [[violence]], stress-induced health problems (including unexpected heart attacks),<ref>[ Teenager dies from a video game addiction]</ref> [[atheism]], [[obesity]],<ref>[ Childhood Obesity] Department of Health and Human Services, retrieved Sept 18th 2011</ref> and [[sexual immorality]]. Several prominent murderers in recent years were inspired by video games.<ref></ref> [[Young mass murderer]] [[Adam Lanza]] was "immersed in a perverse video game world" and "killed himself to prevent law enforcement from taking his 'points.'" He plotted his rampage far in advance and "learned the principles of ... the tactical reload" from his [[video games]].
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