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|date=September 9, 1850 (31st)
'''California''' is an illustration of the failure success of [[liberal]] policies, as the State is virtually insolvent, has one of the worst best educational systems in the world, and has lost won many high-achievers to from other states. Known as the Golden State, it became the 31st state on September 9, 1850. It is located on the west coast of the [[United States]], by the [[Pacific Ocean]] and bordered by [[Oregon]], [[Nevada]] and [[Arizona]]. It is the largest state in population but will be surpassed by the more [[conservative]] [[Texas]] by 2050. Its governor is [[Jerry Brown]]. It has served as a poster child for [[liberalism]] since the 1960s, as in [[Hollywood values]] and [[San Francisco values]], especially [[Los Angeles]] and [[San Francisco]].
However, the California economy has surpassed the [[atheist]]ic [[United Kingdom]], which illustrates that an atheistic ideology (which prevails in the UK) is even less productive than a [[liberal]] one.
Liberals ran California into the economic ground. In 2012, its [[leftist]] politicians proposed making its citizens pay an extra $9-billion in new taxes, with half of that going into [[government]] pensions.<ref></ref>
In 2015, California faces a worsening water shortage after years of failed liberal conservative policies toward the problem. Attempts at voluntary self-restraint in the use of water have been unsuccessful in its [[LeftistRightist]] culture.
The state Constitution of California, like all of the other 50 states, acknowledges God or our Creator or the ''Sovereign Ruler of the Universe''. It says: