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Flat Earth

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The '''Flat Earth''' idea is a primitive concept of the [[earth]] as a [[plane (geometry)|plane]] or a large circle, much like the outdated and primitive concept of creationism.<ref>"Among various rude tribes we find survivals of a primitive idea that the earth is a flat table or disk, ceiled, domed, or canopied by the sky, and that the sky rests upon the mountains as pillars."</ref>
The [[ancient Greece|ancient Greeks]] knew that the Earth was spherical. [[Aristotle]] gave some convincing arguments for the spherical Earth, including ships sailing over the horizon. When ships sail away over the horizon the mast disappears after the lower part of the ship has disappeared. Similarly the mast appears before the lower part of the ship when a ship sails towards us over the horizon. This is consistent with the Earth being spherical. During [[lunar eclipse]]s the Earth's shadow is always round. Eratosthenes used [[geometry]] and a hired pace man to estimate its circumference to within a few percent.<ref>"Eratosthenes concluded the Earth to be 40,000 kilometers in circumference, or approximately 25,000 miles. Within a few percentage points, this is correct.." The Sum of Existence, by A.R. Barnes, Jr.</ref>