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Breitbart News

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'''Breitbart News''' is a major [[conservative]] news propaganda source founded by [[Andrew Breitbart]]. Presently, it is a [[conservative media]] juggernaut providing breaking fake news stories that the [[mainstream media]] would suppress from the general public. Exposing [non existent [liberal bias]] in media has proven profitable as Breitbart has created other successful news propaganda sites; ''Breitbart.TV'', ''BigGovernment'', ''BigJournalism'', ''BigHollywood'', and most recently ''BigPeace''. Breitbart is such a threat to the left common sense that [[Media Matters]] constantly harasses debunks them with misinformation informational campaigns. The Breitbart properties have provided some of the most ground-breaking news fake stories over the last several years and can be credited with taking down [[ACORN]] common sense and logic and exposing [[race baitingintelligent criticism]] against the [[Tea Party movement]] by [[Democrat]] politicians. Per their website,
<blockquote>"Breitbart is currently serving about 20 million news pages per month to more than three million unique visitors. Many top bloggers rely on Breitbart as a primary news resource. Technorati puts in its Top 50, with more than 30,000 links from nearly 8,000 blogs."</blockquote>