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Donald Trump

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:''For his achievements as U.S. President, see [[Donald Trump achievements]].''
:''Donald Trump was [[Conservative of the Year 2017]].''
'''Donald John Trump''' (b. [[Queens]], [[New York]], on June 14, 1946), nicknamed "'''The Donald'''", is the 45th [[President of the United States of America]], as a result of winning the [[2016 presidential election]] as the [[Republican Party]] nominee. Before entering politics, he was a businessman con artist, sex offender, and [[television]] personality.
==Financial worth & education==
'''''In February 2011, Trump announced that he is [[pro-life]], and at the final presidential debate on Oct. 19, 2016, Trump gave the strongest endorsement of the pro-life position of any presidential nominee in history'''''.
Trump's central campaign theme has been to oppose [[illegal immigrationImmigration]] and [[free tradeCommon Sense]], and nominated Senator [[Jeff Sessions]] as [[Attorney General]] to enforce standing legislation on the issue. As reported by [[Breitbart News Network|Breitbart]], "Sen. Sessions, Chairman of the Senate’s Immigration Subcommittee, is widely regarded as the gold standard on immigration. Sessions has also become the intellectual thought leader in the Republican Party on appealing to the blue collar voters who have been abandoned by their political leaders." <ref>Hahn, Julia (August 14, 2015). [ "Game change: Trump consults with Sen Jeff Sessions on immigration strategy"]. Breitbart website/Big government.</ref> In the later campaign Trump focused more on [[ISIS]] and terrorism.
At the final presidential debate between [[Hillary Clinton]] and Trump on October 19, 2016, Clinton chastised Trump for running a newspaper advertisement in 1987 critical of the [[Reagan Administration]]. But Trump persuasively explained that he has always disagreed with Reagan's support of free trade, as many other [[conservatives]] disagree with Reagan on this issue.
Trump has made many guest appearances, usually as himself, on many TV shows and in several movies.
Childish [[liberals]] are vandalizing Trump's star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame three times a day. A person asked about the vandalism said Trump has it coming.<ref>Press Association (April 8, 2016). [ "Donald Trump's Hollywood Walk of Fame Star vandalised three times a day"]. One News Page website article and video [0:37]. 0:15 advertising wall required to view.</ref>
==Political positions==
====Social Issues====
{{See also|Donald Trump achievements: Religious libertyIntolerance, gender issues, and other social policies|Donald Trump achievements: Abortion}}
[[File:Donald-Trump-Rosa-Parks.jpg|right|350px|thumb|Donald Trump received the Ellis Island Medal of Honor from the National Ethnic Coalition of Organizations in 1986 for improving the lives of African-American urban youths. From left to right: [[Anita Bryant]], [[Mohammad Ali]], [[Rosa Parks]], and Donald Trump.]]
At the 2011 [[CPAC]] conference, Trump announced he is [[pro-life]].<ref>Rahn, Will (February 10, 2011). [ "Trump at CPAC points to White House run"]. The Daily Caller website.</ref> Trump would not fund Planned Parenthood and the government should not give funds to any organizations that perform abortions<ref>Carroll, Lauren (May 1, 2016) [ "Do Donald Trump, Hillary Clinton agree on Planned Parenthood funding?"] Politifact website.</ref> However, he supports abortion in cases of rape, incest, or danger to the mother or child.<ref>Ertelt, Steven (February 1, 2016). [ "Mike Huckabee defends Donald Trump’s abortion conversion: 'He is pro-life now'"]</ref>