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: To answer your Galileo question, your quote is not really his own words. He was forced to say that.
: If you wanted to engage in dialog, then you'd explain why you removed the text that you removed. [[User:RSchlafly|RSchlafly]] 04:53, 6 May 2007 (EDT)
::: I asked you to tell me what text I removed. You say that Galileo was forced to say it, but say it he did, and The quote I used origianlly from Deutsch clearly demonstrates that this is a philosophical position, not a scientific one. If you want me to find a clearer referecne I will, as it is absolutley true that the universal vieew could be reformulated as a Geocentric one, Galitleo's own theory of relativity states that all frames are rquivalent. It's just that it provides a convoluted motion of the planets, and by Occam#]s Razor we normmally go with Heliocentriscm. There is a debate here, and you should NOT just remove good material without discussion. I am LIVID.[[OfficerDibble]]