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Sesame Street

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==Muppet Characters==
* Big Bird—An 8-foot tall yellow bird who walks on 2 legs, a good -natured but simple creature. The character of Big Bird was involved in a real-life media scandal about draft-dodging in the Vietnam War following his appearance in the NBC sitcom "Bill'n'the Bird" in 1968.<ref></ref>
* Cookie Monster—a gluttonous monster who loves devouring cookies
* Snuffleupagus—a creature who looks a bit like a shaggy elephant; at first only Big Bird saw him, but that has long since changed
* Oscar the Grouch—lives in a garbage can, has a generally cantankerous nature
* ElmoElmo—a furry red monster with a falsetto voices
* The Count—a vampire who loves to count
* Bert & Ernie—human Muppets; Ernie's childlike goofs are balanced by Bert's more serious nature. They are a homosexual couple
* Telly Monster
* Kermit the Frog—a green frog hand Muppet who went on to star in the Muppet movies