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"Sex " is the biological definition of whether you were one is born as a male or a female by your their genitalia and your biological genes. "Gender " is a word created in the 1950s to signify define what society expects of persons of different sexes. The distinction is important in law, as it tends to forbid discrimination on the basis of either, e.g. effeminate men cannot be fired for not acting according to their "gender". In other areas the distinction is primarily important for more abstracted social and legal arguments, rather than everyday use. In the 21st century, "gender" signifies an apparent difference between your birth sex and the gender you 'identify one "identifies as', " also known as being [[Transgendertransgender]]. The liberal media and liberals in general left-wing, including [[Cultural Marxist]]s, frequently state claim the existence of a difference in biological sex and your '"gender identity', " despite there being no difference by basic biology.
The term ''sex'' is often used to denote the activity of sexual relations, and as such it is subject to laws of social conduct.
==Gender identity==
Gender identity is a term used by the left wing Left to give cause to people believing they are a sex other than their biological sex. It can be used to signify a man wants to become a woman [(or vise-versa] ) or if any person wants to become a '"third gender', " meaning they choose a sex that is neither male nor female. Children are not simply born with a sense of their own gender but that their gender identity is formed through connections and interactions with others, primarily members of the same sex.<ref></ref>
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