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/* Desecularization and politics/influence */
See: [[Ethnic Chinese and the rise of Christianity in Southeast Asia]]
== Postsecularism in the 21st century ==
''See also:'' [[Postsecularism]]
Jens Köhrsen), a professor for religion and economics at the Centre for Religion, Economy and Politics (ZRWP)<ref>[ Prof. Dr. Jens Köhrsen], University website faculty page</ref>, wrote:
{{Cquote|[ [[Jürgen Habermas]] ] ...argues that a new age, the age of [[Postsecularism|post-secularity]], has begun. Previously vastly secularized societies, like the highly developed countries of Europe, Australia, New Zealand and Canada, would experience a new awareness of religion and attribute a new public role to religion. From now on, religion would constitute a relevant dialogue partner in the public debates of these societies (Habermas, 2008). Moreover, Habermas presents a normative argument about public religion: he recommends that post-secular societies should facilitate religious contributions to the public sphere. Religious reasoning could contribute to public debates about the ethical values of contemporaneous and future societies. Habermas believes that modern societies might find some answers to the moral questions of our time by listening to religion in public debates (Habermas, 2001, 2005, 2006, 2008). A similar position to that of Habermas is proposed by Leclerc (2001) and French sociologist Willaime (2004a, 2004b, 2005[1995]: 76-78, 2008). Willaime observes that even the highly secularized public and political sphere of France is exhibiting a new, more open attitude towards religion. The hypersecularity of France would stimulate a restructuration process of religion. According to Willaime, religion can form an important resource for public debates and be engaged in the identity construction process of individuals and collectives.<ref>How religious is the public sphere? – A critical stance on the debate about public religion and post-secularity, Draft Version, Jens Koehrsen (Köhrsen). Bielefeld Graduate School in History and Sociology, Germany. École des hautes études en sciences socials, France. Published in: Acta Sociologica 55 (3), S. 273-288.</ref>}}
== Desecularization and politics/influence ==