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==Neuroplasticity and Pornography==
Neuroplasticity is an emerging field of neuroscience which explains how certain states of mind or thought routines can physically alter the structure of the brain, even after adulthood, when the brain is purportedly thought to be done with development. The negative effects of pornography in relation to the phenomenon of neuroplasticity is often brought up in anti-porn studies. However, various pseudoscientific theories have emerged, claiming that pornography can actually be used to help heal the brain and stabilize the body much in the same way as Tai Chi, Yoga, or Transcendant Transcendent Meditation. Propaganda websites like Intimate Medicine have been at the forefront of perpetuating this deadly myth, as pronounced meditation on pornographic material enslaves the mind to lust and can affect work ethic. The effect of porn on the reward centers of the brain is well documented and correlates with this evidence.
== Atheism and pornography ==
*Brad Chase (William Hobbs), suicide (hanging)
*John Holmes (John Curtis Estes), 43, died of [[AIDS]]
*Maria Christina , 41, (drug overdose)
*Vanessa Freeman, 29, murdered
*Elisa Bridges (real name), 28, drug overdose combining heroin, methamphetamine and other drugs
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