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Billy McCormack

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'''Billy Ervin McCormack''' (August 4, 1928 &ndash; May 31, 2012)<ref>{{cite web|url=|title=Billy McCormack passes away|publisher=KTBS-TV|accessdate=June 6, 2012}}</ref> was a Southern [[Baptist]] [[clergy]]man from [[Shreveport]], [[Louisiana]], active for more than sixty years in the ministry and a figure in the [[Religious Right]]. He was one of four national directors of the [[Christian Coalition|Christian Coalition of America]], founded in 1989 by televangelist [[Pat Robertson]].<ref name=rright>{{cite web|url=|title=Religioius Right update||accessdate=June 6, 2012}}</ref>
From 1981 until his death, McCormack was the senior pastor of the University Worship Center, or University Baptist Church, at 9000 East Kings Highway in Shreveport. Prior to that time, he had been the pastor of three other area congregations. He was the founder and headmaster of Trinity Heights Christian Academy and University Christian Prep School, both at 4800 Old Morringsport Road, and the University Montessori School at 9000 East Kings Highway.<ref name=obit>{{cite web|url=http|title=Dr. Billy Ervin McCormack obituary|publisher=''Shreveport Times'', June 2, 2012|accessdate=June 5, 2012}}</ref>
McCormack died in Shreveport at the age of eighty-three. He was preceded in death by his first wife, the former Carolyn Tomme (1933-2005), and a brother, Dr. Jack McCormack. He was survived by his second wife of six years, the former Barbara Talley; daughters, Victoria Lynn Williams and husband Charles; Patricia Jane McCormack Reeves, and son, William Michael McCormack and his wife, Cynthia. Services were held at the University Worship Center with Dr. Carlos Spaht, II, the son of a 1952 Louisiana gubernatorial candidate, officiating. Interment was at Providence Cemetery in Ringgold in Bienville Parish.<ref name=obit/>
Daniel Eugene "Dan" Perkins (born 1953), a Republican state senatorial candidate in 1999 against the late Ronald Bean<ref>{{cite web|url=|title=Louisiana primary election returns, October 23, 1999||accessdate=June 6, 2012}}</ref> and a Christian Coalition member, served as a pallbearer at McCormack's funeral. Of McCormack, Perkins said: "Though he influenced thousands worldwide, Pastor McCormack would cancel his plans and return home every time a member of his congregation was in need. That repeated scenerio displayed his true heart and "calling" as a pastor above all else. ..."<ref>{{cite web |url=http|title=Billy Ervin McCormack||accessdate=June 6, 2012}}</ref>
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