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Mao Zedong

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Despite killing far more people than Stalin and Hitler combined, Mao Zedong has often been held in high-regard by various leftists, with French Existential philosopher [[Jean-Paul Sartre]] claiming his revolution was "profoundly moral", and French feminist [[Simone de Beauvoir]] claiming that his actions were little different from [[Franklin Delano Roosevelt]]'s policies in an approving tone.<ref></ref> Infamously, his image has even been used, similar to another leftist icon [[Che Guevara]], in various merchandising, including a restaurant in Hollywood called "Mao's Kitchen." Kai Chen, a Chinese basketball player who fled China, has stated that the promotion of Mao was tasteless, stating it's like someone deciding to open a restaurant called [[Adolf Hitler|Hitler's Kitchen]].<ref></ref>
== Mao Zedong and Traditional Chinese medicine ==
''See also:'' [[Atheism and unscientific medical practices]]
Mao Zedong revived and heavily promoted [[Traditional Chinese medicine]] in China. He didn't believe in it himself, but pushed it as a cheap alternative to real medicine.<ref>[ WHO Endorses Traditional Chinese Medicine. Expect Deaths To Rise] by Steven Salzberg, Forbes magazine</ref>
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