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Atheism plus

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[[File:Richard Carrier.jpg|thumbnail|165px|right|[[Richard Carrier]] at the launch of the Atheism plus movement wrote: "I am fully on board. I will provide any intellectual artillery they need to expand this cause and make it successful."<ref>[ The New Atheism +] by Richard Carrier</ref>]]
'''Atheism plus''' was a [[Atheist factions|faction of atheism]] which held to a [[progressivism|progressive]] political agenda. It encouraged progressive atheists to also focus on issues beyond atheism - including the issues of [[social justice]], [[feminism]], anti-[[racism]], and LGBTQ issues. Atheist plus shared the political ideology of [[Freethought]] blogs and was partly a response to the [[New Atheism]] and to the [[Elevatorgate]] controversy.
News 24 indicates about the Atheism plus movement:
{{Cquote|The movement started back in 2012 when a woman named Jennifer McCreight participated in a protest known as "boobquake" which was raised in reply to Kazem Seddiqi's claim that women dressing in revealing clothing causes earthquakes. Jennifer rose to online fame during this protest, an already avowed atheist, she soon begun promoting her atheism and feminism online. The comments she received however from the rest of the atheist community were mostly sexist remarks and invitations to sex, bringing to media attention the long known fact that most of those that are part of the new atheist movement are mostly men and misogynistic sexist men at that, it should be no surprise also that many of atheism's public famous speakers and promoters are also sexist and have made sexist remarks about women in the past, prime examples being atheists [[Sam Harris]], [[Penn Jillette]], [[Christopher Hitchens]] (now deceased) and [[Richard Dawkins]].<ref>[ Atheism Plus and the intellectual suicide of the atheist community], website:</ref>}}
In October 2014, the popular YouTube atheist [[Thunderf00t]] commented on how [[Jen McCreight]], the founder of the atheist feminist movement Atheism plus abandoned her movement within two weeks.