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Atheism plus

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[[File:Richard Carrier.jpg|thumbnail|165px|right|[[Richard Carrier]] at the launch of the Atheism plus movement wrote: "I am fully on board. I will provide any intellectual artillery they need to expand this cause and make it successful."<ref>[ The New Atheism +] by Richard Carrier</ref>]]
'''Atheism plus''' was a [[Atheist factions|faction of atheism]] which held to a [[progressivism|progressive]] political agenda. It encouraged progressive atheists to also focus on issues beyond atheism - including the issues of [[social justice]], [[feminism]], anti-[[racism]], and LGBTQ issues. Atheist plus shared the progressive political ideology of [[Freethought]] blogs and was partly a response to the [[New Atheism]] and to the [[Elevatorgate]] controversy.
News 24 indicates about the Atheism plus movement: