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/* Thunderf00t's discussions with Ray Comfort */
== Thunderf00t's discussions with Ray Comfort ==
''See also:'' [[Thunderf00t - Ray Comfort discussion]]
Thunderf00t debated the American Christian evangelist [[Ray Comfort]] and [[Thunderfoot - Ray Comfort discussion|the debate did not go well for him and he was nervous during the discussion/debate]]. Atheist [[Matt Dillahunty]] indicated he was "disappointed" in Thunderf00t's debate performance and referred to his debate performance as "weak sauce".<ref>[ Atheist Matt Dillahunty shocks atheists with admission]</ref> In nearly all [[Atheism and Debate|Christianity vs. atheism debates]], atheists fare very poorly. Ray Comfort was very gracious in his commentary concerning the debate and took Thunderf00t out to lunch after the debate.<ref></ref><ref></ref>