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'''White-lash''' is a play of words on the term backlash. It has been used by liberals who wrongly think that conservatives are motivated by racial prejudices, with [[CNN]] commentator [[Van Jones]] arguing it was racist white Americans that revolted against the [[Democratic Party]] and voted for [[Donald Trump]] in the [[2016 U.S. presidential election]]s.
President-elect Trump‘s Trump's unexpected victory on 8 November 2016 was summed up as “whitelash” by the CNN commentator, who argued that racism played in the election’s election's outcome:{{cquote|
“This was a white-lash. This was a white-lash against a changing country, it was a white-lash against a black president, in part, and that’s the part where the pain comes.”<ref>[ Explaining ‘white-lash’ and how it helped Donald Trump’s win]</ref>}}
==Latinos for Trump==
CNN’s CNN's exit poll found that 65% of Latinos voted for Clinton while 29% cast their votes for Trump. In 2012 Barack Obama won 71% of the Latino vote and Mitt Romney won 27%.
<ref>[ Did Latinos tip Trump over the edge? Experts dispute what happened ]</ref>
The number crunching site [[FiveThirtyEight]] said Latino voters may have tilted Florida’s Florida's 29 electoral college votes in favor of the Republican Party:{{cquote|Trump’s margin among Latino voters in Florida, though thinner than it has been for Republican candidates in past races, likely helped him win that critical state.<ref>[ Did Latinos tip Trump over the edge? Experts dispute what happened]</ref>}}
==Blacks for Trump==
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