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The Samson Option

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'''The Samson Option''' is a phrase to describe how [[Israel]] will respond to a military attack if the Jewish state is faced with annihilation. The Samson Option is a 1991 book by author [[Seymour Hersh]] that describes Israeli's nuclear program and defense. [[Samson]] of 'The Samson Option' relates to the Biblical figure chosen by [[God]]. He would be betrayed, beaten, his eyes gouged out and mocked in front of thousands of [[Philistine]]s. With great strength, Samson pushed over the pillars of the Philistine Temple, killing himself and thousands in attendance. The Samson Option describe Israel’s Israel's strategy of massive nuclear retaliation against enemy nations, for if Israel shall die, their enemies will be destroyed as well.
It is controversial because the Jewish state has never admitted to having nuclear weapons. The book states that Israel would target more than just Arab nations to include the Soviet Union, European nations and even the United States. Rough estimates claim Israel has between 200 and 400 nuclear warheads.
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