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Opposition to Donald Trump

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Media FOIA requests at the Trump Administration EPA increased 669% from the last years of the Obama Administration.<ref>Moran, Sean (March 20, 2019). [ Establishment Media Increase Trump EPA Document Requests 669% over Obama Requests]. ''Breitbart News''. Retrieved March 21, 2019.</ref><ref>Scher, Brent (March 20, 2019). [ Media FOIA Requests to EPA Spiked After Trump Election, Data Reveal]. ''The Washington Free Beacon''. Retrieved March 21, 2019.</ref>
In May 2019, researchers at the Italian analytics company Ghost Data found that "a coordinated campaign to undermine President Trump" existed on Instagram.<ref>Multiple references:
*Birnbaum, Emily (May 20, 2019). [ Researchers find coordinated anti-Trump campaign on Instagram]. ''The Hill''. Retrieved May 22, 2019.
*Balmer, Crispian (May 20, 2019). [ Coordinated anti-Trump campaign emerges on Instagram: study]. ''Reuters''. Retrieved May 22, 2019.
*Harper, Jennifer (May 22, 2019). [ Researchers discover coordinated campaign to undermine President Trump on Instagram]. ''The Washington Times''. Retrieved May 22, 2019.</ref>
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