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Mystery:Does God Have a Sense of Humor?

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*'''football''': [[Tim Tebow]]'s completion of ten passes for 316 yards, at 31.6 yards per competition, in his stunning playoff victory against the [[Pittsburgh Steelers]], echoed his promotion of [[John 1-7 (Translated)#Chapter 3|John 3:16]] and caused a million searches on the internet for that verse.
*'''politics''': within weeks after [[Barack Obama]] was sworn in as president in 2009, Obama-supporter [[Bruce Springsteen]] was the half-time performer at the [[Super Bowl]]. His most famous song is "Born in the U.S.A.," but he did not even perform it, presumably because that is an unwanted controversy about Obama.
*'''names''': remarkable skills or traits are associated with people who have unusual names to match. The largest toll evader in [[Pennsylvania]] -- $127,967.40 including fines -- is fines—is a man named Jarrett Stiff.<ref></ref> A reporter for [[CNN]] who was so confrontational that the [[White House]] attempted to exclude him has the name "Jim Acosta." A star wide receiver for the NFL Dallas Cowboys is named "Michael Gallup." Jaime Sin was such an extraordinary priest that he was elevated to the esteemed position of "Cardinal", making him "Cardinal Sin."<ref></ref> Other examples include "Usain Bolt" (the fastest sprinter in world history), "Learned Hand" (one of the finest judges in history), "Michael Arms" (an [[2012 Summer Olympics|Olympic]] rower from [[New Zealand]]),<ref></ref> "Billy Sunday" (one of the most famous [[Christian]] preachers in [[America]]n history), "Richie Incognito" (an [[NFL]] all-Pro offensive lineman who made headlines for badgering a teammate),<ref></ref> "Marcus Smart" (a star basketball player who did the not-so-smart shoving of a fan who heckled him during a game),<ref></ref> "Lester Wire" (inventor of the first electric traffic signal),<ref></ref> and "[[George McGovern]]" (a former U.S. Senator and presidential candidate). Also, there are many whites named "Black" and many African Americans named "White". Russell Brain was a famous neurologist whose textbook, ''Brain's Diseases of the Nervous System'', is still in wide use. The consonants of the name of longtime [[RNC]] Chairman [[Reince Priebus]] spell "RNC P.R. B.S."
*'''nutty theories''': the originator of the "Oxfordian theory" that the Earl of Oxford was the secret author of [[Shakespeare]]'s poems and plays was a [[British]] schoolteacher named "J. Thomas Looney."<ref></ref>
*'''[[John 1-7 (Translated)#2:1|the wedding at Cana]]''': it was a huge ''faux pas'' for the host to run out of wine, leaving the guests stranded with nothing to drink (the water was probably not drinkable), but the last laugh was by the servants and [[Jesus]] when they gave a welcomed surprise to the host without explaining the source.
*'''intrinsic humor''': some humor is funny to virtually everyone who has a sense of humor - which would be impossible in the absence of intrinsic humor. Yet intrinsic humor would be impossible unless God appreciated it also.
*'''contradictions and disbelief''': contradictions and surprise are the essence of humor, and God's allowance of their basis to continue to exist suggests that God may find amusement in it.
*'''landmarks''': the historic building for the [[U.S. Court of Appeals for the Fifth Circuit]] is named after its longtime Judge John Minor Wisdom - not major wisdom, but minor wisdom.
*'''media''': Within weeks after the [[lamestream media]] made the unlikely claim that [[Fidel Castro]]—who had not been seen in public since the frail dictator went to a hospital for a very grave condition in July 2006—had met the [[Pope]], a five-day suspension was imposed on [[Florida Marlins]] manager Ozzie Guillen for expressing admiration that Fidel Castro has such longevity.
*'''inexplicable humor''': [[liberals]] in [[Colorado]] wanted to expel the successful, but outspokenly [[Christian]], [[Tim Tebow]], but he ended up in a much bigger media market as a result, and received even more publicity.
== Secular left, humor and hypocrisy ==
''See also:'' [[Atheism and humor]] and [[Atheist hypocrisy]] and [[Essay:Comedy and satires concerning atheism and evolution]]
Although the [[secular left]] is known for ridiculing [[religion]] since at least the time of [[French Revolution]] (see: [[Atheism and mockery]]), the secular left is known for its humorlessness when it comes to others mocking of its ideology (See also: [[Atheism and humor]] and [[Atheism and intolerance]]).
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