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'''American Broadcasting Company''': A [[television]] network in the [[United States]] which has been broadcasting since 1948. It is a subsidiary of [[The Walt Disney Company]] since the latter purchased the company in 1996.
**:The original '''ABC Radio Network''', known as '''[[ABC Radio]]''', was originally a division of ABC, then became independent (as Cumulus Media Networks) from 2007 until it merged into Westwood One in 2013. It originated in 1927 as the '''NBC Blue Network''', owned by RCA. It became independent of RCA in 1942 after being spun off due to anti-trust litigation and became simply the '''Blue Network''' at that point, then switched to its current name on June 15, 1945. The current ABC Radio, now owned by the Walt Disney Company, was launched on January 1, 2015.
Like most other major networks, ABC has a significant liberal bias (though not as bad as that of [[MSNBC]]), which includes [[George Stephanopolis]], the former press secretary for [[Bill Clinton]], acting as a news anchor. The bias has not gone unnoticed, as several of The Walt Disney Company's shareholders, including Justin Danhof of the National Center for Public Policy Research complained about ABC's liberal bias.<ref> </ref> Disney CEO [[Robert Iger|Bob Iger]], himself a former ABC executive, vehemently denied the accusations in a clear conflict of interest.<ref></ref> The liberal bias ultimately came to a head in early 2017, where it showed the so-called documentary ''When We Rise'' that depicted the rise of the homosexual movement via a [[far-Left]] lens, which ultimately resulted in ABC's ratings decreasing to such an extent that it barely managed to tie with [[The CW]], and dropped behind [[FOX]] as well as fellow liberal networks [[NBC]] and [[CBS]].<ref name="When We Rise">[ 'When We Rise' Hates on Republican Presidents, Shows Love to Hillary] at NewsBusters</ref><ref>[ BACKLASH: Gay and Transgender TV Die In the Ratings] at ''The Daily Wire''</ref>