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Alcoholic drink

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[[Wine]] is usually made by the fermentation of grapes, but can be made using other fruits, or other parts of plants.
Wines, like beer, come in a variety of types with different bouquets (aromas) and [[flavor]]s. In ancient times there were many gods of wine that were worshipped<ref>[ Wine, Religion, and Gods], ''''</ref> (Bacchus, Dionysus, and Geshtin for example). As wine was part of the holy traditions in both Jewish and Christian customs it was important that this wine was not blessed for other gods (which would make it unclean). Kosher and sacramental wine was watched to be sure that it was properly handled and no idolatry was preformed with it.<ref>[ What Makes a Wine Kosher?], ''Gems in Israel''</ref> Roman Catholics believe that wine was transformed (and continues to be transformed) into the blood of Christ during [[communion]].<ref>Augustin Joseph Schulte, [ "Altar Wine." ''The Catholic Encyclopedia'' Vol. 1. (1907)].</ref>
Jesus not only served wine at the Last Supper but performed his first miracle by turning water into wine during the wedding reception at Cana (John 2:1-11). Wine is mentioned 185 times in the Old Testament and 26 times in the New Testament.
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