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Roy Moore

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'''Roy Stewart Moore''' (born February 11, 1947)<ref name="PVS"/> was the [[conservative]] [[Republican Party|Republican]] candidate for the [[United States Senate]] from [[Alabama]] in the special election held on December 12, 2017, to fill the seat vacated earlier in the year by [[United States Attorney General]] [[Jeff Sessions]]. Previously, Moore was the elected [[Chief Justice|chief justice]] of the Alabama Supreme Court, having served two nonconsecutive terms on that court. Prior to that, he served as a circuit judge and an assistant district attorney. Moore is a [[Vietnam War]] veteran. He has announced his candidacy in [[Alabama]] for the [[U.S. Senate]] in 2020.
Moore is a [[Christian]] best known for refusing to cave into the [[Culture War|secular agenda]] of federal [[judicial supremacy]] in regards to the display of the [[Ten Commandments]] on public ground and the issuing of "marriage" licenses to [[Homosexuality|homosexual]] couples and instead choosing to stand by Alabama state law on the matters, acts which caused him to be improperly suspended from his position twice.<ref>Buchanan, Patrick J. (September 29, 2017). [ Judge Moore & God's Law]. ''The New American''. Retrieved February 23, 2018.</ref> The [[mainstream media]] has noted Moore's history of bouncing back to an equal or greater position after suffering defeat.<ref>Velasco, Eric (September 23, 2017). [ The Resurrection of Roy Moore]. ''Politico Magazine''. Retrieved September 29, 2017.</ref>
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