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Black problem

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A '''Black problem''' in [[liberal]] [[Democrat]] [[rhetoric]] refers to a [[white]] [[Democratic party]] candidate's inability to relate to [[African American]] voters. Two examples from the [[2016 presidential election]] and [[2020 presidential election]] illustrate:
*[[John Podesta]] spoke of [[Hillary Rodham Clinton]]'s "Eric Garner problem."<ref></ref> Garner was a black man killed in police custody while in a choke hold in 2014. Podesta wrote, "we know we have an Eric Garner problem,"<ref></ref> getting Blacks to vote for Hillary Clinton in light of her Superpredator comments to "bring them to heal."<ref></ref><ref></ref>
*Mayor [[Pete Buttigieg]] was criticized by [[David Axelrod]], [[Marcia Fudge]], ''[[Politico]]'',<ref></ref> ''The Daily Beast'' and others for having a "black problem."<ref></ref>
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