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Vladimir Putin

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'''Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin''' ([[Russian language|Russian]]: Владимир Владимирович Путин) (born October 7, 1952) was reelected president of the [[Russian Federation]] in 2012, after serving as prime minister since May 8, 2008, and previously serving as [[president]] since December 31, 1999, the day [[Boris Yeltsin]] resigned from the presidency.<ref>Putin was later elected president by 54% of the electorate on March 26, 2000.</ref> Putin has managed to preserve and even increase Russia's relevancy in international affairs despite its weak economic position.<ref>Seib, Gerald F. (May 6, 2019). [ Putin Punches Above His Weight]. ''The Wall Street Journal''. Retrieved May 7, 2019.</ref>
A [[Christian]], Putin leads the increasingly [[conservative]] Russia against the [[homosexual agenda]] and towards [[pro-life]] side. Much of the criticism of [[Russia]] by [[liberal]]s in the [[United States]] is motivated by their opposition to Russian policies on social issues. [[Obama]] even refused to attend the Winter Olympic games held in Russia in 2014.Putin has also criticized liberal values as out of touch with a more traditional population.<ref>Multiple references:*Isachenkov, Vladimir (June 29, 2019). [ Putin fires new broadside against Western liberalism]. ''Associated Press''. Retrieved June 29, 2019.*Calicchio, Dom (June 28, 2019). [ Putin: Liberal values ‘obsolete,’ people in West prefer ‘traditional’ values]. ''Fox News''. Retrieved June 29, 2019.*[ Russia's Putin says liberal values are obsolete - FT]. ''Reuters''. Retrieved June 29, 2019.*[ Putin: Russian president says liberalism 'obsolete']. ''BBC News''. June 28, 2019. Retrieved June 29, 2019.*[ Putin Tells FT: 'The Liberal Idea Has Become Obsolete']. ''Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty''. Retrieved June 29, 2019.</ref>
However, Putin has made many controversial statements on [[Communism]] and has a good attitude towards [[Islam]]. [[Alexander Dugin]] argues:<ref></ref>
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