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War on Science

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Left-wing [[pro-abortion]] activists ignore and deny the numerous scientific evidences that the [[unborn]] are fully human, preferring instead to advance their pseudoscientific ideology.<ref>Williams, Thomas D. (November 5, 2017). [ Abortion Lobby Denies Science Concerning Beginning of Human Life]. ''Breitbart News''. Retrieved January 7, 2019.</ref><ref>Freiburger, Calvin (January 4, 2019). [ Liberal ‘fact-checking’ site claims it’s ‘problematic’ to call abortion a ‘cause of death’]. ''LifeSiteNews''. Retrieved January 7, 2019.</ref> In 2019, a [[University of Chicago]] researcher found that 96% of biologists believe that life begins at fertilization.<ref>Berry, Susan (July 11, 2019). [ Study: 96% of 5,577 Biologists Affirm Human Life Begins at Fertilization]. ''Breitbart News''. Retrieved July 11, 2019.</ref>
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