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Mitt Romney

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Leading up to the 2020 Republican presidential primaries, Romney described [[William Weld]], a liberal Republican challenger to President Trump, as a "terrific guy."<ref>Moran, Sean (May 31, 2019). [ Mitt Romney: Trump Challenger Bill Weld a ‘Terrific Guy’]. ''Breitbart News''. Retrieved May 31, 2019.</ref>
In his first speech on the Senate floor, Romney advocated for a globalist foreign policy in contrast to a patriotic "[[America First]]" policy.<ref>Carney, Jordain (June 4, 2019). [ Romney defends international alliances in first Senate floor speech]. ''The Hill''. Retrieved June 4, 2019.</ref> Romney defended Paul Ryan after the latter criticized President Trump.<ref>Bleau, Hannah (July 12, 2019). [ Romney Opposes Trump Yet Again, Goes to Bat for Paul Ryan]. ''Breitbart News''. Retrieved July 12, 2019.</ref>
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