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Beto O'Rourke

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'''Robert Francis O'Rourke,''' (''Celtic:'' '''Roibeárd Ó Ruairc''') known as '''Beto O'Rourke''' and formerly as '''Rob O'Rourke''' (born September 26, 1972), served from 2013 to 2019 as the [[U.S. Representative]] for [[Texas]]'s 16th congressional district, based in his native [[El Paso]]. He was the unsuccessful [[Democratic Party|Democratic]] nominee for the [[United States Senate]] in 2018. Beto has recieved financial contributions from convicted [[pedophile]] [[Jeffrey Epstein]].
O'Rourke, who supports the [[Green New Deal]], accepted $476,325 from the oil and gas industry after taking the "No Fossil Fuel Money" pledge,<ref></ref> making him the second-biggest recipient of fossil fuel money in Congress.<ref></ref> O'Rourke's [[white privilege]] has propelled him into the top ranks of [[2020 presidential election|2020 Democratic presidential contenders]].
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