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Matteo Salvini

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Under Salvini's leadership, crime levels fell an average of 15% from 2018 to 2019.<ref>Tomlinson, Chris (May 7, 2019). [ Crime Down 15 Percent Under Salvini Interior Ministry]. ''Breitbart News''. Retrieved May 8, 2019.</ref> In July 2019, Italy began increased border security patrols along its border with [[Slovenia]] because of increased illegal immigration levels.<ref>Multiple references:
*[ Italy and Slovenia start border patrols to stem migrant flows]. ''Reuters''. July 1, 2019. Retrieved July 1, 2019.
*Williams, Thomas D. (July 2, 2019). [ Italy and Slovenia Initiate Joint Border Patrols to Curb Illegal Immigration]. ''Breitbart News''. Retrieved July 2, 2019.</ref> Salvini worked to evict migrant illegally living in abandoned buildings.<ref>Multiple references:*Winfield, Noah; Gatopoulos, Derek (July 15, 2019). [ Italian police clear migrant squatters amid burning debris]. ''Associated Press''. Retrieved July 15, 2019.*[ Italy's far-right Salvini moves to clear 'illegal' Roma camps]. ''France 24'' (from ''AFP''). July 16, 2019. Retrieved July 21, 2019.</ref>
In the May 2019 [[European Parliament]] elections, which Salvini put much effort into, the League performed very strongly, becoming the largest party in Italy with over 34% of the vote and one of the largest parties in the parliament.<ref>Multiple references:
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