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Silent majority

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While the [[New Left]], antiwar protestors, and [[hippies]] vocally expressed their leftist views, a silent majority of Americans who had not given in to their agenda. In fact, a [[Gallup]] poll released soon after Nixon's November 1969 speech showed 77 percent of Americans in favor of Nixon's policy, despite the [[Anti-war|antiwar]] protests.<ref name="History"/>
Nixon's Silent Majority coalition, which consisted of veterans and families who fought the [[Second Worlds World War]] and defeated [[fascism]], spoke up in response to the radical [[Leftist]]s who blamed America for the problem's of the world, expressed themselves with the slogan, "America, Love it or Leave it."
The existence of the silent majority was further seen in the [[United States presidential election, 1972|1972 presidential election]]. Democrats nominated [[George McGovern]], likely the most [[left-wing]] nominee in history at that point. Large numbers of [[Democratic Party|Democrats]] abandoned the party and its nominee who was not in line with their traditional conservative values and voted for Nixon.<ref name="Britannica">[ United States presidential election of 1972]. ''Encyclopædia Britannica''. Retrieved December 18, 2016.</ref> Nixon was successfully able to point out McGovern's extreme views, and he won the election in one of the largest landslides in United States history.<ref name="Britannica"/><ref name="WaPo1972">Broder, David S. (November 8, 1972). [ Nixon Wins Landslide Victory; Democrats Hold Senate, House]. ''The Washington Post''. Retrieved December 18, 2016.</ref> Even traditionally Democrat states, such as [[West Virginia]], [[New York]], and [[Texas]], voted for Nixon (he won 49 states).<ref name="WaPo1972"/> As of 2016, the 1972 presidential election was the 4th largest landslide election in terms of the popular vote, and even larger than the [[United States presidential election, 1964|1964 presidential election]].<ref>[ Largest Landslide Victories In US Presidential Election History]. ''''. Retrieved December 18, 2016.</ref>
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