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Silent majority

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While the [[New Left]], antiwar protestors, and [[hippies]] vocally expressed their leftist views, a silent majority of Americans who had not given in to their agenda. In fact, a [[Gallup]] poll released soon after Nixon's November 1969 speech showed 77 percent of Americans in favor of Nixon's policy, despite the [[Anti-war|antiwar]] protests.<ref name="History"/>
Nixon's Silent Majority coalition, which consisted of veterans and families who fought the [[Second World War]] and defeated [[fascism]], spoke up in response to the radical [[Leftist]]s who blamed America for the problem's problems of the world, with the slogan, "America, Love it or Leave it."
The existence of the silent majority was further seen in the [[United States presidential election, 1972|1972 presidential election]]. Democrats nominated [[George McGovern]], likely the most [[left-wing]] nominee in history at that point. Large numbers of [[Democratic Party|Democrats]] abandoned the party and its nominee who was not in line with their traditional conservative values and voted for Nixon.<ref name="Britannica">[ United States presidential election of 1972]. ''Encyclopædia Britannica''. Retrieved December 18, 2016.</ref> Nixon was successfully able to point out McGovern's extreme views, and he won the election in one of the largest landslides in United States history.<ref name="Britannica"/><ref name="WaPo1972">Broder, David S. (November 8, 1972). [ Nixon Wins Landslide Victory; Democrats Hold Senate, House]. ''The Washington Post''. Retrieved December 18, 2016.</ref> Even traditionally Democrat states, such as [[West Virginia]], [[New York]], and [[Texas]], voted for Nixon (he won 49 states).<ref name="WaPo1972"/> As of 2016, the 1972 presidential election was the 4th largest landslide election in terms of the popular vote, and even larger than the [[United States presidential election, 1964|1964 presidential election]].<ref>[ Largest Landslide Victories In US Presidential Election History]. ''''. Retrieved December 18, 2016.</ref>
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