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[https The Lord's Supper and The Concept of ''Anamnesis'', Ray Carlton Jones, Jr., Canton Lutheran Church, Canto, South Dakota - Word & World 6/4 (1986) (]pdf
[ All This in Remembrance: The History & Revelation of Anamnesis in Platonic, Jewish & Christian Thought, by Folke T. Olafsson - Touchstone Magazine (]
[ Anamnesis (Christianity) - Wikipedia]
[ Transubstantiation and the Real Presence, by Matt Slick - Christian Apologetics & Research Ministry (] —"''the Roman Catholic doctrine violates view is a violation of Levitical law...It is a violation of the incarnation...the BibleLord's Supper is not a sacrifice of Christ''". Matt Slick cites Leviticus 17:4 as a prohibition against eating blood ''in any form'' which was still in effect before the crucifixion and resurrection of Jesus.
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