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/* Conservatives in Latin America */
*Martel, Frances (December 22, 2018). [ Brazil’s Conservatives Turn Ambitions Towards Global Anti-Socialist Alliance]. ''Breitbart News''. Retrieved January 1, 2019.</ref> and conservative [[evangelical Christians]] have been growing in political influence.<ref>Puglie, Frederic (February 19, 2018). [ Evangelicals' newfound political clout in Latin America unnerves politicians, Catholic Church]. ''The Washington Times''. Retrieved October 28, 2018.</ref><ref>Polimédio, Chayenne (January 24, 2018). [ The Rise of the Brazilian Evangelicals]. ''The Atlantic''. Retrieved October 28, 2018.</ref>
Some notable Latin American conservatives include [[Jair Bolsonaro]] (Brazil), [[Eduardo Bolsonaro]] (Brazil), [[Ernesto Araújo]] (Brazil), [[Agustín Laje]] (Argentina), [[Nicolás Márquez]] (Argentina), [[José Antonio Kast]] (Chile), [[Jimmy Morales]] (Guatemala), [[Fabricio Alvarado]] (Costa Rica),<ref>Cullinan Hoffman, Matthew (February 5, 2018). [ Christian minister takes lead in Costa Rican presidential election after vowing to stop gay agenda]. ''LifeSiteNews''. Retrieved October 28, 2018.</ref> [[Alberto Fujimori]] (Peru), and [[Alvaro Uribe]] (Colombia) and [[Mario Abdo Benítez]] (Paraguay).
=== Conservatism and the French Revolution ===
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