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The South

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'''The South''' is a collection of eleven states in the southeastern [[United States]]: [[South Carolina]], [[Mississippi]], [[Florida]], [[Alabama]], [[Georgia]], [[Louisiana]], [[Texas]], [[Virginia]], [[Arkansas]], [[Tennessee]], [[North Carolina]], [[Missouri]], and [[Kentucky]].
Although these states once fought against the [[United States]] in the [[Civil War]], today they are known for their patriotism and commitment to morality in government. The South consists of [[red state]]s and is one of the strongholds of the [[Republican]] partyand the [[Ku Klux Klan]].
Virtually all modern music, including [[jazz]], [[rap]], [[rock and roll]], and [[country and western ]] styles, originated in the South.
Virtually all property acquired by the United States was at the urging of the South.
The South has always volunteered and served in the Armed Forces in disproportionately high numbers.