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[[File:Donald Trump official presidential photo.jpg|200px|thumb|Official presidential photo of President Donald Trump]]404:''Main article: [[Donald Trump achievements]]''This article is a non-exhaustive list of miscellaneous achievements by [[President of the United States of America|U.S. President]] [[Donald Trump]], [[Trump Administration|his administration]], and [[United States Congress|Congress]]. ==Miscellaneous policy achievements==*On January 5, 2017, the U.S. House passed a motion condemning Obama's allowing a leftist anti-Israel resolution to pass in the UN.<ref>[ House overwhelmingly votes to condemn UN resolution on Israel settlements]. ''Fox News''. January 5, 2017. Retrieved January 6, 2017.</ref><ref>Cortellessa, Eric (January 6, 2017). [ US House passes motion repudiating UN resolution on Israel]. ''The Times of Israel''. Retrieved January 6, 2017.</ref> Additionally, Trump voiced his strong support for Israel during his transition.<ref>Pollak, Joel B. (December 23, 2016). [ Trump on UN Anti-Israel Vote: ‘Things Will Be Different After Jan. 20’]. ''Breitbart''. Retrieved January 6, 2017.</ref><ref>Swoyer, Alex (December 29, 2016). [ Trump: ‘I’m Very, Very Strong on Israel’]. ''Breitbart''. Retrieved January 6, 2017.</ref> On April 27, 2017, all 100 members of the U.S. Senate sent a letter to United Nations Secretary-General António Guterres demanding an end to the anti-Israel bias in the UN.<ref>Danan, Deborah (April 30, 2017). [ Netanyahu Thanks All 100 Senators for ‘Standing Up For Israel At UN’]. ''Breitbart News''. Retrieved April 30, 2017.</ref> After that, the U.S. condemned the UN after the organization ignored the letter from the Senate.<ref>Multiple references:* Wallace, Christopher; Evansky, Ben (May 2, 2017). [ UN ignores unanimous Senate to pass anti-Israel measure]. ''Fox News''. Retrieved May 3, 2017.* Cortellessa, Eric (May 2, 2017). [ US official raps ‘biased’ UNESCO resolution on Jerusalem]. ''The Times of Israel''. Retrieved May 3, 2017.</ref> On June 5, 2017, the U.S. Senate passed a resolution observing the 50th anniversary of the unification of [[Jerusalem]] and called for President Trump to move the U.S. embassy to Jerusalem,<ref>Multiple references:*Schor, Elana (June 5, 2017). [ Senate prods Trump to move Israeli Embassy to Jerusalem]. ''Politico''. Retrieved June 6, 2017.*Nazarian, Adelle (June 6, 2017). [ Senate Calls for U.S. Embassy Move to Jerusalem, Heralds ‘Undivided Capital of Israel’]. ''Breitbart News''. Retrieved June 6, 2017.</ref> and Congress commemorated the event.<ref>Multiple references:*Pollak, Joel B. (June 7, 2017). [ Congress Joins Netanyahu in Celebrating 50 Years of a Free Jerusalem]. ''Breitbart News''. Retrieved June 7, 2017.*Persons, Sally (June 7, 2017). [ Ryan says Jerusalem will ‘never be divided again’]. ''The Washington Times''. Retrieved June 7, 2017.</ref>*January 20, 2017—On the day he took office, Trump returned the bust of UK Prime Minister [[Winston Churchill]] to the Oval Office that Obama removed when he took office.<ref>Morrongiello, Babby (January 21, 2017). [ Trump returns Churchill bust to the Oval Office]. ''Fox News'' (from the ''The Washington Examiner''). Retrieved January 21, 2017.</ref> He also accepted the [[United Kingdom]]'s offer to re-loan the second identical bust of Churchill, which Obama removed and returned after the first loan expired.<ref>Kessler, Glenn (January 23, 2017). [ Here’s the real story about the Churchill bust in the Oval Office]. ''The Washington Post''. Retrieved January 24, 2017.</ref>*January 28, 2017—Trump signed an executive order banning administration officials from lobbying their federal agencies for five years, as well as banning them for life from lobbying foreign nations and political parties.<ref>Vladimirov, Nikita; Shelbourne, Mallory (January 28, 2017). [ Trump signs three more executive actions]. ''The Hill''. Retrieved January 28, 2017.</ref><ref>[ Executive Order 13770 of January 28, 2017 -- Ethics Commitments by Executive Branch Appointees]. ''Federal Register''. February 3, 2017. Retrieved May 7, 2017.</ref>*President Trump took several actions related to [[Outer space|space]] exploration:**March 21, 2017—President Trump signed a bill into law not only funding [[NASA]], but setting a goal of having humans visit [[Mars]] "in the 2030s" and potentially colonizing another planet.<ref>Kew, Ben (March 21, 2017). [ WATCH: Trump Signs Bill Securing NASA Funding, Plans to Reach Mars]. ''Breitbart News''. Retrieved March 21, 2017.</ref> The bill also funded the agency, the first time such a bill was signed into law in seven years.<ref>Kaplan, Sarah (March 21, 2017). [ Trump signs NASA bill aimed at sending people to Mars]. ''The Washington Post''. Retrieved March 21, 2017.</ref>**June 30, 2017—President Trump signed an executive order re-establishing the National Space Council.<ref>Multiple references:*Wong, Kristina (June 30, 2017). [ Trump Signs Executive Order Reestablishing National Space Council: ‘We’re Going to Lead Again’]. ''Breitbart News''. Retrieved July 1, 2017.*Manchester, Julia (July 1, 2017). [ Trump signs executive order re-launching National Space Council]. ''The Hill''. Retrieved July 2, 2017.</ref>**December 11, 2017—President Trump signed a police directive ordering NASA to "refocus America's space program on human exploration and discovery" and send astronauts back to the Moon and eventually to Mars.<ref>Multiple references:*Miller, S.A. (December 11, 2017). [ Trump puts Moon back on NASA’s road map to Mars]. ''The Washington Times''. Retrieved December 12, 2017.*Heinlein, Peter (December 11, 2017). [ Trump Orders Revival of US Manned Space Exploration Program]. ''Voice of America''. Retrieved December 12, 2017.*Rogers, James (December 11, 2017). [ Trump wants to see NASA boots on the Moon]. ''Fox News''. Retrieved December 12, 2017.*Spiering, Charlie (December 11, 2017). [ Donald Trump: United States Should Return to the Moon and Explore ‘Many Worlds Beyond’]. ''Breitbart News''. Retrieved December 12, 2017.*Holland, Steve (December 11, 2017). [ Trump wants to send U.S. astronauts back to moon, someday Mars]. ''Reuters''. Retrieved December 12, 2017.</ref>*May 5, 2017—President Trump attached a signing statement to a five-month spending bill he signed, ignoring several liberal provisions,<ref>Korte, Gregory (May 5, 2017). [ Trump issues broad, 'Bush-style' signing statement on spending bill]. ''USA Today''. Retrieved May 6, 2017.</ref> such as a statement ordering the administration not to enforce federal marijuana laws in states with [[medical marijuana]].<ref>Multiple references:* Boyer, Dave (May 5, 2017). [ Trump issues statement on spending bill, rejects limits on federal marijuana laws]. ''The Washington Times''. Retrieved May 6, 2017.* Bowden, John (May 5, 2017). [ Trump pushes back against ban on state medical marijuana interference]. ''The Hill''. Retrieved May 6, 2017.</ref>*According to the conservative [[Heritage Foundation]], in its first year, the Trump Administration implemented 64% of Heritage's policy recommendations, significantly higher than the Reagan Administration which had only implemented 49% of Heritage's recommendations by the same point in Reagan's presidency.<ref>Multiple references:*Moran, Sean (February 27, 2018). [ Heritage Foundation ‘Blown Away,’ 64% of Trump’s Agenda Already Completed, Faster Than Reagan]. ''Breitbart News''. Retrieved July 11, 2018.*Bedard, Paul (February 27, 2018). [ Heritage Foundation: 64% of Trump's agenda already done, faster than Reagan]. ''Washington Examiner''. Retrieved July 11, 2018.*Peters, Jeremy W. (January 22, 2018). [ Heritage Foundation Says Trump Has Embraced Two-Thirds of Its Agenda]. ''The New York Times''. Retrieved July 11, 2018.*Setyon, Joe (January 25, 2018). [ Conservative Heritage Foundation Rates First Year of Trump Admin Even Better Than Reagan’s]. ''The Western Journal''. Retrieved July 11, 2018.*Wegmann, Philip (January 23, 2018). [ Heritage: Donald Trump has achieved more than Ronald Reagan in first year]. ''Washington Examiner''. Retrieved July 11, 2018.*Mackowiak, Matt (February 28, 2018). [ Trump's accomplishments truly consequential, quite conservative]. ''The Washington Times''. Retrieved July 11, 2018.</ref>*Many agencies under the Trump Administration changed their mission statements to reflect the administration's [[conservative]] priorities and policies.<ref>Multiple references:*Emba, Christine (March 16, 2018). [ The rewritten mission statements of Trump’s federal agencies, annotated]. ''The Washington Post''. Retrieved March 18, 2018.*Clark, Charles S. (March 9, 2018). [ Reading Between the Lines on Agency Mission Statements]. ''Government Executive''. Retrieved March 18, 2018.</ref>*May 15, 2018—President Trump signed an executive order strengthening the chief information officer role in federal agencies in order to modernize and improve the information technology at those agencies.<ref>Multiple references:*Morrongiello, Gabby (May 15, 2018). [ Trump signs order to improve government tech practices]. ''Washington Examiner''. Retrieved May 17, 2018.*Mason, Jeff (May 15, 2018). [ Trump issues order to strengthen CIO role at U.S. federal agencies]. ''Reuters''. Retrieved May 17, 2018.*McKinnon, John D. (May 15, 2018). [ Trump Signs Order to Overhaul Government’s Computer Systems]. ''The Wall Street Journal''. Retrieved May 17, 2018.</ref>*June 18, 2018—President Trump signed a directive ordering the Defense and Commerce Departments to improve their ability to track space junk and to limit the amount of it.<ref>Multiple references:*Miller, S.A. (June 18, 2018). [ Trump keeps looking up: Tackles space traffic, orbital debris]. ''The Washington Times''. Retrieved June 18, 2018.*Sheetz, Michael (June 18, 2018). [ President Trump signs space junk directive aimed at cleaning up the cosmos]. ''CNBC''. Retrieved June 18, 2018.*King, Ledyard (June 18, 2018). [ Gone to pieces: Trump administration hopes to track and limit the debris threatening the space industry]. ''USA Today''. Retrieved June 18, 2018.*Lewin, Sarah (June 18, 2018). [ Trump Orders Space Force for 'American Dominance,' Signs Space-Traffic Policy]. ''''. Retrieved June 18, 2018.*Pasztor, Andy (June 18, 2018). [ White House Issues Strategies to Combat Growing Orbital Debris Risks]. ''The Wall Street Journal''. Retrieved June 18, 2018.*Nelson, Steven (June 18, 2018). [ Trump orders the Commerce Department to create a space junk database]. ''Washington Examiner''. Retrieved June 18, 2018.*Freedman, Andrew (June 18, 2018). [ New Trump directive seeks to avert major space debris problem]. ''Axios''. Retrieved June 18, 2018.</ref>*On August 15, 2018, the Trump Administration revoked the security clearance of [[anti-Trump]] commentator and former CIA director [[John Brennan]].<ref>Multiple references:*Moons, Michelle (August 15, 2018). [ Trump Revokes John Brennan’s Security Clearance]. ''Breitbart News''. Retrieved August 15, 2018.*Singman, Brooke (August 15, 2018). [ Trump revokes ex-CIA Director John Brennan's security clearance]. ''Fox News''. Retrieved August 15, 2018.*Boyer, Dave (August 15, 2018). [ Brennan first to fall as Trump kicks off review of Obama officials' access]. ''The Washington Times''. Retrieved August 15, 2018.*Jasper, William F. (August 15, 2018). [ Long Overdue: Trump Revokes Former CIA Chief John Brennan’s Security Clearance]. ''The New American''. Retrieved August 15, 2018.*Holland, Steve; Mason, Jeff (August 15, 2018). [ Trump revokes ex-CIA chief's security clearance, slamming critic]. ''Reuters''. Retrieved August 15, 2018.*Nicholas, Peter; Bender, Michael C. (August 15, 2018). [ Trump Revokes Ex-CIA Director John Brennan’s Security Clearance]. ''The Wall Street Journal''. Retrieved August 15, 2018.See also:*Zwirz, Elizabeth (August 15, 2018). [ John Brennan's nasty history with Trump preceded national security clearance revocation]. ''Fox News''. Retrieved August 15, 2018.*Shaw, Adam (August 18, 2018). [ Trump again blasts ex-spymaster Brennan as 'political hack' who 'cannot be trusted' with secrets]. ''Fox News''. Retrieved August 18, 2018.</ref> This came after the Trump Administration announced it was considering revoking the security clearances of several former Obama Administration officials who had criticized the president or become political pundits.<ref>Multiple references:*Spiering, Charlie (July 23, 2018). [ White House: Donald Trump May Revoke Security Clearances for Former Obama Officials]. ''Breitbart News''. Retrieved August 15, 2018.*Singman, Brooke (July 23, 2018). [ Trump looking into revoking security clearances for Brennan, other top Obama officials]. ''Fox News''. Retrieved August 15, 2018.*Byas, Steve (July 24, 2018). [ Trump Considers Revoking Security Clearances for Brennan and Others]. ''The New American''. Retrieved August 15, 2018.*Salama, Vivian (August 15, 2018). [ Donald Trump Weighs Ending Security Clearances for Six Ex-Officials Who Have Criticized Him]. ''The Wall Street Journal''. Retrieved August 15, 2018.*Miller, S.A.; Boyer, Dave (July 23, 2018). [ Trump threatens to revoke Obama officials' security clearances]. ''The Washington Times''. Retrieved August 15, 2018.*Holland, Steve; Landay, Jonathan (July 23, 2018). [ Targeting critics, Trump threatens ex-officials' security clearances]. ''Reuters''. Retrieved August 15, 2018.</ref>*October 25, 2018—President Trump signed a memorandum reversing two Obama-era memos and ordering the Department of Commerce to develop a national spectrum strategy to speed up the implementation of 5G networks.<ref>Multiple references:*FitzGerald, Drew (October 25, 2018). [ Trump Creates Task Force to Free Up More Wireless Spectrum]. ''The Wall Street Journal''. Retrieved October 25, 2018.*Neidig, Harper (October 25, 2018). [ White House orders Commerce to develop 5G strategy]. ''The Hill''. Retrieved October 25, 2018.*Shepardson, David (October 25, 2018). [ Trump signs order to set U.S. spectrum strategy as 5G race looms]. ''Reuters''. Retrieved October 25, 2018.*Watson, Kathryn (October 25, 2018). [ Trump signs off on creation of new spectrum strategy, amid global race for 5G]. ''CBS News''. Retrieved October 25, 2018.*Fung, Brian (October 25, 2018). [ Trump is rolling back two Obama-era memos on wireless technology and replacing them with his own ‘national spectrum strategy’]. ''The Washington Post''. Retrieved October 25, 2018.</ref>*March 18, 2019—Trump Administration announced it would overhaul FEMA's flood insurance program.<ref>Multiple references:*Clozel, Lalita (March 18, 2019). [ Trump Administration Plans Flood Insurance Overhaul]. ''The Wall Street Journal''. Retrieved March 20, 2019.*Flavelle, Christopher (March 18, 2019). [ Climate Advocates Cheer Trump Policy Shift on Flood Insurance]. ''Bloomberg''. Retrieved March 20, 2019.*Warmbrodt, Zachary (March 18, 2019). [ Trump administration to put new price tag on flood insurance, risking backlash]. ''Politico''. Retrieved March 20, 2019.See also:*Warmbrodt, Zachary (March 29, 2018). [ As Congress stalls, Trump quietly overhauls flood program]. ''Politico''. Retrieved March 20, 2019.</ref>*May 2, 2019—For the first time in its history, the U.S. sent a delegation to the March of the Living, an annual Jewish Holocaust commemoration in Poland.<ref>Multiple references:*Pollak, Joel B. (May 1, 2019). [ Trump Admin Sends First-ever U.S. Delegation to March of the Living Holocaust Commemoration]. ''Breitbart News''. Retrieved May 2, 2019.*Jones, Emily (May 2, 2019). [ 'An Incredibly Powerful Experience': US Sends First Delegation to Auschwitz for the 'March of the Living']. ''CBN News''. Retrieved May 2, 2019.*Liphshiz, Cnaan (May 2, 2019). [ First-ever official US delegation joins March of the Living at Auschwitz]. ''Jewish Telegraphic Agency''. Retrieved May 2, 2019.*Nahmias, Omri (May 2, 2019). [ For First Time, American Delegation Attends March of the Living]. ''The Jerusalem Post''. Retrieved May 2, 2019.*[ First-ever official US delegation participates in March of the Living]. ''Jewish News Syndicate''. May 2, 2019. Retrieved May 2, 2019.*Oster, Marcy (May 2, 2019). [ U.S. Delegation Will Attend March of the Living for First Time]. ''Haaretz''. Retrieved May 2, 2019.*Kruta, Virginia (April 30, 2019). [ US TO Send First Official Delegation to 'March of the Living' At Concentration Camp]. ''The Daily Caller''. Retrieved May 2, 2019.*[ 3 ambassadors to lead US delegation at March of the Living]. ''Arutz Sheva''. April 30, 2019. Retrieved May 2, 2019.See also:*Pollak, Joel B. (May 2, 2019). [ Photos: First-Ever U.S. Government Delegation at Auschwitz for March of the Living]. ''Breitbart News''. Retrieved May 2, 2019.*Pollak, Joel B. (May 2, 2019). [ Photos: Thousands Conclude March of the Living at Birkenau with Call to Fight Antisemitism]. ''Breitbart News''. Retrieved May 2, 2019.</ref>*May 16, 2019—The Trump Administration formally canceled a $929 million grant to California for the state's failed high-speed rail program.<ref>Multiple references:*Pollak, Joel B. (May 16, 2019). [ Trump Follows Through on Threat to Cancel $1 Billion for California High-Speed Rail]. ''Breitbart News''. Retrieved May 16, 2019.*Mann, Ted (May 16, 2019). [ Trump Administration Revokes $929 Million for California High-Speed Rail]. ''The Wall Street Journal''. Retrieved May 16, 2019.*Axelrod, Tal (May 16, 2019). [ Trump administration cancels $929M for high-speed rail in California]. ''The Hill''. Retrieved May 16, 2019.*Gage, John (May 16, 2019). [ Trump administration follows though on $1B funding cut for California high-speed rail]. ''Washington Examiner''. Retrieved May 16, 2019.*Rambaran, Vandana (May 16, 2019). [ Trump administration derails California's high-speed rail project, pulling $1B in funding]. ''Fox News''. Retrieved May 16, 2019.*Shepardson, David (May 16, 2019). [ U.S. cancels $929 million in California high speed rail funds after appeal rejected]. ''Reuters''. Retrieved May 16, 2019.*[ Trump Administration Cancels $929 Million in California High-Speed Rail Funds After Appeal Rejected]. ''The Epoch Times'' (from ''Reuters''). May 16, 2019. Retrieved May 16, 2019.*Ronayne, Kathleen (May 16, 2019). [ Trump administration pulls $1B from California rail project]. ''Associated Press''. Retrieved May 16, 2019.Earlier administration statements on the matter:*Pollak, Joel B. (February 22, 2019). [ Trump to Use ‘Nuclear Option’ to Recover $2.5 Bn More from California’s Failed High-Speed Rail Project]. ''Breitbart News''. Retrieved May 16, 2019.*Pollak, Joel B. (February 19, 2019). [ Trump Takes Back $1 Billion from California; Gavin Newsom Complains: ‘Political Retribution’]. ''Breitbart News''. Retrieved May 16, 2019.*Mann, Ted (February 19, 2019). [ Federal Government to Cancel Funds for California High-Speed Rail]. ''The Wall Street Journal''. Retrieved May 16, 2019.*Re, Gregg (February 19, 2019). [ Trump WH 'exploring every legal option' to reclaim money from defunct California high-speed rail project]. ''Fox News''. Retrieved May 16, 2019.*Samuels, Brett (February 20, 2019). [ Trump administration pushes to recoup funds for California high-speed rail project]. ''The Hill''. Retrieved May 16, 2019.*[ U.S. agency to cancel $929 million in California high-speed rail funds]. ''Reuters''. February 19, 2019. Retrieved May 16, 2019.Statements by President Trump:*Spiering, Charlie (February 19, 2019). [ Donald Trump Ridicules California for ‘Failed Fast Train Project’]. ''Breitbart News''. Retrieved May 16, 2019.*Shaw, Adam (February 19, 2019). [ Trump mocks California over ‘Fast Train,’ firing back at emergency declaration lawsuit]. ''Fox News''. Retrieved May 16, 2019.*Samuels, Brett (February 20, 2019). [ Trump knocks revised California 'fast train' plans]. ''The Hill''. Retrieved May 16, 2019.*Galioto, Katie (May 17, 2019). [ Trump tears into California for high-speed rails, wildfires]. ''Politico''. Retrieved May 17, 2019.</ref> ===Political appointments===*January 30, 2017—Trump showed he would not tolerate incompetent leftist administration officials when he fired acting [[United States Department of Justice|Attorney General]] [[Sally Yates]] (a left-wing Obama holdover) when she refused to defend his refugee and immigration ban executive order.<ref>[ Trump fires acting AG after Justice Department staff told not to defend refugee order]. ''Fox News''. January 30, 2017. Retrieved January 31, 2017.</ref><ref>[ Statement on the Appointment of Dana Boente as Acting Attorney General]. ''''. January 30, 2017. Retrieved January 31, 2017.</ref> Trump emulated [[Ronald Reagan]]'s firing of the striking PATCO workers in 1981 by doing so,<ref>Boyle, Matthew (January 30, 2017). [ Trump’s PATCO Moment: Emanating Reagan, the President Takes Control of Federal Government to ‘Protect the Country and Its Citizens’]. ''Breitbart''. Retrieved January 31, 2017.</ref> contrary to the [[mainstream media]] spin.<ref>Kurtz, Howard (February 1, 2017). [ Trump's firing of a defiant Obama holdover: Why he's no Richard Nixon]. ''Fox News''. Retrieved February 1, 2017.</ref> That same night, Trump replaced the acting director of [[Immigration and Customs Enforcement]] (another Obama holdover) with a more competent official who had a reputation for enforcing immigration laws.<ref name="HomanICE">Multiple references:*Chamberlain, Samuel (January 31, 2017). [ Trump names Thomas Homan acting director of ICE, replacing Obama holdover]. ''Fox News''. Retrieved January 31, 2017.*Berman, Mark; Zapotosky, Matt (January 30, 2017). [ Trump appoints new Immigration and Customs Enforcement director noted for his work deporting illegal immigrants]. ''The Washington Post''. Retrieved January 31, 2017.</ref>*April 21, 2017—President Trump replaced Obama-appointed [[Vivek Murthy]], who was opposed by [[gun rights]] groups, as [[Surgeon General of the United States]].<ref>[ Trump replaces Obama appointee US Surgeon General Murthy]. ''Fox News''. April 22, 2017. Retrieved April 22, 2017.</ref><ref>Hawins, Awr (April 23, 2017). [ President Trump Removes Obama’s Pro-Gun Control Surgeon General]. ''Breitbart News''. Retrieved April 23, 2017.</ref> During the same month, the Trump Administration reassigned two career government officials who had been strongly criticized by conservative organizations.<ref>Toosi, Nahal (April 21, 2017). [ State Dept. official reassigned amid conservative media attacks]. ''Politico''. Retrieved April 22, 2017.</ref>*In addition to challenging [[Politically correct|political correctness]] after the Charlottesville incident (see [[Donald Trump achievements: Media and political correctness]]), President Trump helped "[[drain the swamp]]", as numerous executive branch advisors and officials resigned their positions due to his comments.<ref>Carney, John (August 24, 2017). [ How Charlottesville Helped Drain the Swamp]. ''Breitbart News''. Retrieved August 24, 2017.</ref>*By mid-2018, twenty-two former clerks to conservative Supreme Court Justice [[Clarence Thomas]] had been appointed to executive branch positions or judgeships by President Trump.<ref>Sherman, Mark (August 4, 2018). [ 22 former Justice Thomas clerks have jobs thanks to Trump]. ''Associated Press''. Retrieved May 4, 2019.<br>See also:*Gresko, Jessica (May 4, 2019). [ Justice Clarence Thomas’ moment may finally have arrived]. ''Associated Press''. Retrieved May 4, 2019.*Gresko, Jessica (May 5, 2019). [ 'Highly underrated' Justice Clarence Thomas' moment may finally have arrived]. ''The Washington Times'' (from the ''Associated Press''). Retrieved May 5, 2019.*[ Justice Clarence Thomas’ Moment May Finally Have Arrived]. ''The Epoch Times'' (from the ''Associated Press''). May 6, 2019. Retrieved May 7, 2019.*Murphy, James (May 6, 2019). [ Clarence Thomas Now in an Influential Position on Supreme Court]. ''The New American''. Retrieved May 6, 2019.</ref> ===Proclamations and commemorations===*January 20, 2017—The day he was inaugurated, President Trump instituted a national day of patriotism for the country,<ref>[ Trump takes first actions on Cabinet, declares day of patriotism: spokesman]. ''Reuters''. January 20, 2017. Retrieved January 20, 2017.</ref> and a few days later Trump officially designated his inauguration day the '''''National Day of Patriotic Devotion'''''.<ref>[ Proclamation 9570 of January 20, 2017 -- National Day of Patriotic Devotion]. ''Federal Register''. January 24, 2017. Retrieved May 1, 2017.</ref><ref>Shelbourne, Mallory (January 23, 2017). [ Trump declares his inauguration day a 'National Day of Patriotic Devotion']. ''The Hill''. Retrieved February 2, 2017.</ref>*May 1, 2017—President Trump proclaimed that day as [[Loyalty Day]], to "recognize and reaffirm our allegiance" to American values, such as "individual liberties, to limited government, and to the inherent dignity of every human being."<ref>Multiple references:*[ Proclamation 9602 of April 28, 2017 -- Loyalty Day, 2017]. ''Federal Register''. May 3, 2017. Retrieved May 7, 2017.*[ Trump proclaims May 1 as 'Loyalty Day']. ''Fox News''. April 28, 2017. Retrieved April 29, 2017.*Strauss, Valerie (May 1, 2017). [ May 1 is ‘Loyalty Day’ in America. Here’s Trump’s view of the day — and Obama’s.] ''The Washington Post''. Retrieved May 6, 2018.While President Trump used distinctly conservative language in his proclamation, Loyalty Day had been celebrated for decades prior to 2017:*Keith, Tamara (May 1, 2017). [ Trump Proclaims May 1 Loyalty Day (So Did Every President Going Back To Eisenhower)]. ''NPR''. Retrieved May 6, 2018.*Raphael, T.J. (May 1, 2017). [ No, Donald Trump didn't invent Loyalty Day. And it's had support from both sides of the aisle.] ''Public Radio International''. Retrieved May 6, 2018.</ref>*September 3, 2017—President Trump declared that day a National Day of Prayer for victims of Hurricane Harvey, which had just caused devastation in Texas and Louisiana.<ref>Multiple references:*[ Proclamation 9634 of September 1, 2017 -- National Day of Prayer for the Victims of Hurricane Harvey and for Our National Response and Recovery Efforts]. ''Federal Register''. September 7, 2017. Retrieved September 8, 2017.*Sells, Heather (September 1, 2017). [ 'God Is Our Refuge and Strength': President Trump Declares Sunday 'A National Day of Prayer']. ''CBN News''. Retrieved September 1, 2017.*Beck, Conor (September 1, 2017). [ Trump Declares Sunday a National Day of Prayer for People Affected by Harvey]. ''The Washington Free Beacon''. Retrieved September 1, 2017.*Miller, S.A. (September 1, 2017). [ Trump declares ‘Day of Prayer’ for Harvey victims]. ''The Washington Times''. Retrieved September 1, 2017.*Spiering, Charlie (September 1, 2017). [ Donald Trump Declares Sunday a National Day of Prayer for Hurricane Harvey Victims]. ''Breitbart News''. Retrieved September 1, 2017.*Klukowski, Ken (September 2, 2017). [ Trump’s National Day of Prayer Follows Tradition of Washington, Lincoln, and Reagan]. ''Breitbart News''. Retrieved September 3, 2017.</ref>*September 8–10, 2017—President Trump declared these days to be National Days of Prayer and Remembrance to remember those murdered in the [[September 11, 2001 attacks]].<ref>Multiple references:*[ Proclamation 9635 of September 8, 2017 -- National Days of Prayer and Remembrance, 2017]. ''Federal Register''. Retrieved September 15, 2017.*Quimby, Tom (September 10, 2017). [ Christian leaders boosted by Trump recognition of National Day of Prayer for 9/11 anniversary]. ''The Washington Times''. Retrieved September 15, 2017.*Heretik, Jack (September 8, 2017). [ Trump Makes Proclamations Ahead of 9/11 Anniversary]. ''The Washington Free Beacon''. Retrieved September 15, 2017.*Spiering, Charlie (September 8, 2017). [ Donald Trump Proclaims ‘Days of Prayer’ to Remember 9/11]. ''Breitbart News''. Retrieved September 15, 2017.</ref>*November 7, 2017—President Trump commemorated the National Day for the Victims of Communism.<ref>Multiple references:*Bokhari, Allum (November 7, 2017). [ Trump Administration Marks National Day for Victims of Communism]. ''Breitbart News''. Retrieved November 8, 2017.*Lucas, Fred (November 7, 2017). [ Trump White House Recognizes 100 Years of Victims of Communism]. ''The Daily Signal''. Retrieved November 8, 2017.*Heretik, Jack (November 7, 2017). [ White House Recognizes Victims of Communism, Affirms U.S. Resolve to ‘Shine the Light of Liberty’]. ''The Washington Free Beacon''. Retrieved November 8, 2017.*Philipp, Joshua (November 7, 2017). [ White House Commemorates Victims of Communism With New National Day]. ''The Epoch Times''. Retrieved November 10, 2018.*[ Trump declares national day to remember 'victims of communism']. ''The Daily Mail''. November 7, 2017. Retrieved November 8, 2017.</ref>*May 1, 2018—Along with proclaiming this day Loyalty Day,<ref>[ Proclamation 9738 of April 30, 2018 -- Loyalty Day, 2018]. ''Federal Register''. May 4, 2018. May 7, 2018.</ref> President Trump declared proclaimed Law Day, recognizing "that we govern ourselves in accordance with the rule of law rather according to the whims of an elite few or the dictates of collective will."<ref name="LawDay2018">[ Proclamation 9732 of April 30, 2018 -- Law Day, U.S.A., 2018]. ''Federal Register''. May 3, 2018. Retrieved May 7, 2018.</ref> He also stated in his proclamation that the "commitment to the rule of law ... drives the debates we see around the country about the growth of the administrative state and regulatory authority, and about the unfortunate trend of district court rulings that exceed traditional limits on the judicial power."<ref name="LawDay2018"/>*November 7, 2018—President Trump commemorated the National Day for the Victims of Communism.<ref>Multiple references:*Kew, Ben (November 8, 2018). [ Donald Trump Issues Message Honoring Victims of Communism Day]. ''Breitbart News''. Retrieved November 10, 2018.*Gertz, Bill (November 8, 2018). [ Trump Honors Victims of Communism]. ''The Washington Free Beacon''. Retrieved November 10, 2018.See also:*Nguyen Ly, Mimi (November 8, 2018). [ Virginia, First State to Join Trump in Remembering Victims of Communism]. ''The Epoch Times''. Retrieved November 10, 2018.</ref> ===Productivity===*It was reported on June 10, 2017, that President Trump had signed 37 bills into law, more than each of the previous four presidents, and the U.S. House had passed 158 bills, "making it the most productive in the modern-era," according to GOP House leaders.<ref>Harper, Jennifer (June 10, 2017). [ So far, so good: President Trump signed more bills into law than his four predecessors: report]. ''The Washington Times''. Retrieved June 10, 2017.</ref> Overall, the legislature was relatively productive by mid-2017.<ref>Dinan, Stephen (July 13, 2017). [ Times’ Legislative Activity Index shows good pace for unified Congress]. ''The Washington Times''. Retrieved July 13, 2017.</ref>*An August 2017 Pew Research Center study found that the 115th Congress was more productive than any other Congress since 2007 and had the fifth highest count of substantive bills signed into law in the past 30 years.<ref>Multiple references:*DeSilver, Drew (August 29, 2017). [ Congressional productivity is up – but many new laws overturn Obama-era rules]. ''Pew Research Center''. Retrieved August 30, 2017.*Pullen, John Patrick (August 29, 2017). [ Congress Has Been More Productive Than People Think]. ''Fortune''. Retrieved August 30, 2017.*Brown, Lauretta (August 29, 2017). [ Study: Current Congress Actually Most Productive in Decades]. ''Townhall''. Retrieved August 30, 2017.*Lim, Naomi (August 29, 2017). [ Current Congress is one of the most productive in 30 years: Report]. ''Washington Examiner''. Retrieved August 30, 2017.</ref> Congress, however, only passed parts of President Trump's conservative legislative agenda,<ref>Multiple references:*Moran, Sean (December 31, 2017). [ 2017: Everything Congress Passed — or Failed to Pass — from the Trump Agenda]. ''Breitbart News''. Retrieved December 31, 2017.*Bowman, Michael (December 26, 2017). [ 2017 Saw Limited Progress on Trump's Legislative Agenda]. ''Voice of America''. Retrieved December 31, 2017.</ref> and Pew reported in January 2018 that the 115th Congress was the fourth least productive in three decades, though the study did not include 20 bills passed by Congress that President Trump did not sign by January 1.<ref>Multiple references:*DeSilver, Drew (January 11, 2018). [ Despite GOP control of Congress and White House, lawmaking lagged in 2017]. ''Pew Research Center''. Retrieved January 13, 2018.*Starr, Penny (January 12, 2018). [ Pew: 115th Congress Fourth Least Productive in Three Decades]. ''Breitbart News''. Retrieved January 13, 2018.</ref> Overall, ''The Washington Times'' found that the 115th Congress was historically ineffective considering that the GOP controlled both the House and Senate, though its Senate majority was not large enough to defeat filibusters,<ref>Dinan, Stephen (January 29, 2019). [ Trump, 115th Congress historically ineffective, Washington Times Legislative Activity Index finds]. ''The Washington Times''. Retrieved January 30, 2019.</ref> though Pew noted it passed the larger number of legislation since the 110th Congress, including some substantive laws.<ref>DeSilver, Drew (January 25, 2019). [ A productivity scorecard for the 115th Congress: More laws than before, but not more substance]. ''Pew Research Center''. Retrieved May 23, 2019.</ref>*By mid-2018, Congress had passed several major bills made some other actions to advance President Trump's agenda.<ref>Boyer, Dave (May 29, 2018). [ Trump sees Congress buck tradition of legislative loafing, make significant progress on agenda]. ''The Washington Times''. Retrieved May 29, 2018.</ref> For the first time in twenty years, Congress was able to pass individual department spending bills rather than having to vote on massive "omnibus" bills.<ref>Multiple references:*Bedard, Paul (September 4, 2018). [ Trump breaks 20-year ‘fouled up’ budget gridlock, scores big wins]. ''Washington Examiner''. Retrieved September 4, 2018.*Owens, Caitlin (August 15, 2018). [ Surprise: One area where Congress is functioning]. ''Axios''. Retrieved August 20, 2018.</ref> ==Party politics=====Elections===*January 20, 2017—On the same day as his inauguration, Trump filed for re-election in 2020, breaking the political norm, giving him a head start on campaigning, and giving him additional legal freedoms and flexibility.<ref>Schouten, Fredreka (May 7, 2017). [ President Trump seizes on election rules to push his agenda in new ways]. ''USA Today''. Retrieved May 7, 2017.<br>President Trump began preparing for his 2020 re-election campaign very early:*Isenstadt, Alex (August 21, 2017). [ Trump ramping up for 2020 reelection]. ''Politico''. Retrieved August 21, 2017.*Swanson, Mark (August 21, 2017). [ Trump's 2020 Re-Election Campaign Already in Full Swing]. ''Newsmax''. Retrieved August 21, 2017.*Barabak, Mark Z. (August 23, 2017). [ Again breaking ground, Trump takes the permanent campaign to new heights]. ''Los Angeles Times''. Retrieved August 24, 2017.*Bykowicz, Julie (April 14, 2019). [ Trump’s Campaign Machine Has Two-Year Head Start]. ''The Wall Street Journal''. Retrieved April 15, 2019.</ref> President Trump continued breaking the political norm by acknowledging the reality of the "permanent campaign" in February 2018 when he announced in his intent to run for re-election.<ref>Multiple references:*Nolte, John (February 28, 2018). [ Nolte: Trump’s Super-Early 2020 Announcement Kills Another Dumb Norm — It’s Also Smart]. ''Breitbart News''. Retrieved March 1, 2018.*Stanage, Niall (February 28, 2018). [ The Memo: Trump startles with 2020 reelection move]. ''The Hill''. Retrieved March 1, 2018.See also:*Lucey, Catherine (June 15, 2019). [ Trump Set to Launch a Campaign That Never Really Ended]. ''The Wall Street Journal''. Retrieved June 15, 2019.Other specific examples of President Trump and the "permanent campaign," including the Left's reaction:*Fabian, Jordan (May 14, 2019). [ Trump mocks rivals at official event]. ''The Hill''. Retrieved May 14, 2019.*Howell, Tom (May 14, 2019). [ Trump knocks 2020 rivals during White House visit to La. natural gas plant]. ''The Washington Times''. Retrieved May 14, 2019.*Spiering, Charlie (May 14, 2019). [ Donald Trump Mocks Bernie, Biden, Beto, and Buttigieg: ‘Is That the Best We Can Do?’]. ''Breitbart News''. Retrieved May 14, 2019.*Itkowitz , Colby (May 18, 2019). [ ‘It’s entirely inappropriate’: Trump shot a political video on Air Force One]. ''The Washington Post''. Retrieved May 18, 2019.*Samuels, Brett (May 18, 2019). [ Trump blasts de Blasio from Air Force One while en route to NYC]. ''The Hill''. Retrieved May 18, 2019.*Gage, John (May 16, 2019). [ Trump rips Bill de Blasio in Air Force One video: Vote for him ‘if you like crime’]. ''Washington Examiner''. Retrieved May 18, 2019.</ref> He also adopted effective tactics – which had once been used exclusively by the Left – to benefit conservatism and his campaign.<ref>Miele, Frank (May 13, 2019). [ Trump's Rules for Republicans (Adapted From Alinsky)]. ''RealClearPolitics''. Retrieved May 17, 2019.<br>See also:*Boyle, Matthew (July 12, 2019). [ Exclusive: Donald Trump Attempts to Revolutionize GOP Fundraising; Consultant Class Pushes Back]. ''Breitbart News''. Retrieved July 12, 2019.</ref> Trump officially announced his 2020 campaign on June 18, 2019.<ref>Multiple references:*Byas, Steve (June 19, 2019). [ Trump Kicks Off Reelection Bid: “Keep America Great”]. ''The New American''. Retrieved June 19, 2019.*Howell, Tom; Boyer, Dave (June 18, 2019). [ Trump vows to 'Keep America Great' in 2020 launch: 'We're going to finish the job']. ''The Washington Times''. Retrieved June 19, 2019.*Re, Gregg (June 18, 2019). [ Trump launches re-election bid before jam-packed arena, vows to 'Keep America Great']. ''Fox News''. Retrieved June 19, 2019.*Drucker, David M. (June 18, 2019). [ Trump kicks off 2020 campaign with populist manifesto that signals a play for the GOP base]. ''Washington Examiner''. Retrieved June 19, 2019.*Nguyen Ly, Mimi (June 19, 2019). [ Trump Officially Launches 2020 Presidential Reelection Bid, Celebrates Accomplishments Over Past 2 Years]. ''The Epoch Times''. Retrieved June 19, 2019.*Holland, Steve (June 18, 2019). [ Trump launches re-election campaign, presents himself as outsider and victim]. ''Reuters''. Retrieved June 19, 2019.See also:*Lee, Tony (June 18, 2019). [ ***Live Updates*** Trump Launches 2020 Re-Election Campaign]. ''Breitbart News''. Retrieved June 19, 2019.*Kirkwood, R. Cort (June 19, 2019). [ Trump Hits Fake News Media in Campaign Launch, CNN Cuts Away]. ''The New American''. Retrieved June 19, 2019.*Szabo, Richard (June 20, 2019). [ CNN and MSNBC Stop Broadcasting Trump Florida Rally When Crowd Chants ‘CNN Sucks’]. ''The Epoch Times''. Retrieved June 20, 2019.*Munro, Neil (June 19, 2019). [ Donald Trump: Democrats Afflicted by ‘Ideological Sickness’]. ''Breitbart News''. Retrieved June 19, 2019.*Alic, Haris (June 19, 2019). [ Trump: Those Who Know ‘A Nation Must Care for Its Own’ Make up Our Movement]. ''Breitbart News''. Retrieved June 19, 2019.*Pentchoukov, Ivan (June 19, 2019). [ Trump Warns of Threat of ‘Radical Socialism’ at Reelection Rally]. ''The Epoch Times''. Retrieved June 19, 2019.*Adelmann, Bob (June 19, 2019). [ Jesus’ Name Lifted Up at Trump’s Reelection Rally; Media All but Silent]. ''The New American''. Retrieved June 19, 2019.*Fabian, Jordan; Easley, Jonathan (June 18, 2019). [ Five takeaways from Trump's 2020 kickoff rally]. ''The Hill''. Retrieved June 19, 2019.*Cuthbertson, Charlotte (June 20, 2019). [ Trump Supporters Want President to Keep Doing What He’s Doing]. ''The Epoch Times''. Retrieved June 20, 2019.</ref>*The Republican Party did not lose any of the special congressional elections held in early 2017 that were vacated by Republicans – the elections were framed as being referendums on Trump's presidency – despite attempts by Democrats to flip the seats.<ref>Multiple references:*Jones, Susan (June 21, 2017). [ Republicans Sweep All Four of Their Special Elections]. ''CNSNews''. Retrieved June 21, 2017.*[ Dem losses pile up with Handel win, complicating House takeover plans]. ''Fox News''. June 21, 2017. Retrieved June 21, 2017.*Derespina, Cody (June 21, 2017). [ Georgia race: Trump casts GOP winning streak as rejection of Dem ‘obstruction’]. ''Fox News''. Retrieved June 21, 2017.*Boyer, Dave (June 21, 2017). [ Trump celebrates GOP House wins in Georgia, South Carolina]. ''The Washington Times''. Retrieved June 21, 2017.*Shelbourne, Mallory (June 21, 2017). [ Trump: GOP is 5-0 on special elections]. ''The Hill''. Retrieved June 22, 2017.*Savransky, Rebecca (June 22, 2017). [ Gingrich: Media was right, special elections were a referendum]. ''The Hill''. Retrieved June 22, 2017.</ref> The most notable example was the special election held in Georgia's 6th congressional district on June 20, 2017, where Republican [[Karen Handel]] defeated her Democrat opponent in a highly watched election,<ref name="HandelWins">Multiple references:*McLaughlin, Seth (June 20, 2017). [ Republican Handel wins runoff for Georgia seat in House]. ''The Washington Times''. Retrieved June 21, 2017.*[ Republican Handel wins Georgia special House election]. ''Fox News''. June 20, 2017. Retrieved June 21, 2017.*Leahy, Michael Patrick (June 20, 2017). [ Republican Karen Handel Wins Special Election in Georgia’s Sixth Congressional District]. ''Breitbart News''. Retrieved June 21, 2017.</ref> despite Hollywood celebrities actively campaigning for the Democrat,<ref>Multiple references:*Nussbaum, Daniel (June 20, 2017). [ Hollywood Melts Down After Ossoff Loss: ‘Grouphug, Get In’]. ''Breitbart News''. Retrieved June 21, 2017.*[ Jon Ossoff loses Georgia election to Karen Handel despite Hollywood help]. ''Fox News''. June 21, 2017. Retrieved June 21, 2017.</ref> and despite the Democrat's spending advantage (the House race was the most expensive U.S. House race in history).<ref name="HandelWins"/><ref>Pramuk, Jacob (June 20, 2017). [ GOP's Karen Handel wins most expensive House race ever, dashing Democrat upset hopes]. ''CNBC''. Retrieved June 21, 2017.</ref> The election was a clear win for President Trump and his agenda<ref>Multiple references:*Pollak, Joel B. (June 20, 2017). [ Karen Handel’s Win Clears Road for Donald Trump’s Agenda]. ''Breitbart News''. Retrieved June 21, 2017.*Antle III, W. James (June 20, 2017). [ Trump passed test in Georgia, even though he wasn't on the ballot]. ''Washington Examiner''. Retrieved June 21, 2017.*Drucker, David M. (June 20, 2017). [ Republicans breathe easy after Handel beats Ossoff in Georgia]. ''Washington Examiner''. Retrieved June 21, 2017.*Westwood, Sarah (June 22, 2017). [ Energized Trump takes victory lap after Republican special election wins]. ''Washington Examiner''. Retrieved June 22, 2017.*Wong, Scott (June 22, 2017). [ Special election sweep boosts Trump agenda]. ''The Hill''. Retrieved June 22, 2017.</ref> and showed the weakness and poor messaging of the Democrat Party.<ref name="DemocratLoss">Multiple references:*Weber, Joseph (June 21, 2017). [ Dems acknowledge anti-Trump message falling short after Georgia loss]. ''Fox News''. Retrieved June 22, 2017.*McLaughlin, Seth (June 21, 2017). [ Democrats at a loss for explanation after another special-election defeat]. ''The Washington Times''. Retrieved June 22, 2017.*Lillis, Mike (June 21, 2017). [ Dems point fingers after crushing loss]. ''The Hill''. Retrieved June 22, 2017.</ref>*By 2018, blue-collar manufacturing towns in the U.S. that had once supported Democrats had become strongly Republican.<ref>Davis, Bob; Chinni, Dante (July 19, 2018). [ America’s Factory Towns, Once Solidly Blue, Are Now a GOP Haven]. ''The Wall Street Journal''. Retrieved July 19, 2018.<br>See also:*Spiering, Charlie (October 12, 2018). [ Donald Trump: The Republican Party Now Includes the American Worker]. ''Breitbart News''. Retrieved October 12, 2018.*Bedard, Paul (May 12, 2019). [ Trump captures Biden’s blue-collar, older voter base]. ''Washington Examiner''. Retrieved May 12, 2019.*Nolte, John (May 13, 2019). [ Nolte: Poll Shows Trump Holding on to Working Class Voters Against Joe Biden]. ''Breitbart News''. Retrieved May 13, 2019.*Rogers, Norman (May 24, 2019). [ Donald Trump makes America’s Democrat ruling class panic. Here’s why]. ''LifeSiteNews'' (from the ''American Thinker''). Retrieved May 25, 2019.*Moran, Sean (June 4, 2019). [ Bill Cassidy: Trump ‘Ultimate Force’ Behind GOP Embracing ‘Kitchen-Table’ Issues]. ''Breitbart News''. Retrieved June 4, 2019.</ref> Support from ethnic minorities for President Trump had sightly increased by 2019, compared to their support for the GOP in previous years, despite claims that support would steeply fall under a Trump presidency.<ref>Multiple references:*Antle III, W. James (March 29, 2019). [ Minority report]. ''Washington Examiner''. Retrieved April 2, 2019.*Cortes, Steve (April 2, 2019). [ Hispanics Rally to Trump, Boosting His 2020 Chances]. ''RealClearPolitics''. Retrieved April 2, 2019.*Drucker, David M. (June 14, 2019). [ Hispanics stick with Trump despite tough border stance]. ''Washington Examiner''. Retrieved June 14, 2019.*Drucker, David M. (June 19, 2019). [ '100% Republican' — Cuban Americans high on Trump as 2020 ramps up in Florida]. ''Washington Examiner''. Retrieved June 19, 2019.*Cai, Cynthia (June 20, 2019). [ San Francisco’s Asian Americans Support Trump 2020]. ''The Epoch Times''. Retrieved June 20, 2019.*Cummings, William (August 16, 2018). [ Trump at 36 percent approval among African-Americans, new poll finds]. ''USA Today''. Retrieved June 29, 2019.Many Hispanics supported President Trump's immigration policies:*Moons, Michelle (June 25, 2019). [ Latinos for Trump Break Out in ‘Build the Wall’ Chant at Pence’s Miami Event]. ''Breitbart News''. Retrieved June 25, 2019.*Gage, John (June 25, 2019). [ 'Latinos for Trump' chant 'Build the Wall' and cheer ICE at Pence speech]. ''Washington Examiner''. Retrieved June 25, 2019.*Ernst, Douglas (June 25, 2019). [ 'Build the wall!' chant breaks out among 'Latinos for Trump' at Mike Pence event]. ''The Washington Times''. Retrieved June 25, 2019.*Krayden, David (June 25, 2019). [ ‘Latinos For Trump’ Tell Pence ‘Build The Wall’]. ''The Daily Caller''. Retrieved June 25, 2019.See also:*Binder, John (June 21, 2019). [ Tariffs on China the ‘Number One Issue’ Driving Hispanic Support for Trump]. ''Breitbart News''. Retrieved June 21, 2019.*Gesiotto, Madison (June 24, 2019). [ Why Latinos back Donald Trump]. ''The Hill''. Retrieved June 24, 2019.</ref> Most of Trump's campaign funds came from small-dollar donations, unlike previous Republican candidates.<ref>Lott, Maxim (August 13, 2019). [ Trump campaign's small-dollar donations surge, marking major shift for GOP]. ''Fox News''. Retrieved August 13, 2019.</ref> ===Conservatism in the GOP===*As an example of how the Republican Party became the "party of Trump," the RNC hired pro-Trump Kayleigh McEnany as its national spokeswoman.<ref>Multiple references:*Boyle, Matthew (August 7, 2017). [ Exclusive — Trump Backer Kayleigh McEnany Leaves CNN to Become RNC Spokeswoman]. ''Breitbart News''. August 7, 2017.*Rutz, David (August 7, 2017). [ Kayleigh McEnany Joining RNC as National Spokesman]. ''The Washington Free Beacon''. Retrieved August 7, 2017.*Hayward, John (August 8, 2017). [ Behind Trump and Listen to American People]. ''Breitbart News''. Retrieved August 8, 2017.</ref> RNC Chairwoman [[Ronna Romney McDaniel]] also was pro-Trump.<ref>Multiple references:*[ RNC elects Ronna Romney McDaniel as chair]. ''Fox News''. January 19, 2017. Retrieved August 8, 2017.*Quinn, Melissa (August 8, 2017). [ Ronna Romney McDaniel: Republicans who lost races in 2016 a 'cautionary tale' for those critical of Trump]. ''Washington Examiner''. Retrieved August 8, 2017.</ref> By 2018, the Republican Party was adopting President Trump's positions on various issues such as trade and immigration.<ref>Multiple references:*Miller, S.A. (May 13, 2018). [ Trump reshaping GOP by breaking away from traditional conservative policies]. ''The Washington Times''. Retrieved May 14, 2018.*Seib, Gerald F. (June 18, 2018). [ As Trump Veers From Traditional GOP, He Bends It Toward Him]. ''The Wall Street Journal''. Retrieved June 18, 2018.*Min Kim, Seung (July 9, 2018). [ As Trumpism takes hold, Republicans face increasing pressure to embrace policies they once opposed]. ''The Washington Post''. Retrieved July 9, 2018.*Hook, Janet (August 27, 2018). [ ‘It Is the Era of Trump’: How the President Is Remaking the Republican Party]. ''The Wall Street Journal''. Retrieved August 27, 2018. *Barrow, Bill (May 5, 2018). [ Early GOP primaries shaping up as rightward march with Trump]. ''Associated Press''. Retrieved June 18, 2018.*Davis, Susan (May 4, 2018). [ GOP Primaries Focus On Candidates' Loyalty To President Trump]. ''NPR''. Retrieved June 18, 2018.*Seib, Gerald F. (October 22, 2018). [ Battle for the GOP’s Soul? Trump Has Won]. ''The Wall Street Journal''. Retrieved October 22, 2018.*Oliphant, James (October 29, 2018). [ State of Play: With congressional election near, Republicans' talk turns Trumpian]. ''Reuters''. Retrieved October 29, 2018.*Binder, John (July 17, 2019). [ Pew Research: Majority of GOP Voters Say Mass Immigration Puts America’s ‘Identity as a Nation’ at Risk]. ''Breitbart News''. Retrieved July 17, 2019.</ref> President Trump increased his influence over the GOP through the election of strongly pro-Trump individuals to the leadership of the various state parties.<ref>Burns, Alexander; Martin, Jonathan (April 3, 2019). [ Trump’s Takeover of the Republican Party Is Almost Complete]. ''The New York Times''. Retrieved April 3, 2019.</ref>*Despite opposition to Trump from the Left, it was reported in April 2017 that congressional Republicans were more united during Trump's presidency than in any other time in recent U.S. political history.<ref>Stucky, Phillip (April 2, 2017). [ Trump Smashes Records With Party Unity]. ''The Daily Caller''. Retrieved April 2, 2017.</ref>*Observers across the political spectrum noted how the 2018 [[Conservative Political Action Conference]] had become more conservative and pro-Trump compared to previous years.<ref>Multiple references:*Boyle, Matthew (February 19, 2018). [ Exclusive — ACU Leaders on CPAC Lineup, Donald Trump’s GOP, Conservative Movement Takeover: ‘We Feel Vindicated’]. ''Breitbart News''. Retrieved July 15, 2019.*Boyle, Matthew (February 20, 2019). [ Never Trump Whines About CPAC’s Pro-Economic Nationalist, Pro-Trump Agenda]. ''Breitbart News''. Retrieved July 15, 2019.*Binder, John (February 25, 2018). [ Mainstream Media: Trump Victorious at CPAC, Economic Nationalist ‘Takeover of Conservatism is Complete’]. ''Breitbart News''. Retrieved July 15, 2019.*Weigel, David (February 21, 2018). [ Conservatives’ annual conference will toast Trump with critics out of sight]. ''The Washington Post''. Retrieved July 15, 2019.*Alberta, Tim (February 25, 2018). [ Trump’s Takeover of Conservatism Is Complete and Total]. ''Politico Magazine''. Retrieved July 15, 2019.*Savitsky, Shane (February 22, 2018). [ Populists unite: Maréchal-Le Pen, Farage join the Trump show at CPAC]. ''Axios''. Retrieved July 15, 2019.See also:*Binder, John (February 25, 2018). [ Pat Buchanan: ‘The Bush Party Has Become a Trump Party’ on Immigration, Trade, Staying Out of Foreign Wars]. ''Breitbart News''. Retrieved July 15, 2019.*Dinan, Stephen (February 24, 2019). [ Anti-Trumpers rest in peace at CPAC, Times poll shows]. ''The Washington Times''. Retrieved July 15, 2019.*Tomlinson, Chris (February 20, 2018). [ Establishment Right-Wingers in Meltdown over Marion Le Pen Invite to CPAC]. ''Breitbart News''. Retrieved July 15, 2019.*Antle III, W. James (February 20, 2018). [ Is Trump conservative enough, and does CPAC care?] ''Washington Examiner''. Retrieved July 15, 2019.*McLaughlin, Seth (February 21, 2018). [ Tea party pushed to Trump's shadow at CPAC]. ''The Washington Times''. Retrieved July 15, 2019.</ref> ==Achievements not related to official policy==[[File:Donald Trump Hurricane Harvey.jpg|thumb|250px|President Trump at a meeting monitoring Hurricane Harvey, August 27, 2017]]While the following Miscellaneous achievements were not official policy actions by the Trump Administration, they were closely related to the Trump Administration and its policies: ===2017===*January 20, 2017—President Trump gave one of the strongest inauguration addresses in American history, voicing conservative, populist, and nationalist themes.<ref>Multiple references:*Boyle, Matthew (January 20, 2017). [ ‘America First’: President Donald Trump Brings the Rain in Inauguration Address]. ''Breitbart''. Retrieved January 20, 2017.*Newman, Alex (January 20, 2017). [ President Trump Cites Bible in Unity Call; Touts “America First”]. ''The New American''. Retrieved June 20, 2018.*Dinan, Stephen; Howell, Thomas (January 20, 2017). [ President Trump vows to put 'America first' and promises to 'get the job done']. ''The Washington Times''. Retrieved June 3, 2018.*Bender, Michael C. (January 20, 2017). [ Donald Trump Strikes Nationalistic Tone in Inaugural Speech]. ''The Wall Street Journal''. Retrieved June 3, 2018.*Holland, Steve; Stephenson, Emily (January 20, 2017). [ Trump, now president, pledges to put 'America First' in nationalist speech]. ''Reuters''. Retrieved June 3, 2018.*Scott, Patrick; Midgley, Robert (January 20, 2017). [ Donald Trump just delivered the most 'American' inauguration speech ever]. ''The Telegraph''. Retrieved January 20, 2017.*McCaskill, Nolan D. (January 20, 2017). [ Key moments from Trump's inauguration speech]. ''Politico''. Retrieved January 20, 2017.*Yeip, Randy (February 20, 2017). [ On Speaking Terms: How Donald Trump's Inauguration Speech Compares with Other Presidents]. ''The Wall Street Journal''. Retrieved June 4, 2018.Notably, President Trump spoke out against "radical Islamic terrorism," becoming the first president to use the term:*[ President Trump puts fight against ‘radical Islamic terrorism’ at heart of inauguration speech]. ''The Times of Israel''. January 20, 2017. Retrieved January 20, 2017.*Martel, Frances (January 20, 2017). [ In Inaugural Address, Trump Reaffirms Vow to ‘Eradicate’ Radical Islamic Terrorism]. ''Breitbart News''. Retrieved September 24, 2017.*Martel, Frances (January 20, 2017). [ History: Trump Becomes First President to Use Words ‘Islamic,’ ‘Urban’ in Inaugural Address]. ''Breitbart News''. Retrieved September 24, 2017.Transcript of the speech:*[ President Trump Delivers Inaugural Address]. ''C-SPAN''. January 20, 2017. Retrieved June 3, 2018.*[ Full text of President Donald Trump's inauguration speech]. ''Fox News''. January 20, 2017. Retrieved June 3, 2018.See also:*Taylor, Guy (January 20, 2017). [ Trump inaugural speech makes international waves]. ''The Washington Times''. Retrieved June 3, 2018.*[ President Trump 2017 Inaugural Ceremony]. ''C-SPAN''. January 20, 2017. Retrieved June 3, 2018.</ref>*February 24, 2017—President Trump became the first president since [[Ronald Reagan]] to speak at [[Conservative Political Action Conference|CPAC]], and he voiced support for strongly conservative policies and ideals and criticized the [[mainstream media]].<ref>Multiple references:*DeSoto, Randy (February 23, 2017). [ Trump To Be First President Since Reagan To Address CPAC In First Year]. ''Western Journalism''. Retrieved October 13, 2017.*[ President Trump's full CPAC speech]. ''Fox News''. February 24, 2017. Retrieved October 13, 2017.*Fatzick, Joshua (February 24, 2017). [ Trump Repeats Attacks on Media During Conservative Forum Speech]. ''Voice of America''. Retrieved October 13, 2017.*Mass, Warren (February 24, 2017). [ Trump Criticizes “Fake News” and Unveils Ambitious Plan at CPAC]. ''The New American''. Retrieved June 20, 2018.*Stephenson, Emily; Holland, Steve (February 24, 2017). [ Trump vows military build-up, hammers nationalist themes]. ''Reuters''. Retrieved October 13, 2017.*Thrush, Glenn (February 24, 2017). [ Trump’s Blistering Speech at CPAC Follows Bannon’s Blueprint]. ''The New York Times''. Retrieved October 13, 2017.</ref>*It was reported in late April 2017 that nine Trump Administration cabinet members, including Vice President Mike Pence, were participating in a weekly [[Bible study]], and members of the House and Senate were also conducting their own Bible studies.<ref>Multiple references:*[ TOP STORY: Trump Cabinet Members Praying, Studying the Bible Together]. ''CBN News''. April 24, 2017. Retrieved April 28, 2017.*Gotera, Jay (April 28, 2017). [ Trump Cabinet Members Gather Weekly for Prayer Session; Senate and House Also Hold Bible Studies]. ''The Christian Post''. Retrieved April 29, 2017.*Haverluck, Michael F. (April 29, 2017). [ Trump cabinet fellowships thru prayer, Bible study]. ''One News Now''. Retrieved April 29, 2017.</ref> The media took notice of the Bible studies again in late-July 2017.<ref>Multiple references:*Estepa, Jessica (July 31, 2017). [ Cabinet members get together for weekly Bible study]. ''USA Today''. Retrieved July 31, 2017.*Beavers, Olivia (July 31, 2017). [ Report: Trump Cabinet members attend weekly Bible study]. ''The Hill''. Retrieved July 31, 2017.*DeSoto, Randy (July 31, 2017). [ Trump Team Attends Weekly White House Bible Study]. ''Western Journalism''. Retrieved July 31, 2017.*[ Top Trump Cabinet officials take part in weekly Bible study class]. ''Fox News''. August 1, 2017. Retrieved August 1, 2017.Mainstream media bias and atheist attacks against the Bible studies affirmed this as an achievement:*McLeod, Judi (August 2, 2017). [ MSM already queuing up to smear White House Bible Studies]. ''Canada Free Press''. Retrieved August 3, 2017.*Richardson, Bradford (August 3, 2017). [ Atheists ‘appalled’ by White House Bible study]. ''The Washington Times''. Retrieved August 3, 2017.See also:*Perkins, Tony (April 25, 2019). [ Leftists explode in rage as NASA head praises prayer, Christian influence in government]. ''LifeSiteNews''. Retrieved April 27, 2019.</ref> The Bible study was possibly the first one held in the executive branch in at least 100 years.<ref>Starr, Penny (July 31, 2017). [ Cabinet Members Launch White House Bible Study]. ''Breitbart News''. Retrieved July 31, 2017.</ref> The Trump Administration was described as being "the most evangelical Cabinet in history,"<ref>Wishon, Jennifer (July 31, 2017). [ Bible Studies at the White House: Who's Inside This Spiritual Awakening?] ''CBN News''. Retrieved July 31, 2017.</ref> and the Bible study suggested that the administration is, at least in part, striving to be under [[God]].<ref>Bakinski, Pete (April 29, 2017). [ Mike Pence sponsors Bible study for Trump cabinet]. ''LifeSiteNews''. Retrieved April 29, 2017.<br>See also:*Brody, David (May 3, 2018). [ 'There's Prayer on a Regular Basis in This White House': Mike Pence Reveals Faith Behind the Scenes]. ''CBN News''. Retrieved May 8, 2018.*Delk, Josh (May 3, 2018). [ Pence: 'There's prayer on a regular basis in this White House']. ''The Hill''. Retrieved May 3, 2018.*Bourne, Lisa (May 4, 2018). [ Mike Pence reveals Trump regularly asks to open White House meetings in prayer]. ''LifeSiteNews''. Retrieved May 8, 2018.</ref> In addition to the Bible study, Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders reads Christian devotionals before each press briefing.<ref>Multiple references:*Wegmann, Philip (August 8, 2017). [ New York Times shocked that Sarah Huckabee Sanders reads devotions before press briefings]. ''Washington Examiner''. Retrieved August 8, 2017.*Grynbaum, Michael M. (August 8, 2017). [ Now Starring in the West Wing: Sarah Huckabee Sanders]. ''The New York Times''. Retrieved August 8, 2017.</ref>*May 13, 2017—While newly inaugurated U.S. Presidents generally give their first commencement addresses at the [[University of Notre Dame]], President Trump gave his at the conservative Christian [[Liberty University]].<ref>[ Trump urges Liberty graduates to find courage to challenge critics, assails Washington leaders as 'failed voices']. ''Fox News''. May 13, 2017. Retrieved May 13, 2017.</ref> One of his lines was, "In America we don’t worship government, we worship God."<ref>Multiple references:*Miller, S.A. (May 13, 2017). [ Trump at Liberty University: ‘We don’t worship government, we worship God’]. ''The Washington Times''. Retrieved May 13, 2017.*Moons, Michelle (May 13, 2017). [ President Donald Trump’s First Commencement Speech: ‘In America We Don’t Worship Government, We Worship God’]. ''Breitbart News''. Retrieved May 13, 2017.</ref>*June 8, 2017—President Trump spoke to the Faith and Freedom Coalition, showing strong support for evangelical Christians and [[religious liberty]]. He repeated the statement he made at Liberty University: "in America, we don't worship government. We worship God."<ref>Multiple references:*Miller, S.A. (June 8, 2017). [ Trump shores up evangelical support but alienates gays]. ''The Washington Times''. Retrieved June 8, 2017.*Arter, Melanie (June 8, 2017). [ Trump: 'In America, We Don't Worship Government - We Worship God']. ''CNS News''. Retrieved June 8, 2017.</ref>*June 18, 2017—In celebrating [[Father's Day]], President Trump stated that "fathers have the ability and responsibility to instill in us core values we carry into adulthood. The examples they set and the lessons they impart about hard work, dedication to family, faith in God, and believing in ourselves establish the moral foundation for success that allows us to live up to our full potential."<ref>Starr, Penny (June 18, 2017). [ President Trump’s Father’s Day Proclamation: Dads Have Responsibility to ‘Instill in Us Core Values’]. ''Breitbart News''. Retrieved June 18, 2017.</ref> The Department of Education invited members of the [[Family Research Council]] and [[Focus on the Family]] to a Father's Day event.<ref>Berry, Susan (June 18, 2017). [ LGBT Rights Groups Slam Trump Admin Father’s Day Event with Traditional Marriage Advocates]. ''Breitbart News''. Retrieved June 18, 2017.</ref>*July 1, 2017—President Trump held a "Celebrate Freedom Rally" in Washington D.C. to honor veterans and celebrate [[Independence Day]] – his first Independence Day address as President.<ref name="HitsMedia4July">Manchester, Julia (July 1, 2017). [ Trump hits media, honors veterans in first Fourth of July speech as president]. ''The Hill''. Retrieved July 3, 2017.</ref> In it, he spoke again strongly in favor or religious liberty and stated that "since the signing of the Declaration of Independence 241 years ago, America always affirmed that liberty comes from our creator. Our rights are given to us by God, and no earthly force can ever take those rights away."<ref>Multiple references:*Baker, Trent (July 1, 2017). [ Trump: Since Signing the Declaration of Independence, ‘America Always Affirmed that Liberty Comes from Our Creator’]. ''Breitbart News''. Retrieved July 2, 2017.*[ Trump honors veterans at Celebrate Freedom Rally]. ''Fox News''. Retrieved July 2, 2017.</ref>*July 7–8, 2017—Although symbolic, at the [[Group of Twenty|G-20]] summit in [[Germany]], President Trump wore an [[Flag of the United States of America|American flag]] pin, being the only world leader not to wear the G20 pin which had [[Globalism|globalist]] symbolism.<ref>Multiple references:*Wilkinson, James (July 8, 2017). [ Trump goes his own way: The president wears an American Flag pin instead of a G20 logo like other world leaders]. ''Daily Mail''. Retrieved August 7, 2017.*Jalsevac, Steve (July 17, 2017). [ Trump has saved many nations from evils of globalist Paris Climate Agreement]. ''LifeSiteNews''. Retrieved August 7, 2017.*Tillison, Tom (July 9, 2017). [ Trump shuns G20 lapel pin worn by other leaders, struts US flag instead … here’s the thanks he’s getting]. ''BizPac Review''. Retrieved August 7, 2017.</ref>*In an August 3, 2017, rally in West Virginia, President Trump continued bashing the D.C. [[establishment]], saying that "we don’t need advice from the Washington swamp."<ref>Shaw, Adam (August 3, 2017). [ Trump Scorches D.C. Establishment in West Virginia: ‘We Don’t Need Advice from the Washington Swamp’]. ''Breitbart News''. Retrieved August 3, 2017.</ref>*August 22, 2017—President Trump's own words of what his political movements stood for: "This evening, joined together with friends, we reaffirm our shared customs, traditions and values. We love our country. We celebrate our troops. We embrace our freedom. We respect our flag. We are proud of our history. We cherish our Constitution, including, by the way, the Second Amendment. We fully protect religious liberty. We believe in law and order. And we support the incredible men and women of law enforcement. And we pledge our allegiance to one nation under God."<ref>Multiple references:*[ President Trump Rally in Phoenix, Arizona (video)] (starts at 29:30). ''C-SPAN''. August 22, 2017. Retrieved August 26, 2017.*[ President Donald Trump's Rally in Phoenix (Full)] (starts at 29:25). ''YouTube'' (''The New York Times'' channel). Retrieved August 26, 2017.</ref>*October 17, 2017—Speaking at a [[Heritage Foundation]] event,<ref>Multiple references:*Chamberlain, Samuel (October 17, 2017). [ Trump pitches tax plan as 'the best Christmas present of all']. ''Fox News''. Retrieved October 18, 2017.*Delk, Josh (October 17, 2017). [ Trump tells Heritage: My admin has done more in 9 months than any president ever]. ''The Hill''. Retrieved October 18, 2017.</ref> President Trump stated that "the most important truth our Founders understood was this: Freedom is not a gift from government; freedom is a gift from God," and he also stated that "young Americans should be taught to love our country, honor our anthem, and proudly recite the pledge of allegiance."<ref>Multiple references:*Spiering, Charlie (October 17, 2017). [ Donald Trump Cheers on the Heritage Foundation, Urges Support for Tax Reform]. ''Breitbart News''. Retrieved October 18, 2017.*Crookston, Paul (October 17, 2017). [ Trump: ‘Freedom Is Not a Gift From Government; Freedom Is a Gift From God’]. ''The Washington Free Beacon''. Retrieved October 18, 2017.</ref>*November 23, 2017—President Trump made his [[Thanksgiving]] proclamation, stating that "as one people, we seek God’s protection, guidance, and wisdom, as we stand humbled by the abundance of our great Nation and the blessings of freedom, family, and faith."<ref>Multiple references:*Spiering, Charlie (November 23, 2017). [ President Donald Trump’s 2017 Thanksgiving Proclamation]. ''Breitbart News''. Retrieved December 10, 2017.*Klukowski, Ken (November 23, 2017). [ Trump Points Americans to Historical Foundation of Giving Thanks to God]. ''Breitbart News''. Retrieved December 10, 2017.</ref> Trump mentioned God 8 times in his Thanksgiving address, while Obama did not mention God even once in his 2016 Thanksgiving address.<ref>Baklinski, Pete (November 23, 2017). [ Trump mentions God 8 times in Thanksgiving address. Obama refused to mention God once]. ''LifeSite News''. Retrieved December 10, 2017.<br>See also Trump's 2016 Thanksgiving address as President-elect:*Baklinski, Pete (November 24, 2016). [ Trump asks God to ‘bless America’ in Thanksgiving address. Obama doesn’t (again)]. ''LifeSite News''. Retrieved December 10, 2017.</ref>*December 8, 2017—At a rally in Pensacola, Florida, President Trump stated, among other strongly-conservative statements that "America is a sovereign country. We set our immigration rules. We do not listen to foreign bureaucrats. We do not listen to other countries telling us how we should be running our immigration."<ref name="C-SPAN12/2017">[ President Trump Rally in Pensacola, Florida -- DECEMBER 8, 2017]. ''C-SPAN''. Retrieved December 11, 2017.</ref> He also stated that "we proudly pledge allegiance to one nation, under God. Our rights come from our creator, and no earthly force can ever take those rights away, and they never will. That is why my administration is taking power back from global bureaucrats and returning that power back to the American people... We don't sing a global anthem. Our troops don't weak a foreign uniform. And we will never surrender our rights to international tribunals. We won't do that. We proudly sing The Star-Spangled Banner. Our brave troops fight and die in red, white, and blue, and we protect and preserve the American Constitution that we cherish. I've said it so often, my job is not to be president of the World. My job is to be President of the United States of America."<ref name="C-SPAN12/2017"/> ===2018===[[File:Donald Trump by Gage Skidmore, October 2018.jpg|thumb|250px|President Trump at a campaign rally, October 2018]]*January 30, 2018—President Trump gave his 2018 [[State of the Union Address]], in which he promoted numerous conservative policies while also trying to be conciliatory.<ref>Multiple references:*Byas, Steve (January 31, 2018). [ Trump: “It’s the People Who Are Making America Great Again”]. ''The New American''. Retrieved January 31, 2018.*Stanage, Niall (January 31, 2018). [ Five takeaways from Trump’s State of the Union]. ''The Hill''. Retrieved January 31, 2018.*Boyer, Dave (January 30, 2018). [ Trump hails ‘new American moment’ in first State of the Union address]. ''The Washington Times''. Retrieved January 31, 2018.*Pollak, Joel B. (January 30, 2018). [ Trump’s First State of the Union: A Call to Unity, an Immigration Controversy]. ''Breitbart News''. Retrieved January 31, 2018.For the full speech and transcript:*[ 2018 State of the Union Address]. ''CSPAN''. January 30, 2018. Retrieved January 31, 2018.*[ Full Transcript of President Trump’s Prepared SOTU 2018 Remarks]. ''Breitbart News''. January 30, 2018. Retrieved January 31, 2018.</ref> Among other statements, Trump mentioned his accomplishments regarding judicial appointments, religious liberty, and gun rights,<ref>Klukowski, Ken (January 31, 2018). [ Trump Highlights Constitution in SOTU: Judges, Religion, Guns, Terrorists]. ''Breitbart News''. Retrieved January 31, 2018.</ref> and he expressed his support for standing and honoring the U.S. and its flag for the National Anthem.<ref>Baker, Trent (January 30, 2018). [ Trump Rips NFL During SOTU: ‘We Proudly Stand for the National Anthem’]. ''Breitbart News''. Retrieved January 31, 2018.</ref> He took a strong stance on immigration,<ref>Multiple references:*Holland, Steve; Mason, Jeff (January 30, 2018). [ Trump pushes hardline immigration policies even as he urges unity]. ''Reuters''. Retrieved January 31, 2018.*Stanage, Niall (January 31, 2018). [ The Memo: Trump sticks to his guns on immigration agenda]. ''The Hill''. Retrieved January 31, 2018.</ref> He criticized the [[open borders]] policies of previous presidential administrations,<ref>Binder, John (January 30, 2018). [ Trump Assails Open Borders in SOTU Address]. ''Breitbart News''. Retrieved January 31, 2018.</ref> stated that "Americans are dreamers, too",<ref>Pollak, Joel B. (January 30, 2018). [ Trump on Immigration in State of the Union: ‘Americans Are Dreamers, Too’]. ''Breitbart News''. Retrieved January 31, 2018.</ref> and called for a merit-based immigration system.<ref>Binder, John (January 30, 2018). [ Trump in SOTU Address: ‘It Is Time’ for Merit-Based Legal Immigration]. ''Breitbart News''. Retrieved January 31, 2018.</ref> He also called for action against [[MS-13]]<ref>Binder, John (January 30, 2018). [ Trump in SOTU Address: Congress Must Close ‘Deadly Loopholes’ That Allowed MS-13 Gang to Proliferate]. ''Breitbart News''. Retrieved January 31, 2018.</ref> and honored the parents of the gang's victims.<ref>Multiple references:*Singman, Brooke (January 30, 2018). [ Trump honors parents of MS-13 victims: 'America is grieving for you']. ''Breitbart News''. Retrieved January 31, 2018.*Arter, Melanie (January 30, 2018). [ Trump Uses SOTU to Honor Parents of Teenage Girls Killed by MS-13]. ''CNS News''. Retrieved January 31, 2018.*Athey, Amber (January 30, 2018). [ Trump Honors Teens Slain By MS-13]. ''The Daily Caller''. Retrieved January 31, 2018.*[ State of the Union: Trump addresses parents of gang victims]. ''CBS News''. Retrieved January 31, 2018.Some of President Trump's guests showcased the policies he supported:*Spiering, Charlie (January 30, 2018). [ Donald Trump Turns to Heroic Americans to Demonstrate Strong State of the Union]. ''Breitbart News''. Retrieved January 31, 2018.*Miller, S.A. (January 30, 2018). [ Trump’s guests for SOTU highlight tax cuts, patriotism, fight against illegal immigrant crime]. ''The Washington Times''. Retrieved January 31, 2018.</ref>*February 8, 2018—President Trump spoke at the [[National Prayer Breakfast]], and among other statements, he stated that "faith is central to American life and to liberty," and that "our rights are not given to us by man; our rights come from our Creator."<ref>Multiple references:*Shaw, Adam (February 8, 2018). [ Trump declares America 'a nation of believers' at National Prayer Breakfast]. ''Fox News''. Retrieved February 25, 2019.*Starr, Penny (February 8, 2018). [ Donald Trump at Prayer Breakfast: Iran, Cuba, Venezuela, North Korea ‘Repressive and Brutal’ Regimes]. ''Breitbart News''. Retrieved February 25, 2019.*Chretien, Claire (February 8, 2018). [ Trump: ‘Faith is central to American life,’ our rights ‘come from our Creator’]. ''LifeSiteNews''. Retrieved February 25, 2019.*Richardson, Bradford (February 8, 2018). [ Atheists slam Trump for referencing only Christianity at prayer breakfast]. ''The Washington Times''. Retrieved February 25, 2019.*Adelmann, Bob (February 8, 2018). [ Trump More Comfortable With His Faith at Prayer Breakfast]. ''The New American''. Retrieved February 25, 2019.President Trump made similar statements for Easter:*Spiering, Charlie (March 30, 2018). [ Donald Trump’s Easter and Passover Message: ‘God’s Love Redeems the World’]. ''Breitbart News''. Retrieved February 25, 2019.*Newman, Alex (April 3, 2018). [ Trump Celebrates Christ’s Resurrection, God-given Freedom]. ''The New American''. Retrieved February 25, 2019.</ref>*February 23, 2018—President Trump spoke at [[Conservative Political Action Conference|CPAC]],<ref>Speech video and transcript:*[ President Trump Remarks at Conservative Political Action Conference]. ''C-SPAN''. February 23, 2018. Retrieved February 23, 2018.*[ Remarks by President Trump at the Conservative Political Action Conference]. ''White House''. February 23, 2018. Retrieved February 23, 2018.</ref> forcefully promoting strongly conservative policies.<ref>Multiple references:*Spiering, Charlie (February 23, 2018). [ Donald Trump Rocks CPAC: ‘We’ve Got Seven Years to Go, Folks!’]. ''Breitbart News''. Retrieved February 23, 2018.*Boyle, Matthew (February 23, 2018). [ ‘Vintage Trump’: The Donald Rallies Conservative Movement Troops at CPAC 2018 as Midterms Loom]. ''Breitbart News''. Retrieved February 23, 2018.*Pappas, Alex (February 23, 2018). [ Trump at CPAC: 2nd Amendment, tax cuts at risk if Dems take power]. ''Fox News''. Retrieved February 23, 2018.*Easley, Jonathan; Kamisar, Ben (February 23, 2018). [ Trump cuts loose in rollicking address to conservatives]. ''The Hill''. Retrieved February 23, 2018.*Cawthorne, Cameron (February 23, 2018). [ Trump on 2018 Elections: Republicans Must Not Be ‘Complacent’]. ''The Washington Free Beacon''. Retrieved February 23, 2018.*Curl, Joseph (February 23, 2018). [ Trump dumps 'boring' speech to talk 'bald spot,' read 'The Snake' – Oh, and tout his accomplishments]. ''Fox News''. Retrieved February 23, 2018.</ref> Among other positions, President Trump took strong stances against mass migration and illegal immigration,<ref>Multiple references:*Mason, Ian (February 23, 2018). [ Trump Breaks from CPAC Address, Reads ‘The Snake’ in Entirety]. ''Breitbart News''. Retrieved February 23, 2018.*Munro, Neil (February 23, 2018). [ Trump Urges Election Defeat of Democrats’ Immigration-Reform Stonewall]. ''Breitbart News''. Retrieved February 23, 2018.*Bykowicz, Julie; Ballhaus, Rebecca (February 23, 2018). [ Trump Revives Attack on Diversity Visa, ‘Chain Migration’ in Speech]. ''The Wall Street Journal''. Retrieved February 23, 2018.*[ Trump Recites Inflammatory, Anti-immigrant ‘Snake’ Song]. ''Voice of America''. February 23, 2018. Retrieved February 23, 2018.</ref> and he gave strong support for the [[Second Amendment]].<ref>Multiple references:*Boyer, Dave; Sherfinski, David (February 23, 2018). [ Trump hails 2nd Amendment, pushes for arming school employees in speech at CPAC]. ''The Washington Times''. Retrieved February 23, 2018.*Hawkins, Awr (February 23, 2018). [ Trump at CPAC: Democrats ‘Will Take Away Your Second Amendment’]. ''Breitbart News''. Retrieved February 23, 2018.*Hawkins, Awr (February 23, 2018). [ Trump at CPAC: I Want to Arm Teachers Who Love and Will Protect Their Students]. ''Breitbart News''. Retrieved February 23, 2018.*Jackson, David (February 23, 2018). [ 'A teacher would have shot the hell out of him': Trump cites Parkland shooting as reason to arm teachers]. ''USA Today''. Retrieved February 23, 2018.See also:*Pollak, Joel B. (February 23, 2018). [ Trump, at CPAC, Does Not Mention Raising Minimum Age for Guns]. ''Breitbart News''. Retrieved February 23, 2018.</ref>*May 25, 2018—President Trump gave a strongly patriotic commencement speech to graduates of the U.S. Naval Academy, stating his intention of stand up for the United States without apology.<ref>Multiple references:*Shaw, Adam (May 25, 2018). [ Trump strikes fiercely patriotic tone at Naval ceremony: 'Yes, America is back']. ''Fox News''. Retrieved May 25, 2018.*Spiering, Charlie (May 25, 2018). [ Donald Trump to Naval Academy Graduates: ‘America Is Back’]. ''Breitbart News''. Retrieved May 25, 2018.*Boyer, Dave (May 25, 2018). [ Trump tells Naval Academy graduates that U.S. military is stronger than ever]. ''The Washington Times''. Retrieved May 25, 2018.*Fritze, John (May 25, 2018). [ 'America is back,' President Trump tells Naval Academy grads]. ''USA Today''. Retrieved May 25, 2018.*Heretik, Jack (May 25, 2018). [ Trump Touts Strength of U.S. Military in Naval Academy Commencement Address]. ''The Washington Free Beacon''. Retrieved May 25, 2018.See also:*[ President Gives Commencement Address at U.S. Naval Academy]. ''C-SPAN''. May 25, 2018. Retrieved May 25, 2018.</ref>*June 5, 2018—After disinviting the [[Philadelphia Eagles]] to a White House event because many of the team's players decided to boycott it, President Trump held a "Celebration of America" that honored the United States and its military.<ref>Multiple references:*Moons, Michelle (June 5, 2018). [ Trump Honors America, Military at Event that Replaced Eagles Visit]. ''Breitbart News''. Retrieved June 5, 2018.*Pappas, Alex (June 5, 2018). [ White House says Eagles chose to 'abandon' fans, hosts patriotic event in lieu of team ceremony]. ''Fox News''. Retrieved June 5, 2018.*Fabian, Jordan (June 5, 2018). [ Trump holds brief 'Celebration of America' event without NFL's Eagles]. ''The Hill''. Retrieved June 5, 2018.*Holland, Steve; Oliphant, James (June 5, 2018). [ Trump keeps up blitz on NFL players with 'Celebration of America']. ''Reuters''. Retrieved June 5, 2018.*Morrongiello, Gabby (June 5, 2018). [ Trump holds brief 'Celebration of America' event, encourages Americans to stand for anthem]. ''Washington Examiner''. Retrieved June 5, 2018.See also:*Stanage, Niall (June 5, 2018). [ The Memo: Trump stokes culture wars over national anthem]. ''The Hill''. Retrieved June 5, 2018.</ref>*June 13, 2018—Vice President [[Mike Pence]] spoke at the [[Southern Baptist Convention]]'s annual meeting, becoming the highest-ranking official in decades to speak at the event in person, speaking about his faith and the Trump Administration's policies.<ref>Multiple references:*Lovett, Ian (June 13, 2018). [ Pence Speaks at Baptist Convention, Highest Official to Appear at Meeting in Decades]. ''The Wall Street Journal''. Retrieved August 13, 2018.*Miles, Frank (June 13, 2018). [ Pence cheers Southern Baptist Convention as 'one of the greatest forces for good anywhere']. ''Fox News''. Retrieved August 13, 2018.*Woodall, Crystal (June 13, 2018). [ 'The Fervent Prayers of a Righteous People Can Availeth Much': Pence's Inspiring Words to Southern Baptists]. ''CBN News''. Retrieved August 13, 2018.*Nazworth, Napp (June 13, 2018). [ VP Mike Pence's SBC Annual Meeting Speech Transcript: 'New Beginning of Greatness in America']. ''The Christian Post''. Retrieved August 13, 2018.*Colson, Margaret (June 13, 2018). [ Pence thanks SBC for values, prayers, ministry]. ''Baptist Press''. Retrieved August 13, 2018.</ref>*According to a Gallup poll in June 2018, the proportion of Americans satisfied with the direction of the country reached the highest level since September 2005.<ref>Multiple references:*Nolte, John (June 18, 2018). [ Satisfaction with Direction of Country Hits 12-Year High]. ''Breitbart News''. Retrieved June 18, 2018.*Adelmann, Bob (June 19, 2018). [ Americans’ Satisfaction Highest in 12 Years, Says Gallup]. ''The New American''. 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Retrieved June 27, 2018.</ref>*July 31, 2018—President Trump strongly criticized the "globalist Koch Brothers" because of their opposition to his America First agenda.<ref>Multiple references:*Spiering, Charlie (July 31, 2018). [ Donald Trump: ‘Globalist Koch Brothers’ a ‘Total Joke’]. ''Breitbart News''. Retrieved July 31, 2018.*Singman, Brooke (July 31, 2018). [ Trump slams 'total joke' Koch brothers, taking on mega-donor network]. ''Fox News''. Retrieved July 31, 2018.*Muñoz, Gabriella (July 31, 2018). [ Trump: 'Globalist' Koch brothers are 'a total joke in real Republican circles']. ''The Washington Times''. Retrieved July 31, 2018.*Balluck, Kyle (July 31, 2018). [ Trump: ‘Globalist Koch brothers’ have become a ‘total joke in real Republican circles']. ''The Hill''. Retrieved July 31, 2018.*Bykowicz, Julie (July 31, 2018). [ Trump Attacks Koch Brothers After GOP Donors Shy Away From Candidate]. ''The Wall Street Journal''. Retrieved July 31, 2018.*[ Trump rejects conservative Koch donor network]. ''Reuters''. July 31, 2018. Retrieved July 31, 2018.See also:*Kirkwood, R. Cort (July 31, 2018). [ Trump’s Tweets Tweak the Koch Brothers]. ''The New American''. Retrieved July 31, 2018.</ref> He criticized the brothers again on August 2, 2018.<ref>Multiple references:*Spiering, Charlie (August 2, 2018). [ Donald Trump to Charles Koch: ‘America First!’] ''Breitbart News''. Retrieved August 2, 2018.*Singman, Brooke (August 2, 2018). [ Trump mocks Charles Koch for saying tariffs unfair to foreign workers: 'He is correct']. ''Fox News''. Retrieved August 2, 2018.*Birnbaum, Emily (August 2, 2018). [ Trump: Charles Koch is correct when he says president’s actions are unfair to ‘foreign workers’]. ''The Hill''. Retrieved August 2, 2018.</ref>*August 27, 2018—President Trump hosted a dinner for evangelical Christian leaders, highlighting his support for [[religious liberty]] and [[pro-life]] policies.<ref>Multiple references:*Spiering, Charlie (August 27, 2018). [ Donald Trump Celebrates Religious Freedom with Evangelical Leaders at White House Dinner]. ''Breitbart News''. Retrieved August 27, 2018.*Boyer, Dave (August 27, 2018). [ Trump tells Evangelical leaders he's delivered 'just about everything I promised']. ''The Washington Times''. Retrieved August 27, 2018.*Kennedy, Ben (August 28, 2018). [ 'America Is a Nation of Believers': Trump Honors Evangelical Leaders with White House Dinner]. ''CBN News''. Retrieved August 28, 2018.*Smith, Samuel (August 28, 2018). [ White House Hosts 100 Evangelical Leaders for State-Like Dinner: 'This Is Spiritual Warfare']. ''The Christian Post''. Retrieved August 28, 2018.*Goodenough, Patrick (August 28, 2018). [ Trump: We’ve Stopped Government Effort to Undermine Religious Freedom]. ''CNS News''. Retrieved August 28, 2018.*[ Trump hosts evangelical leaders at the White House]. ''Fox News'' (from the ''Associated Press''). August 27, 2018. Retrieved August 27, 2018.See also:*Boyer, Dave (August 28, 2018). [ Trump warns Evangelicals of Democrats 'violently' overturning his agenda]. ''The Washington Times''. Retrieved August 29, 2018.*Freiburger, Calvin (August 29, 2018). [ Trump warns Christians: ‘violent’ Left ‘will overturn everything we’ve done’ if Dems win midterms]. ''LifeSiteNews''. Retrieved August 29, 2018.</ref>*October 22, 2018—President Trump held a large rally in [[Texas]] for Senator [[Ted Cruz]],<ref>Multiple references:*[ President Trump Campaign Rally in Houston, Texas]. ''C-SPAN''. October 22, 2018. Retrieved October 23, 2018.*Lee, Tony (October 23, 2018). [ ***Live Updates*** Trump Holds Texas Rally for Ted Cruz]. ''Breitbart News''. Retrieved October 23, 2018.</ref> where he made strongly conservative statements, including accusing Democrats of launching "an assault on the sovereignty of our country."<ref>Multiple references:*Darrah, Nicole (October 22, 2018). [ Trump, at Texas rally, backs Cruz, slams Democrats for 'assault on the sovereignty' of US]. ''Fox News''. Retrieved October 23, 2018.*Spiering, Charlie (October 22, 2018). [ Donald Trump in Texas: Migrant Caravan ‘An Assault on Our Country’]. ''Breitbart News''. Retrieved October 23, 2018.*Fritze,John; Jackson, David; Page, Susan (October 22, 2018). [ President Trump blasts Democrats over immigration, caravan during rally for Ted Cruz]. ''USA Today''. Retrieved October 23, 2018.</ref> He also strongly rejected [[globalism]] and labeled himself a [[nationalist]],<ref>Multiple references:*Spiering, Charlie (October 22, 2018). [ Watch – Donald Trump: ‘I’m a Nationalist’ Not a Globalist]. ''Breitbart News''. Retrieved October 23, 2018.*Boyer, Dave (October 22, 2018). [ Trump declares himself 'nationalist' defending U.S. against 'power-hungry globalists']. ''The Washington Times''. Retrieved October 23, 2018.*Samuels, Brett (October 22, 2018). [ Trump: 'You know what I am? I'm a nationalist']. ''The Hill''. Retrieved October 23, 2018.*[ ‘I’m a nationalist,’ Trump declares at Texas rally]. ''The Times of Israel''. October 23, 2018. Retrieved October 23, 2018.*Baker, Peter (October 23, 2018). [ ‘Use That Word!’: Trump Embraces the ‘Nationalist’ Label]. ''The New York Times''. Retrieved October 23, 2018.</ref> something he defended the next day.<ref>Multiple references:*Boyer, Dave (October 23, 2018). [ Trump defends describing self as 'nationalist,' says it's about American pride, prosperity]. ''The Washington Times''. Retrieved October 23, 2018.*Spiering, Charlie (October 23, 2018). [ Donald Trump Defies Media: ‘Call Me a Nationalist if You’d Like’]. ''Breitbart News''. 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Retrieved February 7, 2019.</ref> ===2019===[[File:Salute to America, July 4, 2019.jpg|thumb|250px|"Salute to America" rally, hosted by President Trump on July 4, 2019]]*January 17, 2019—After Speaker of the House [[Nancy Pelosi]] disinvited President Trump to give his [[State of the Union Address]] because of a [[partial government shutdown]], Trump denied the use of military aircraft for Pelosi for the same reason 30 minutes before she was set to begin a trip outside the country.<ref>Multiple references:*Singman, Brooke; Pergram, Chad; Roberts, John (January 17, 2019). [ Trump denies Pelosi aircraft for foreign trip, after call for State of the Union delay]. ''Fox News''. Retrieved January 17, 2019.*Spiering, Charlie (January 17, 2019). [ Trump Denies Military Aircraft for Nancy Pelosi’s Foreign Trip During Shutdown]. ''Breitbart News''. Retrieved January 17, 2019.*Dinan, Stephen; Boyer, Dave (January 17, 2019). [ Trump cancels Pelosi's jet to Brussels, blames government shutdown]. 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Retrieved February 7, 2019.</ref> President Trump also took a strong stance on border security, advocating for a [[border wall]], describing tolerance of illegal immigration as "cruel," and criticizing anti-border wall elites who have walls surrounding their houses, among other statements.<ref>Multiple references:*Singman, Brooke (February 7, 2019). [ Trump urges border wall in State of the Union, says tolerance for illegal immigration is ‘cruel’]. ''Fox News''. Retrieved February 7, 2019.*Munro, Neil (February 5, 2019). [ Trump’s SOTU Address Slams Democrats for ‘Cruel’ Tolerance of Illegal Immigration]. ''Breitbart News''. Retrieved February 7, 2019.*Caplan, Joshua (February 5, 2019). [ Donald Trump: Private Walls for the Elite ‘Illustrates the Divide’ with Working Class]. ''Breitbart News''. Retrieved February 7, 2019.*Samuels, Brett (February 5, 2019). [ Trump in speech: Immigration highlights difference between political, working class]. ''The Hill''. 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Retrieved March 2, 2019.</ref> One day earlier, Vice President [[Mike Pence]] also gave a strongly conservative speech at CPAC.<ref>Multiple references:*Shaw, Adam (March 1, 2019). [ Pence, at CPAC, slams Dems over Green New Deal: 'That system is socialism']. ''Fox News''. Retrieved March 1, 2019.*Moons, Michelle (March 1, 2019). [ Mike Pence: Freedom, Not Socialism, ‘Ended Slavery, Won Two World Wars’]. ''Breitbart News''. Retrieved March 1, 2019.*Axelrod, Tal (March 1, 2019). [ Pence pans Democrats for ‘embracing’ socialism]. ''The Hill''. Retrieved March 1, 2019.*Swoyer, Alex; Muñoz, Gabriella (March 1, 2019). [ Mike Pence at CPAC praises Trump's record: 'Promises made and promises kept']. ''The Washington Times''. Retrieved March 1, 2019.*Pentchoukov, Ivan (March 1, 2019). [ Pence Says Choice for 2020 Is Between ‘Freedom and Socialism’]. ''The Epoch Times''. Retrieved March 1, 2019.See also:*Freiburger, Calvin (March 1, 2019). 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Retrieved April 7, 2019.*Pollak, Joel B. (April 30, 2019). [ Trump Administration: ‘We Are at War’ Against Antisemitism]. ''Breitbart News''. Retrieved April 30, 2019.</ref> Other officials such as Attorney General [[Bill Barr]] also spoke against anti-Semitism.<ref>Multiple references:*Kent, Simon (July 16, 2019). [ U.S. Attorney General William Barr: Antisemitism a ‘Cancer’]. ''Breitbart News''. Retrieved July 16, 2019.*Madden, Nate (July 15, 2019). [ WATCH AG Barr’s powerful, moving speech against anti-Semitism: A ‘cancer’ on American society]. ''Conservative Review''. Retrieved July 15, 2019.*Sakelaris, Nicholas (July 15, 2019). [ AG Barr: Fighting anti-Semitism a top Justice Dept. priority]. ''UPI''. Retrieved July 15, 2019.*Prince, Molly (July 15, 2019). [ WATCH: AG Barr Fiercely Condemns Anti-Semitism: ‘Cancer’ That ‘Can Rapidly Metastasize’]. ''The Daily Wire''. Retrieved July 15, 2019.*Baumann, Beth (July 15, 2019). 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Retrieved March 20, 2019.</ref>*May 11, 2019—Vice President Pence gave a strong commencement address at Liberty University, criticizing the "secular left," including Hollywood and the Obama Administration, for having "little tolerance for traditional Christian beliefs" despite claiming to support "tolerance," and he called on Christians to be prepared to be "shunned or ridiculed" for their beliefs and pressured to violate them.<ref>Multiple references:*Calicchio, Dom (May 12, 2019). [ Mike Pence warns Christian grads to prepare for ridicule from ‘secular left’]. ''Fox News''. Retrieved May 12, 2019.*Howell, Tom (May 11, 2019). [ VP Pence tells Christian students to resist 'secular left']. ''The Washington Times''. Retrieved May 12, 2019.*Folley, Aris (May 11, 2019). [ Mike Pence tells Liberty University graduates to prepare to be 'shunned,' 'ridiculed' for being a Christian]. ''The Hill''. Retrieved May 12, 2019.*Giaritelli, Anna (May 12, 2019). 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Retrieved May 12, 2019.*Bedard, Paul (May 12, 2019). [ Falwell Jr. calls Trump/Pence most faith-friendly White House 'ever’]. ''Washington Examiner''. Retrieved May 12, 2019.</ref>*A 2019 study by two sociologists at the University of Pennsylvania found that the U.S. had become less racist under President Trump.<ref>Multiple references:*Nolte, John (May 20, 2019). [ Nolte: Academic Study Shows Donald Trump Has Made America Less Racist]. ''Breitbart News''. Retrieved May 20, 2019.*Clark, Ross (May 16, 2019). [ Trump has made America less racist]. ''Spectator USA''. Retrieved May 20, 2019.</ref>*June 6, 2019—President Trump gave a strong speech commemorating the 75th anniversary of [[D-Day]] and honoring veterans of that battle. Among other aspects of the speech, President Trump promoted nationalism and sovereignty.<ref>Multiple references:*Spiering, Charlie (June 6, 2019). [ Donald Trump D-Day Tribute Speech: ‘These Men Ran Through the Fires of Hell’]. ''Breitbart News''. 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Trump gave a strongly patriotic speech which honored and celebrated American history, and he also honored Border Patrol and ICE officials.<ref>Multiple references:*Bleau, Hannah (July 4, 2019). [ Trump Highlights U.S. Achievements, Honors Past Patriots Like Betsy Ross]. ''Breitbart News''. Retrieved July 4, 2019.*O'Reilly, Andrew (July 4, 2019). [ Trump sings praises of American exceptionalism in elaborate July 4 salute]. ''Fox News''. Retrieved July 4, 2019.*Leary, Alex; Armour, Stephanie (July 4, 2019). [ Trump Delivers Elaborate Fourth of July Event Showcasing Military]. ''The Wall Street Journal''. Retrieved July 4, 2019.*Howell, Tom (July 4, 2019). [ Trump celebrates 'strongest' U.S. with military flyovers, patriotic revelry]. ''The Washington Times''. Retrieved July 4, 2019.*Pentchoukov, Ivan (July 4, 2019). [ Trump Celebrates America in Speech on Independence Day]. ''The Epoch Times''. Retrieved July 4, 2019.*Higgins, Sean (July 4, 2019). 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Retrieved July 19, 2019.</ref>*July 9–11, 2019—President Trump spoke out against a Minnesota town's decision to stop saying the [[Pledge of Allegiance]] at town meetings, criticizing left-wing "stupidity and disloyalty to" the U.S.<ref>Multiple references:*Rodrigo, Chris Mills (July 11, 2019). [ Trump revisits Pledge of Allegiance controversy: People are 'sick and tired' of 'stupidity and disloyalty']. ''The Hill''. Retrieved July 11, 2019.*Bunting, Deborah (July 10, 2019). [ Trump Takes Minnesota Town to Task for Nixing Pledge of Allegiance]. ''CBN News''. Retrieved July 11, 2019.*Stieber, Zachary (July 11, 2019). [ Trump: Battle Over Pledge of Allegiance in Minnesota is Why I Will Win State in 2020]. ''The Epoch Times''. Retrieved July 11, 2019.*Boyer, Dave (July 9, 2019). [ Trump supports restoring Pledge of Allegiance in Minnesota town]. ''The Washington Times''. Retrieved July 11, 2019.*King, Erica Y. (July 11, 2019). 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Retrieved July 20, 2019.</ref>*July 13, 2019—President Trump strongly criticized [[establishment]] Republicans such as [[Paul Ryan]], describing them as "weak, ineffective & stupid" and harmful for the Republican Party.<ref>Multiple references:*Caplan, Joshua (July 13, 2019). [ Trump Unleashed: Paul Ryan ‘Weak, Ineffective & Stupid,’ ‘Almost Killed’ Republican Party]. ''Breitbart News''. Retrieved July 14, 2019.*Casiano, Louis (July 13, 2019). [ Trump blasts Paul Ryan as 'weak, ineffective & stupid' in fresh attack on ex-Speaker]. ''Fox News''. Retrieved July 14, 2019.*Chaitin, Daniel (July 13, 2019). [ Trump escalates attack on Paul Ryan: He 'almost killed the Republican Party']. ''Washington Examiner''. Retrieved July 14, 2019.*Krasny, Ros (July 13, 2019). [ Trump Renews Attack on ‘Weak, Ineffective’ Ex-Speaker Paul Ryan]. ''Bloomberg''. Retrieved July 14, 2019.*Vasquez, Christian (July 13, 2019). [ Trump: Republicans like Paul Ryan are 'weak, ineffective & stupid']. ''Politico''. Retrieved July 14, 2019.</ref>*August 15, 2019—Among other strong statements at a New Hampshire rally, President Trump stated that "globalism enriches foreign countries at our expense," and that "I'm the President of the United States ... not the president of the world. As long as I am president, America will never bow to a foreign nation like we have for so many years."<ref>Multiple references:*[ President Trump Rally in Manchester, New Hampshire]. ''C-SPAN''. August 15, 2019. Retrieved August 16, 2019.*Pampuro, Amanda (August 15, 2019). [ Trump Touts ‘America First’ Policies at New Hampshire Rally]. ''Courthouse News Service''. Retrieved August 16, 2019.*Lee, Tony (August 16, 2019). [ ***Live Updates*** Trump Holds New Hampshire Rally]. ''Breitbart News''. Retrieved August 16, 2019.See also:*Spiering, Charlie (August 16, 2019). [ Donald Trump Rips Democrats for Calling Supporters ‘Nazis’]. ''Breitbart News''. Retrieved August 16, 2019.*Boyer, Dave (August 15, 2019). [ Trump says love him or hate him, you'll vote for him]. ''The Washington Times''. Retrieved August 16, 2019.*Freking, Kevin (August 16, 2019). [ Trump ties US success to 2nd term: ‘You have to vote for me’]. ''Associated Press''. Retrieved August 16, 2019.*Holland, Steve (August 16, 2019). [ Trump defends handling of economy, China at New Hampshire campaign rally]. ''Reuters''. Retrieved August 16, 2019.*Re, Gregg (August 15, 2019). [ Trump tells NH rallygoers 'we have a bunch of socialists or communists to beat' -- as Dem rivals gather nearby]. ''Fox News''. Retrieved August 15, 2019.*Samuels, Brett (August 15, 2019). [ Trump vows to 'always uphold the Second Amendment' amid ongoing talks on gun laws]. ''The Hill''. Retrieved August 15, 2019.*Hawkins, Awr (August 15, 2019). [ President Trump: ‘It’s Not the Gun That Pulls the Trigger’]. ''Breitbart News''. Retrieved August 16, 2019.*Freiburger, Calvin (August 16, 2019). [ Trump rips Democrats for allowing doctors to ‘execute the baby’]. ''LifeSiteNews''. Retrieved August 16, 2019.*Chaitin, Daniel (August 16, 2019). [ Trump amplifies boast that he generates bigger, more excited crowds than Reagan]. ''Washington Examiner''. Retrieved August 16, 2019.</ref> ==Failures==Many of these failures and setbacks to the MAGA agenda, if not all of them, were caused by Congress or officials in the Trump Administration, rather than President Trump himself: *As of early April 2017, several Obama-holdovers still held their positions in the Trump Administration with little to no indication of leaving.<ref>[ Meet Obama Holdovers Still in Trump’s Government]. ''Breitbart News''. April 2, 2017. Retrieved April 2, 2017.</ref><ref>Ortiz, Ildefonso (April 5, 2017). [ Brandon Darby: Border Patrol Agents Feel Betrayed by the Trump Administration]. ''Breitbart News''. Retrieved April 5, 2017.</ref> President Trump did not fire [[Internal Revenue Service]] Commissioner [[John Koskinen]], who targeted conservative groups under the Obama Administration.<ref>Singman, Brooke (March 9, 2017). [ Republicans want to know why Trump hasn't fired the IRS head]. ''Fox News''. Retrieved March 9, 2017.</ref> President Trump also appointed at least one NeverTrump individual to the White House.<ref>Boyle, Matthew (April 25, 2017). [ Never Trump Movement Leader, Former Jeb Bush Staffer Helen Aguirre Ferre Infiltrates White House]. ''Breitbart News''. Retrieved April 26, 2017.</ref> Due to the delay in Senate confirmations, Obama holdovers were able to continue Obama-era policies, such as removing references in official documents of "genocide" against Christians and other religious minorities by ISIS.<ref>Crabtree, Susan (July 25, 2017). [ State Department lawyers removing references to ISIS 'genocide' against Christians, other religious minorities]. ''Fox News'' (from ''The Washington Free Beacon''). Retrieved July 25, 2017.</ref>*It was reported in 2017 that the Trump Administration had chosen few supporters of Trump's presidential campaign for national security positions.<ref>Scarborough, Rowan (August 20, 2017). [ Trump campaign backers snubbed for top national security jobs]. ''The Washington Times''. Retrieved August 20, 2017.</ref> The White House presidential personnel office, run by establishment Republicans, worked to block pro-Trump individuals from administration positions<ref>Nelson, Steven (March 21, 2019). [ White House personnel official described Trump GOP nomination as 'end of the world']. ''Washington Examiner''. Retrieved March 22, 2019.</ref> while the White House gave access to globalist billionaires opposed to the MAGA agenda.<ref>Multiple references:*Binder, John (March 21, 2019). [ Globalist ‘Never Trump’ Billionaires Enjoy Access to Trump White House]. ''Breitbart News''. Retrieved March 22, 2019.*Binder, John (January 28, 2019). [ Globalist Kochs Keep Access to White House Despite Opposition to Trump]. ''Breitbart News''. Retrieved March 22, 2019.</ref>*The Trump Administration sent delegates to the 2017 meeting of the [[Bilderberg group]], a secretive [[Globalism|globalist]] elitist group.<ref>Multiple references:*Newman, Alex (June 2, 2017). [ Top Trump Officials Attend Globalist Bilderberg Summit. Why?] ''The New American''. Retrieved July 15, 2017.*[ Secretive Bilderberg Group to talk Russia, Trump & ‘war on information’]. ''RT''. May 31, 2017. Retrieved July 15, 2017.*Karasin, Ekin (May 31, 2017). [ Secretive group of global power brokers the Bilderberg Group set to gather in Virginia to mull Trump era including elder statesman Henry Kissinger and NATO secretary]. ''Daily Mail''. Retrieved July 15, 2017.*Skelton, Charlie (June 1, 2017). [ Bilderberg 2017: secret meeting of global leaders could prove a problem for Trump]. ''The Guardian''. Retrieved July 15, 2017.*[ Secretive Bilderberg group meetings begin in Virginia]. ''BBC''. June 1, 2017. Retrieved July 15, 2017.</ref>*Despite running as an anti-establishment campaign in 2016 and promoting strongly conservative policies, President Trump endorsed<ref>Schallhorn, Kaitlyn (October 23, 2018). [ Who has Trump endorsed in midterm elections? A list]. ''Fox News''. Retrieved October 23, 2018.</ref> several [[establishment]] and [[globalist]] Republicans over their [[conservative]] opponents,<ref>Multiple references:*Pappas, Alex (March 2, 2018). [ Trump kicks off GOP primary season by siding with incumbents]. ''Fox News''. Retrieved March 11, 2018.*Peters, Jeremy W. (June 1, 2018). [ Trump Ran as a Renegade. Now He’s Trying to Keep Them at Bay.]. ''The New York Times''. Retrieved June 1, 2018.</ref> including [[Luther Strange]],<ref>Multiple references:*Poor, Jeff (August 8, 2017). [ Trump Endorses Luther Strange in AL Senate Race]. ''Breitbart News''. Retrieved February 23, 2018.*McLaughlin, Seth (August 9, 2017). [ Trump backs Luther Strange for Senate in Alabama’s special election]. ''The Washington Times''. Retrieved February 23, 2018.*Pappas, Alex (August 8, 2017). [ Trump endorses Strange in Alabama's GOP Senate primary]. ''Fox News''. Retrieved February 23, 2018.See also:*Shaw, Adam (September 23, 2017). [ Trump Gives Tortured Endorsement of Luther Strange in Alabama: ‘I Might Have Made a Mistake’]. ''Breitbart News''. Retrieved February 23, 2018.*Nolte, John (September 27, 2017). [ Nolte: Luther Strange Endorsement Is Just Latest Awful Advice Trump Received from Jared Kushner]. ''Breitbart News''. Retrieved February 23, 2018.</ref> [[Mitt Romney]],<ref>Multiple references:*Spiering, Charlie (February 19, 2018). [ Donald Trump Endorses #NeverTrump Star Mitt Romney]. ''Breitbart News''. Retrieved February 23, 2018.*Adelmann, Bob (February 20, 2018). [ Political Knives Resheathed, Trump Endorses Romney for Senate]. ''The New American''. Retrieved February 23, 2018.*Chamberlain, Samuel (February 19, 2018). [ Trump endorses recent GOP foe Mitt Romney for Utah Senate]. ''Fox News''. Retrieved February 23, 2018.*Shepardson, David (February 19, 2018). [ Trump endorses Romney in run for U.S. Senate seat in Utah]. ''Reuters''. Retrieved February 23, 2018.*Hughes, Siobhan (February 19, 2018). [ Trump Endorses Romney for Senate]. ''The Wall Street Journal''. Retrieved April 21, 2019.President Trump's endorsement of Romney likely was strategic, since Romney was expected to easily win with little competition:*Swan, Jonathan (February 20, 2018). [ Between the lines on Trump’s Romney endorsement]. ''Axios''. Retrieved February 23, 2018.President Trump's response to Romney's anti-Trump ''Washington Post'' op-ed in January 2019:*Spiering, Charlie (January 2, 2019). [ Trump Responds to Mitt Romney Critique: ‘Be a Team Player and Win’]. ''Breitbart News''. Retrieved January 2, 2019.*Darrah, Nicole (January 2, 2019). [ Trump fires back at Romney for scathing op-ed: 'I won big and he didn't']. ''Fox News''. Retrieved January 2, 2019.*Bowden, John (January 2, 2019). [ Trump responds to Romney op-ed: ‘Be a team player & win']. ''The Hill''. Retrieved April 21, 2019.*Boyer, Dave (January 2, 2019). [ Trump slams Mitt Romney as another 'Flake' after lawmaker's criticism]. ''The Washington Times''. Retrieved April 21, 2019.*Bender, Michael C. (January 2, 2019). [ Trump Predicts Romney Will Fall in Line Behind Him]. ''The Wall Street Journal''. Retrieved April 21, 2019.President Trump continued criticizing Romney, such as on April 20, 2019, for example:*Spiering, Charlie (April 20, 2019). [ Trump: If Mitt Romney Fought Obama as Much as He Fights Me, He Could Have Won in 2012]. ''Breitbart News''. Retrieved April 20, 2019.*Bowden, John (April 20, 2019). [ Trump hits Romney for Mueller criticism]. ''The Hill''. Retrieved April 20, 2019.*[ Trump brushes off Romney’s criticism, points to loss in 2012]. ''Associated Press''. April 20, 2019. Retrieved April 20, 2019.*Harkins, Paighten (April 20, 2019). [ Donald Trump ridicules Utah Sen. Mitt Romney for his comments on the Mueller report]. ''The Salt Lake Tribune''. Retrieved April 20, 2019.</ref> [[Roger Wicker]],<ref>Multiple references:*Leahy, Michael Patrick (February 28, 2018). [ President Trump Backs Establishment GOP’s Wicker Over Grassroots Conservative McDaniel in Mississippi Senate Race]. ''Breitbart News''. Retrieved March 11, 2018.*Boyer, Dave (February 27, 2018). [ Trump endorses Wicker for reelection in Mississippi, candidates in Texas]. ''The Washington Times''. Retrieved March 11, 2018.</ref> [[Dan Donovan]],<ref>Multiple references:*Binder, John (May 31, 2018). [ Congressman with Open Borders Record Receives Trump Endorsement]. ''Breitbart News''. Retrieved June 1, 2018.*Greenwood, Max (May 30, 2018). [ Trump backs Donovan in New York House race]. ''The Hill''. Retrieved June 1, 2018.*Cummings, William (May 30, 2018). [ Trump endorses Rep. Dan Donovan who he mistakenly says voted for tax bill]. ''USA Today''. Retrieved June 1, 2018.*Peoples, Steve (May 31, 2018). [ Trump backs GOP congressman, but misstates his tax vote]. ''The Washington Times''. Retrieved June 1, 2018.</ref> and [[Paul Cook]].<ref>Multiple references:*Metz, Samuel (September 6, 2018). [ Trump backs California candidate Paul Cook – an incumbent – over GOP outsider Tim Donnelly]. ''Palm Springs Desert Sun''. Retrieved September 7, 2018.*Marinucci, Carla (September 7, 2018). [ Conservative activists: Trump was ‘tricked’ into Calif. endorsement]. ''Politico''. Retrieved September 7, 2018.*Johnson, Shea (September 5, 2018). [ After Trump endorses Cook, Donnelly unconvinced]. ''Daily Press''. Retrieved September 7, 2018.</ref>*January 16, 2019—Press Secretary [[Sarah Huckabee Sanders]] condemned conservative U.S. Representative [[Steve King]] because of comments he made that were misrepresented.<ref>Multiple references:*Boyer, Dave (January 16, 2019). [ White House calls Rep. Steve King's comments 'abhorrent']. ''The Washington Times''. Retrieved January 16, 2019.*Fabian, Jordan (January 16, 2019). [ White House's Sanders: King white supremacist comments 'abhorrent']. ''The Hill''. Retrieved January 16, 2019.*Quinn, Melissa (January 16, 2019). [ Sarah Sanders condemns Steve King's remarks as 'abhorrent']. ''Washington Examiner''. Retrieved January 16, 2019.*[ Rep. Steve King’s white supremacy comments ‘abhorrent,’ White House says]. ''MarketWatch''. January 16, 2019. Retrieved January 16, 2019.More on Representative King's comments:*Starr, Penny (November 1, 2018). [ Steve King Pushes Back on ‘Desparate’ Midterm Smear Campaign]. ''Breitbart News''. 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Retrieved June 12, 2019.*Looker, Garrett (June 11, 2019). [ Steve King denied seat on Air Force One to fly with Trump to Iowa]. ''Sioux City Journal''. Retrieved June 12, 2019.*Kruta, Virginia (June 11, 2019). [ Steve King Banned from Air Force One for Trump's Trip to Iowa]. ''The Daily Caller''. Retrieved June 12, 2019.*Reyner, Solange (June 11, 2019). [ Rep. King Denied Seat on Air Force One With Trump]. ''Newsmax''. Retrieved June 12, 2019.*Samuels, Brett (August 15, 2019). [ Trump offers tepid criticism of King]. ''The Hill''. Retrieved August 15, 2019.*Pappas, Alex (August 15, 2019). [ Trump knocks Rep. Steve King for 'rape or incest' comment]. ''Fox News''. Retrieved August 15, 2019.*Hanchett, Ian (August 15, 2019). [ Trump on King Remarks: ‘Certainly, It Wasn’t a Very Good Statement’]. ''Breitbart News''. Retrieved August 16, 2019.</ref> ==References=={{Reflist|colwidth=35em}} {{Donald Trump achievements}}{{DEFAULTSORT:Miscellaneous achievements}}[[Category:Donald Trump Achievements]]