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[[File:Donald Trump official presidential photo.jpg|200px|thumb|Official presidential photo of President Donald Trump]]404:''Main article: [[Donald Trump achievements]]''This article is a non-exhaustive list of achievements by [[President of the United States of America|U.S. President]] [[Donald Trump]], [[Trump Administration|his administration]], and [[United States Congress|Congress]] related to [[immigration]], [[illegal immigration]], and border security. {||bgcolor=yellow|&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;This article has been split, by year, into sub-articles to better manage the long list of achievements.|} ==2017==:''See: '''[["Donald Trump achievements: Immigration and border security (2017)]]''''' There was a large change in the Trump Administration, particularly in the [[United States Department of Justice|Department of Justice]],<ref>Multiple references:*Mason, Ian (April 27, 2017). [ New Sheriff in Town: The First 100 Days at the Sessions DOJ]. ''Breitbart News''. Retrieved April 27, 2017.*Noble, Andrea (April 27, 2017). [ Sessions helps stabilize volatile Justice Department in first 100 days]. ''The Washington Times''. Retrieved April 27, 2017.</ref> regarding immigration policy, compared to the Obama Administration.<ref>Multiple references:*Llorente, Elizabeth (April 17, 2017). [ Sessions' immigration policies mark big change from Obama policies]. ''Fox News''. Retrieved April 18, 2017.*[ What a Difference 100 Days Makes: Assessing the Trump Administration's Immigration Track Record]. ''Center for Immigration Studies''. April 2017. Retrieved June 11, 2017.*Pierce, Sarah; Selee, Andrew (December 2017). [ Immigration under Trump: A Review of Policy Shifts in the Year Since the Election]. ''Migration Policy Institute''. Retrieved July 31, 2019.*Chishti, Muzaffar; Bolter, Jessica (July 19, 2017). [ The Trump Administration at Six Months: A Sea Change in Immigration Enforcement]. ''Migration Policy Institute''. Retrieved July 31, 2019.*Cowger, Sela; Bolter, Jessica; Pierce, Sarah (April 2017). [ The First 100 Days: Summary of Major Immigration Actions Taken by the Trump Administration]. ''Migration Policy Institute''. Retrieved July 31, 2019.See also:*Dinan, Stephen (January 25, 2018). [ Trump’s report card on immigration: Accomplished on deportations, stalled on border wall]. ''The Washington Times''. Retrieved January 29, 2018.</ref> The [[United States Department of Homeland Security]] under [[John F. Kelly]], who served during the first six months of Trump's presidency, made numerous accomplishments in advancing President Trump's conservative immigration policies.<ref>Multiple references:*Munro, Neil (July 28, 2017). [ Ten Accomplishments By John Kelly At Homeland Security]. ''Breitbart News''. Retrieved July 28, 2017.*Boyer, Dave (July 28, 2017). [ Trump names DHS Secretary Kelly as White House chief of staff; Priebus out]. ''The Washington Times''. Retrieved July 28, 2017.*Gomez, Alan (July 31, 2017). [ Chief of staff Kelly's record at Homeland Security shows steady, loyal leadership]. ''USA Today''. Retrieved October 26, 2017.</ref> It was reported early in Trump's presidency that immigration hardliners had become influential in the Trump Administration.<ref>[ NYT: Immigration Hard-Liners Rising in Trump Administration]. ''Breitbart News''. April 24, 2017. Retrieved April 24, 2017.</ref> Illegal immigration enforcement statistics showed the Trump Administration's commitment to keeping its campaign promises,<ref>Dinan, Stephen; Noble, Andrea (August 9, 2017). [ Illegal immigration statistics show Trump’s resolve to keep campaign promise]. ''The Washington Times''. Retrieved August 9, 2017.<br>See also:*Miller, S.A. (December 5, 2017). [ How Trump turned tide of illegal immigration in first year: Border crossing hits 45-year low]. ''The Washington Times''. Retrieved December 17, 2017.*Giaritelli, Anna (January 9, 2018). [ Illegal immigration hits 45-year low under Trump]. ''Washington Examiner''. Retrieved January 9, 2018.</ref> and the administration took steps to reduce immigration levels and crack down on illegal immigration.<ref>Multiple references:*Sacchetti, Maria; Miroff, Nick (November 24, 2017). [ How Trump is building a border wall that no one can see]. ''The Washington Post''. Retrieved November 24, 2017.*[ Immigration: 2017 Year in Review]. ''Voice of America''. Retrieved December 25, 2017.*[ The Guardian: How Trump Is Slowing Immigration Without Laying a Brick]. ''Breitbart News''. December 23, 2017. Retrieved December 29, 2017.*Bedard, Paul (January 2, 2018). [ Trump shocks with 12 big immigration wins, critics decry 'fewer immigrants entering US']. ''Washington Examiner''. Retrieved January 4, 2018.*Shear, Michael D.; Davis, Julie Hirschfeld (December 23, 2017). [ Stoking Fears, Trump Defied Bureaucracy to Advance Immigration Agenda]. ''The New York Times''. Retrieved December 29, 2017.The December 23 NYT article was criticized by [[Tom Cotton]]:*Binder, John (December 26, 2017). [ Tom Cotton: ‘Not Nativist’ to Want Immigration Policy ‘Crafted to Benefit American Citizens, Not Foreigners’]. ''Breitbart News''. Retrieved December 29, 2017.</ref> The Trump Administration also took steps to begin the process of building a wall on the border with Mexico, although Congress did not pass any funding so the administration could build any new sections of wall in 2017.<ref>Moons, Michelle (December 31, 2017). [ 2017 Year-End Border Wall Update — ‘Build the Wall’]. ''Breitbart News''. Retrieved December 31, 2017.</ref> According to a September 2017 reported by the DHS's Office of Immigration Statistics, illegally entering the U.S. from Mexico was harder than it had ever been in decades, at least, and smuggling costs doubled from the late 2000s.<ref>Multiple references:*Giaritelli, Anna (September 18, 2017). [ DHS: Cost of smuggling people to the US has more than doubled to $9,200]. ''Washington Examiner''. Retrieved September 21, 2017.*Jaeger, Max (September 18, 2017). [ Sneaking into US from Mexico has gotten much harder: feds]. ''New York Post''. Retrieved September 21, 2017.*Miroff, Nick (September 18, 2017). [ Border security is tougher than ever, DHS report finds]. ''The Washington Post''. Retrieved September 21, 2017.*Racke, Will (September 18, 2017). [ Crossing the Border Illegally Is Harder Than It’s Been in 50 Years, DHS Report Says]. ''The Daily Signal''. Retrieved September 21, 2017.*Racke, Will (September 18, 2017). [ Crossing The Border Illegally Is Harder Than It’s Been In 50 Years, DHS Report Says]. ''The Daily Caller''. Retrieved September 27, 2017.The Center for Immigration Studies came to the same conclusion after reviewing DHS data:*Binder, John (September 27, 2017). [ Border Controls Making Human Smuggling More Expensive, Claims Report]. ''Breitbart News''. Retrieved September 27, 2017.See also:*Burnett, John (May 31, 2017). [ Illegal Border Crossings Are Down, And So Is Business For Smugglers]. ''NPR''. Retrieved December 2, 2017.</ref> The Trump Administration drastically changed the Obama Administration's refugee policies, reducing refugee admission levels and ending the previous administration's focus on Muslim refugees.<ref>Dinan, Stephen (September 26, 2017). [ Trump cuts Obama’s refugee target in half, takes more Christians than Muslims]. ''The Washington Times''. Retrieved September 26, 2017.</ref> It also increased scrutiny of visa applications.<ref>Meckler, Laura (November 19, 2017). [ Trump Administration Tightens Scrutiny of Skilled Worker Visa Applicants]. ''The Wall Street Journal''. Retrieved July 25, 2018.<br>See also:*Munro, Neil (August 4, 2018). [ Trump’s Immigration Reforms Are Boosting U.S. College-Grads]. ''Breitbart News''. Retrieved August 4, 2018.*Chadha, Janaki; Gee, Kelsey (August 1, 2018). [ ‘U.S. Workers Only’: Companies Hesitate to Hire Foreign M.B.A. Students]. ''The Wall Street Journal''. Retrieved August 4, 2018.*Svab, Petr (August 5, 2018). [ Trump’s H-1B Visa Policy Helps American Tech Workers]. ''The Epoch Times''. Retrieved August 5, 2018.</ref> The Trump Administration made several actions to help stop illegal child border crossers.<ref>Rosenberg, Mica (November 3, 2017). [ New Trump immigration efforts aim to stop child border crossers]. ''Reuters''. Retrieved November 4, 2017.</ref> The administration's national security strategy took a strong stance on immigration, border security, and [[national sovereignty]], calling for the construction of a border wall and tougher vetting, among other policies.<ref>Multiple references:*Munro, Neil (December 18, 2017). [ Open Borders Are a Top Threat, Says President Trump’s Security Strategy]. ''Breitbart News''. Retrieved December 18, 2017.*Hasson, Peter (December 18, 2017). [ Five Ways Trump’s New National Security Strategy Is A Rejection Of Obama’s]. ''The Daily Caller''. Retrieved December 18, 2017.*Jeffrey, Terence P. (December 18, 2017). [ Trump’s First Pillar of National Security: Build the Border Wall]. ''CNS News''. Retrieved December 18, 2017.*Boyer, Dave (December 18, 2017). [ Trump’s national security strategy emphasizes economic prosperity and border protection]. ''The Washington Times''. Retrieved December 18, 2017.*Williams, Katie Bo; Fabian, Jordan (December 18, 2017). [ Trump tries ‘America First’ national security strategy]. ''The Hill''. Retrieved December 18, 2017.*Lemire, Jonathan; Yen, Hope (December 18, 2017). [ Trump doctrine: Economic security is national security]. ''Fox News'' (from the ''Associated Press''). Retrieved December 18, 2017.</ref> As a sign of President Trump immigration successes, the [[mainstream media]] and the [[establishment]] opposed Trump's immigration policies,<ref>Binder, John (July 18, 2017). [ NYT Lets Obama, Bush Alums Grieve Illegal Immigration Crackdown]. ''Breitbart News''. Retrieved July 18, 2017.<br>See also – ''The Intercept'', a liberal news source, on President Trump and his immigration policies:*Saleh, Maryam (December 31, 2017). [ One Year of Immigration Under Trump]. ''The Intercept''. Retrieved January 1, 2018.</ref> and the media, particularly outlets connected to left-wing donor [[George Soros]], showed panic in its reporting due to the Trump Administration's enforcement of immigration law.<ref>Binder, John (July 8, 2017). [ Soros-Funded Media Panics over Immigration Enforcement]. ''Breitbart News''. Retrieved July 8, 2017.</ref> President Trump was winning the battle over immigration policy, as seen by the media's treatment of the topic.<ref>Multiple references:*Scarry, Eddie (December 16, 2017). [ Trump wins on immigration, and that's why the media don't want to talk about it]. ''Washington Examiner''. Retrieved December 17, 2017.*[ Washington Examiner: Trump Wins on Immigration, That’s Why the Media Don’t Want to Talk About It]. ''Breitbart News''. December 16, 2017. Retrieved December 17, 2017.</ref> Among President Trump's 2017 immigration policy achievements:*Enacting the [[travel ban]], which the Supreme Court upheld the following year.*Leaving the [[Global Compact on Migration]].*Ending the Central American Minors (CAM) Parole Program, along with Temporary Protected Status for several countries.*Ending [[DAPA]] and announcing the end of [[DACA]].*Reducing the refugee admissions cap to 45,000.*Enacting stricter immigration policies through numerous DOJ and DHS actions. ==2018==:''See: '''[[Donald Trump achievements: Immigration and border security (2018)]]''''' Through executive actions, President Trump continued to advance his conservative immigration agenda.<ref>Multiple references:*Bernal, Rafael (April 1, 2018). [ Five ways Trump is restricting immigration]. ''The Hill''. 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Retrieved January 21, 2019.*Pierce, Sarah (May 2019). [ Immigration-Related Policy Changes in the First Two Years of the Trump Administration]. ''Migration Policy Institute''. Retrieved July 31, 2019.See also:*Binder, John (September 4, 2018). [ Business Elites Complain: Trump Making It Harder to Import Foreign Workers]. ''Breitbart News''. Retrieved September 4, 2018.*Parada, Jarely (November 14, 2018). [ President Trump's immigration agenda is pro-Hispanic]. ''Fox News''. Retrieved November 14, 2018.*Rappaport, Nolan (December 21, 2018). [ ICE report contradicts notion that Trump is using immigration law to ‘keep America white’]. ''The Hill''. Retrieved December 27, 2018.*Arthur, Andrew R. (December 31, 2018). [ Looking Back and Looking Forward]. ''Center for Immigration Studies''. Retrieved January 1, 2019.*[ Revisiting ‘A Pen and a Phone’: A Midterm Assessment]. ''Center for Immigration Studies''. January 30, 2019. Retrieved January 31, 2019.</ref> He took several of his actions against illegal immigration in April 2018, specifically.<ref>Multiple references:*Shaw, Adam (April 7, 2018). [ Trump zeroes in on tackling illegal immigration after spending bill criticism]. ''Fox News''. Retrieved April 7, 2018.*Dinan, Stephen (April 8, 2018). [ Trump sends National Guard to southwest border to catch border jumpers]. ''The Washington Times''. Retrieved April 14, 2018.*Klukowski, Ken (April 7, 2018). [ Trump Tweets: ‘Sealing Border,’ Mattis and Nielsen Send Troops, Sessions Prosecutes]. ''Breitbart News''. Retrieved April 7, 2018.*Caldwell, Alicia A. (April 7, 2018). [ Trump Takes Steps to Tighten Rules on Illegal Immigration]. ''The Wall Street Journal''. Retrieved April 7, 2018.*Gonzales, Richard (April 6, 2018). [ Trump Administration Seeks New Border Crackdown]. ''NPR''. Retrieved April 7, 2018.</ref> Attorney General [[Jeff Sessions]] continued advancing conservative immigration policies, such as taking steps to block asylum claims by economic migrants,<ref>Multiple references:*Binder, John (April 23, 2018). [ AG Sessions Builds Legal Wall Against Caravan’s Economic Migrants]. ''Breitbart News''. Retrieved April 23, 2018.*Munro, Neil (August 27, 2018). [ Six Reasons Why AG Jeff Sessions is Trump’s Hammer in the Fight Against Illegal Migration]. ''Breitbart News''. Retrieved November 7, 2018.*Munro, Neil (October 31, 2018). [ AG Sessions Raises Rejection Rate for Asylum Seekers]. ''Breitbart News''. Retrieved October 31, 2018.*Binder, John (November 7, 2018). [ Jeff Sessions’ Legacy as Attorney General: A Steady Fighter for Immigration in the National Interest]. ''Breitbart News''. Retrieved November 7, 2018.*Binder, John (November 7, 2018). [ 7 Times Jeff Sessions Triumphed for Trump’s ‘America First’ Agenda]. ''Breitbart News''. Retrieved November 7, 2018.*Munro, Neil (November 10, 2018). [ Jeff Sessions: ‘Man of Honor and Achievement’]. ''Breitbart News''. Retrieved November 10, 2018.*Binder, John (December 16, 2018). [ Jeff Sessions’ Reforms More than Doubled Illegal Immigration Convictions]. ''Breitbart News''. Retrieved December 17, 2018.*Arthur, Andrew R. (November 15, 2018). [ Jeff Sessions's Impact on Immigration as Attorney General]. ''Center for Immigration Studies''. Retrieved November 16, 2018.*Campoy, Ana (November 7, 2018). [ Jeff Sessions’s legacy on US immigration policy]. ''Quartz''. Retrieved November 8, 2018.*Lind, Dara (November 7, 2018). [ Jeff Sessions gave Trump the immigration crackdown he wanted]. ''Vox''. Retrieved November 8, 2018.*Aleaziz, Hamed (November 7, 2018). [ Jeff Sessions May Be Gone, But His Impact On Immigration Policy Will Live On]. ''BuzzFeed News''. Retrieved November 8, 2018.*Chmielenski, Chris (September 27, 2018). [ AG Sessions Leads Implementation of Pres. Trump's Immigration Agenda]. ''NumbersUSA''. Retrieved August 30, 2019.See also:*Klukowski, Ken (January 26, 2018). [ Klukowski: Sessions Is Trump’s Warrior on Immigration, Supreme Court, Rule of Law]. ''Breitbart News''. Retrieved January 29, 2018.*Munro, Neil (May 25, 2018). [ Vox: AG Sessions Ensures Trump’s Immigration Goals Become ‘Reality’]. ''Breitbart News''. Retrieved May 25, 2018.*Wilcox, Dale (July 20, 2018). [ The Sessions DOJ is working to end the great asylum hustle]. ''The Hill''. Retrieved July 25, 2018.*Munro, Neil (September 10, 2018). [ Progressives Outraged by Jeff Sessions’ Pro-American Borders Policy]. ''Breitbart News''. Retrieved September 11, 2018.*Munro, Neil (June 26, 2018). [ AG Sessions: Trump’s Critics Are Radical, Open-Borders Snobs]. ''Breitbart News''. Retrieved December 13, 2018.The DOJ also hired dozens of additional immigration judges:*Arthur, Andrew R. (October 31, 2018). [ Sessions Delivers on Immigration Judges]. ''Center for Immigration Studies''. Retrieved November 12, 2018.*Pavlich, Katie (August 16, 2018). [ DOJ Hires Another Batch of Immigration Judges]. ''Townhall''. Retrieved August 18, 2018.*Clark, Charles S. (August 17, 2018). [ Justice Department Touts New Immigration Judges, Quicker Hiring]. ''Government Executive''. Retrieved August 18, 2018.*Bedard, Paul (September 10, 2018). [ Sessions: 50% increase in immigration judges, warns most asylum claims are fraud]. ''Washington Examiner''. Retrieved September 10, 2018.*[ AG Sessions Announces 50% Increase in Immigration Judges]. ''NumbersUSA''. September 13, 2018. Retrieved December 12, 2018.*Mason, Ian (September 10, 2018). [ Jeff Sessions: Can’t Have ‘A Generous Welfare System and Open Borders’]. ''Breitbart News''. Retrieved September 10, 2018.*Dinan, Stephen (September 21, 2018). [ Sessions rallies immigration judges to defend country against 'open borders']. ''The Washington Times''. Retrieved September 21, 2018.</ref> and his successor, Acting Attorney General [[Matthew G. Whitaker]], continued advancing those policies.<ref>Multiple references:*Arthur, Andrew R. (December 5, 2018). [ Acting AG Picks Up Where Sessions Left Off]. ''Center for Immigration Studies''. Retrieved December 13, 2018.*Arthur, Andrew R. (December 10, 2018). [ Acting AG Takes on Family-Based Asylum Claims]. ''Center for Immigration Studies''. Retrieved December 13, 2018.See also:*[ Matthew Whitaker rips federal judges trying to block Trump immigration crackdown]. ''The Washington Times'' (from the ''Associated Press'') December 11, 2018. Retrieved December 12, 2018.*[ Acting AG Whitaker Promotes 'Lawful' Immigration]. ''NumbersUSA''. December 12, 2018. Retrieved December 12, 2018.</ref> Commerce Secretary [[Wilbur Ross]] also helped President Trump advance his immigration agenda,<ref>Binder, John (March 30, 2018). [ Wilbur Ross Keeps Winning for Trump’s Economic Nationalist Agenda]. ''Breitbart News''. Retrieved March 30, 2018.</ref> and the Defense Department deployed soldiers to reinforce Border Patrol agents and help secure the southern border.<ref name="TroopsBarbedWire">Multiple references:*Darrah, Nicole (November 4, 2018). [ US troops seen setting up barbed wire near Mexico border]. ''Fox News''. Retrieved November 4, 2018.*Keller, Megan (November 4, 2018). [ US troops lay barbed wire along Texas side of border]. ''The Hill''. Retrieved November 4, 2018.*Phillips, Jack (November 4, 2018). [ US Army Troops Lay Down Barbed Wire Along Texas Border Ahead of Caravan]. ''The Epoch Times''. Retrieved November 4, 2018.*Caldwell, Alicia A. (November 6, 2018). [ U.S. Troops’ First Order at the Border: Laying Razor Wire]. ''The Wall Street Journal''. Retrieved November 6, 2018.*Kirkwood, R. Cort (November 6, 2018). [ “Migrant Caravan” Dwindles As Barbed Wire Goes Up]. ''The New American''. Retrieved November 6, 2018.*Connelly, Eileen AJ (November 3, 2018). [ US troops lay down barbed wire along border ahead of caravan]. ''New York Post''. Retrieved November 4, 2018.*Wong, Kristina (November 8, 2018). [ U.S. Marines to Begin Reinforcing Southwest Ports of Entry on Thursday]. ''Breitbart News''. Retrieved November 8, 2018.*Verza, Maria (November 13, 2018). [ U.S. begins 'hardening' Tijuana border crossing ahead of migrant caravan]. ''The Washington Times'' (from the ''Associated Press''). Retrieved November 14, 2018.*Diaz, Lizbeth (November 13, 2018). [ U.S. lays barbed wire at border as migrant caravan draws closer]. ''Reuters''. Retrieved November 13, 2018.*Dinan, Stephen (November 14, 2018). [ Razor wire now covers border wall where 'vanguard' of migrant caravan taunted U.S.] ''The Washington Times''. Retrieved November 14, 2018.*Giaritelli, Anna (November 16, 2018). [ 5,800 troops in 3 states preparing for migrant caravan]. ''Washington Examiner''. Retrieved November 16, 2018.*Bedard, Paul (November 19, 2018). [ Troops land at border, lay razor wire, ready tent cities, anger narco gangs]. ''Washington Examiner''. Retrieved November 19, 2018.*Watson, Julie (November 16, 2018). [ Migrants won’t see armed US soldiers on border]. ''Associated Press''. Retrieved November 19, 2018.Some of the results of the deployment:*Miles, Frank (November 21, 2018). [ Razor wire to keep out migrant caravan is most visible result of $210M military deployment]. ''Fox News''. Retrieved November 21, 2018.*Montoya Bryan, Susan (November 21, 2018). [ Razor wire is most visible result of $210M troop deployment to the US-Mexico border]. ''Military Times'' (from the ''Associated Press''). Retrieved November 21, 2018.*Binder, John (November 21, 2018). [ Fewer than 20 Miles of Border Have Been Reinforced with Razor Wire as Caravan Heads to U.S.] ''Breitbart News''. Retrieved November 21, 2018.*Lim, Naomi (November 19, 2018). [ Trump tweets photo of wire fence at US border: 'No climbers anymore under our Administration!'] ''Washington Examiner''. Retrieved November 19, 2018.See also:*Burns, Robert; Baldor, Lolita C. (November 2, 2018). [ A look at the troops being sent to US-Mexico border]. ''Associated Press''. Retrieved November 19, 2018.</ref> The Trump Administration took several steps to expand the number of illegals targeted for deportation.<ref name="WiderNet2018">Meckler, Laura (May 17, 2018). [ Wider Net Cast in Illegal-Immigration Cases]. ''The Wall Street Journal''. Retrieved May 19, 2018.</ref><ref name="RecordDeportations">Kirkwood, R. Cort (November 9, 2018). [ Deportation Orders Hit Record High, Immigration Courts Clogged]. ''The New American''. Retrieved November 9, 2018.</ref> When faced with an increase in the number of illegal border crossings by unaccompanied minors and family units, President Trump not only took stronger action than Obama, but his administration also treated the children more humanely.<ref>Multiple references:*Price, Bob (June 20, 2018). [ Trump vs. Obama: Two Approaches to Migrant Families and Minors]. ''Breitbart News''. Retrieved June 20, 2018.*Cohn, Alicia (June 23, 2018). [ Trump: 'We do a much better job' with children at the border than Obama]. ''The Hill''. Retrieved June 23, 2018.*Pollak, Joel B. (June 15, 2018). [ PHOTOS: Inside Shelter for Illegal Alien Children Separated from Parents]. ''Breitbart News''. Retrieved June 20, 2018.See also:*Nolte, John (June 20, 2018). [ Nolte: Four Reasons Why Separating Border Children Is the Only Humane Choice]. ''Breitbart News''. Retrieved June 20, 2018.*Huennekens, Preston (February 17, 2019). [ The facts about detention of families]. 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[ 'I ended it': Trump faults Obama for putting kids in cages]. ''The Washington Times''. Retrieved August 1, 2019.*Green, Mark (August 3, 2019). [ Rep. Mark Green: AOC is all wrong about border facility conditions – I know because I went to the same place]. ''Fox News''. Retrieved August 3, 2019.</ref> [[Immigration and Customs Enforcement]] helped combat the opioid crisis by cracking down on illegal opioid importation,<ref>Piccolo, Jason (November 30, 2018). [ Under fire from liberals and Hollywood, ICE is busy fighting the opioid crisis]. ''Washington Examiner''. Retrieved November 30, 2018.</ref> and the Trump Administration successfully cracked down on [[MS-13]].<ref>Norman, Greg (December 31, 2018). [ MS-13 crackdown severely reduces gang's violent criminal activity in New York stronghold]. ''Fox News''. Retrieved December 31, 2018.</ref> In the first two years of Trump's presidency, ICE arrested nearly 300,000 criminal illegal aliens.<ref>Binder, John (February 5, 2019). [ Fact Check: Yes, Nearly 300K Criminal Illegal Aliens Arrested Over Two Years]. ''Breitbart News''. Retrieved February 6, 2019.<br>See also:*Pentchoukov, Ivan (August 22, 2019). [ DOJ: 64 Percent of All Federal Arrests in 2018 Were Noncitizens]. ''The Epoch Times''. Retrieved August 22, 2019.*Madden, Nate (August 22, 2019). [ Non-citizens made up 64% of ALL federal arrests last year, report finds]. ''Conservative Review''. Retrieved August 22, 2019.*Binder, John (August 22, 2019). [ DOJ: Federal Arrests of Foreigners More than Tripled in Last 20 Years]. ''Breitbart News''. Retrieved August 22, 2019.*Bernal, Rafael (August 23, 2019). [ Federal arrests of non-US citizens have tripled in past 20 years: report]. ''The Hill''. Retrieved August 23, 2019.*Binder, John (August 23, 2019). [ DOJ: Feds Arrested More Mexican Nationals than Americans in 2018]. ''Breitbart News''. Retrieved August 23, 2019.*Kirkwood, R. Cort (August 26, 2019). [ Mexicans Outnumber Americans in Federal Arrests, 43 Percent of Prosecutions Are Non-citizens]. ''The New American''. Retrieved August 26, 2019.*Bedard, Paul (August 28, 2019). [ Justice: 64% of federal arrests are noncitizens, with a 200% increase]. ''Washington Examiner''. Retrieved August 28, 2019.</ref> The Trump Administration took several actions in 2018 resulting in reduced legal immigration and asylum.<ref>Multiple references:*Hauslohner, Abigail; Ba Tran, Andrew (July 2, 2018). [ How Trump is changing the face of legal immigration]. ''The Washington Post''. Retrieved July 2, 2018.*Munro, Neil (July 2, 2018). [ WashPost: Trump Trims Obama’s Legal Immigration Surge]. ''Breitbart News''. Retrieved July 4, 2018.*Platoff, Emma; Ura, Alexa; McCullough, Jolie; Cameron, Darla (July 10, 2018). [ While migrant families seek shelter from violence, Trump administration narrows path to asylum]. ''The Texas Tribune''. Retrieved July 12, 2018.*Wheeler, Lydia (July 22, 2018). [ Trump ramps up scrutiny of legal immigrants]. ''The Hill''. Retrieved July 22, 2018.*Barros, Aline (August 1, 2018). [ Trump Administration Pares Legal Immigration, Attorneys Say]. ''Voice of America''. Retrieved August 6, 2018.*Seib, Gerald F. (August 13, 2018). [ A Clampdown Slowing Legal, Not Just Illegal, Immigration]. ''The Wall Street Journal''. Retrieved August 13, 2018.*Whelan, Robbie (November 19, 2018). [ U.S. Slashes Migrant Border Crossings]. ''The Wall Street Journal''. Retrieved November 20, 2018.*[ Asylum Denials Hit Record High in FY2018]. ''NumbersUSA''. December 4, 2018. Retrieved December 12, 2018.*Hesson, Ted (December 22, 2018). [ Trump’s crackdown hits legal immigrants]. ''Politico''. Retrieved December 23, 2018.*Barros, Aline (January 1, 2019). [ How Trump Changed Asylum Rules in 2018]. ''Voice of America''. Retrieved January 25, 2019.The Trump Administration received some help from the Mexican government in this area:*Munro, Neil (November 15, 2018). 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Retrieved August 21, 2019.</ref> resulting in the number of H-1B visa applications for Fiscal Year 2018 to fall for the first time in five years.<ref>Jan, Tracy (March 21, 2018). [ The wall does not exist yet, but Trump has already erected new barriers for foreign workers]. ''The Washington Post''. Retrieved March 23, 2018.<br>See also:*Atkinson, Khorri (April 1, 2018). [ Some Trump policies make life harder for highly-skilled foreigners]. ''Axios''. Retrieved April 1, 2018.*Kight, Stef W. (June 30, 2018). [ What we're reading: The H-1B loses some shine under Trump]. ''Axios''. Retrieved June 30, 2018.*Thadani, Trisha (June 22, 2018). [ The H-1B visa: A golden ticket loses its luster]. ''San Francisco Chronicle''. Retrieved June 30, 2018.</ref> Among President Trump's 2018 immigration policy achievements:*Leaving the Global Compact on Refugees and continuing to oppose the Global Compact on Migration.*Ending Temporary Protected Status for several countries.*Reducing the refugee admissions cap to 30,000.*Enacting a "zero tolerance" illegal immigration policy and seeking to end "catch-and-release."*Sending National Guard and regular military troops to help secure the border.*Cracking down on the number of countries refusing to take back deported nationals.<ref>Dinan, Stephen (January 2, 2019). [ Trump makes 'historic progress' in crackdown on deportation deadbeats]. ''The Washington Times''. Retrieved January 3, 2019.</ref>*Enacting stricter immigration policies through numerous DOJ and DHS actions. ==2019==:''See: '''[[Donald Trump achievements: Immigration and border security (2019)]]''''' In 2019, the Trump Administration had made much progress advancing conservative immigration policies,<ref>Multiple references:*Dinan, Stephen (July 28, 2019). [ Trump racks up wins in battle to contain surge at border]. ''The Washington Times''. Retrieved July 28, 2019.*Miroff, Nick (July 31, 2019). [ Trump officials tighten asylum rules, enlist foreign nations to deter migration]. ''The Washington Post''. Retrieved August 4, 2019.*Bedard, Paul (August 21, 2019). [ Trump’s 17 immigration fixes that are cutting illegal crossings]. ''Washington Examiner''. Retrieved August 22, 2019.See also:*Pierce, Sarah (May 2019). [ Immigration-Related Policy Changes in the First Two Years of the Trump Administration]. ''Migration Policy Institute''. Retrieved July 31, 2019.</ref> including securing border wall funding,<ref name="HalfOfBorderWall">Multiple references:*Enjeti, Saagar (March 7, 2019). [ Trump has Secured Funding for More than Half of Border Wall]. ''The Daily Caller''. Retrieved March 7, 2019.*[ Trump Has Secured Funding for More Than Half of Border Wall]. ''The Epoch Times'' (from ''The Daily Caller''). March 7, 2019. Retrieved March 7, 2019.Many Hispanics supported the border wall:*Moons, Michelle (June 25, 2019). [ Latinos for Trump Break Out in ‘Build the Wall’ Chant at Pence’s Miami Event]. ''Breitbart News''. Retrieved June 25, 2019.*Gage, John (June 25, 2019). [ 'Latinos for Trump' chant 'Build the Wall' and cheer ICE at Pence speech]. ''Washington Examiner''. Retrieved June 25, 2019.*Ernst, Douglas (June 25, 2019). [ 'Build the wall!' chant breaks out among 'Latinos for Trump' at Mike Pence event]. ''The Washington Times''. Retrieved June 25, 2019.*Krayden, David (June 25, 2019). [ ‘Latinos For Trump’ Tell Pence ‘Build The Wall’]. ''The Daily Caller''. Retrieved June 25, 2019.</ref> and the Defense Department played an important role in securing the border.<ref name="TroopsSurveillance">Multiple references:*Giaritelli, Anna (June 6, 2019). [ Border Patrol's secret eyes in the skies: 1,200 active-duty troops lead agents to illegal crossers]. ''Washington Examiner''. Retrieved June 7, 2019.*Moore, Robert (June 6, 2019). [ Troops deployed to border take over mobile security mission]. ''The Washington Post''. Retrieved June 7, 2019.</ref> The DHS increased its presence on the southern border even when migrant apprehensions fell somewhat.<ref>Giaritelli, Anna (July 9, 2019). [ DHS continues surging personnel to border despite big decline in illegal crossings]. ''Washington Examiner''. Retrieved July 9, 2019.</ref> The Trump Administration also kept its promise to lower refugee admissions<ref>Bedard, Paul (March 28, 2019). [ Trump keeps promise to cut refugees, down 73 percent since Obama, lowest in 4 decades]. ''Washington Examiner''. Retrieved March 28, 2019.<br>See also:*Kight, Stef W. (July 26, 2019). [ Trump turning away victims of violence and trafficking]. ''Axios''. Retrieved July 26, 2019.</ref> and made major reforms to its refugee admissions program.<ref>Rush, Nayla (April 1, 2019). [ The U.S. Refugee Admissions Program under the Trump Administration]. ''Center for Immigration Studies''. Retrieved April 1, 2019.</ref> It also worked to speed up immigration court cases for migrant families.<ref>Taxin, Amy (August 3, 2019). [ Trump administration pushes to speed up migrant family cases]. ''Associated Press''. Retrieved August 3, 2019.</ref> The administration increased its scrutiny of foreign worker petitions and other visa applications,<ref>Multiple references:*Torbati, Yeganeh (February 22, 2019). [ Trump administration denying, delaying more foreign skilled-worker requests]. ''Reuters''. 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[ DHS Reports Slight Dip in Overstays in 2018]. ''Center for Immigration Studies''. Retrieved April 26, 2019.</ref> and the illegal hiring of foreigners over U.S. citizens.<ref>Multiple references:*Binder, John (February 26, 2019). [ DOJ Fines Virginia Firm for Hiring Foreigners over Qualified Americans]. ''Breitbart News''. Retrieved March 3, 2019.*Binder, John (May 29, 2019). [ DOJ Fines Bus Company for Hiring H-2B Foreign Workers Over Americans]. ''Breitbart News''. Retrieved May 30, 2019.See also:*Munro, Neil (May 20, 2019). [ Donald Trump Enforces Immigration Laws, So NYT Sides with Cheap-Labor Business]. ''Breitbart News''. Retrieved May 20, 2019.</ref> The USCIS worked to implement President Trump's agenda,<ref name="USCIS2018/2019"/> and its leader [[Ken Cuccinelli]], a strong conservative appointed in June 2019, actively promoted conservative immigration policies.<ref>Multiple references:*Radnofsky, Louise (July 6, 2019). 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Retrieved May 9, 2019.*Kirkwood, R. Cort (May 10, 2019). [ Hasta La Vista, Baby. Voluntary Deportation Requests Spike Under Trump]. ''The New American''. Retrieved May 10, 2019.Other examples of the Trump Effect:*Sacks, Brianna (July 18, 2019). [ Undocumented Immigrants Are Canceling Abortion Appointments Because They're Afraid Of Getting Deported]. ''BuzzFeed News''. Retrieved July 22, 2019*Binder, John (July 21, 2019). [ Hispanic Caucus: ‘Trump’s Fear-Mongering’ Causing Illegal Aliens to Cancel Abortions]. ''Breitbart News''. Retrieved July 22, 2019.</ref> ==References=={{Reflist|colwidth=35em}} {{Donald Trump achievements}}{{DEFAULTSORT:Immigration and border security}}[[Category:Donald Trump Achievements]]found