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Atheists and pork consumption

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[[File:Penn Jillette TAM.JPG|thumbnail|220px|right|[[Penn Jillette]] ]]
''Metro'' reported about the [[Fox NewsUnited Church of Bacon]] reported:{{Cquote|For some eating [[bacon]] is a religious experience. But The mocking religion was founded in [[Las Vegas]], there’s by atheist John Whiteside in 2010 as a group dedicated protest to fight discrimination against atheists. Followers given titles such as ‘Bacon Prophet’, ‘Institutionalized Thought Leader’ and ‘Funkmaster General’. A statement on the worship United Church of [[Bacon]] website reads: ‘Officiates in the cured porkUnited Church of Bacon can perform legal weddings for those who don’t want [[God]] in their ceremony.
Founded in 2010, the United Church of Bacon now claims nearly 10,000 members worldwide and is based on beliefs that include its followers must love the smell of bacon. “Bacon is a way ‘We’ll bring creative suggestions to bring people together, make your wedding even more magical. Or if you are religious, there’s no discrimination. You can already have a god before baconplan,” said church founder and ex-Marine John Whiteside. “I like pigs in a blanket, that’s great, I like donuts and bacon, any type of bacon is greatwe will follow your lead. The organization uses bacon's popularity to bring together a “church” United Church of non-believers. But, it Bacon was really formed to promote the rights of atheists and slammed by religious skepticsgroups after putting up several billboards around Las Vegas But John said: ‘We enjoy people mocking us. One of its founding members is Whiteside’s longtime friend, [[Penn Jillette]] --from the illusionist team Penn and TellerWe mock ourselves. This isn’t supposed to offend anyone.<ref>[https://wwwmetro.foxnewsco.comuk/food-drink2015/atheists09/13/church-worshipof-porkbacon-atsees-therush-selfof-proclaimednew-churchmembers-ofafter-bacon Atheists worship pork at the selffree-proclaimed wedding-offer-5389265/ Church of Baconsees rush of new members after free wedding offer], ''Metro''</ref>}}
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