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Ruthe B. Cowl

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/* Subsequent leadership */
In June 2008, the Cowl trustees tapped Julie Bazan, a [[Houston, Texas|Houston]] native who has lived in Laredo since 1990, to succeed Cowl as executive director of the rehabilitation center. Bazan holds a bachelor's degree in social work from Texas A&M International University in Laredo.<ref>{{cite web|url=|title=Julie Bazan||accessdate=July 1, 2008; no longer on-line}}</ref>
In 2011, Faith Ellen Ruiter "Fay" Mainhart (1950-2014), a Laredo civic leader originally from [[Ohio]], became the executive director of the rehabilitation center, a position she retained until her death at the age of sixty-four from [[cancer]]. Earlier, Mainhart was a president of the Laredo Business and Professional Women's Association and the [[United Way]] of Laredo. She served too on the executive board of the Webb County Community Action Agency.<ref>"Mainhart active in the community," ''Laredo Morning Times,'' June 22, 2014, p. 3A.</ref>Mainhart was succeeded as executive director by Jacqueline "Jackie" R. Rodriguez, the former assistant director of the facility.<ref>"Rehabilitation center names new director," ''Laredo Morning Times,'' July 11, 2014.</ref>,who remains in the position.<ref>{{cite web|url=|title=Jacqueline Rodriguezz||accessdate=October 6, 2010}}</ref>
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