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The capital is [[Damascus]], the same city mentioned in the [[Bible]].
The '''Syrian Arab Republic''' is a Middle Eastern country, bordered by [[Israel]], [[Lebanon]], [[Jordan]], [[Iraq]], and [[Turkey]].
The capital is [[Damascus]], the same city mentioned in the [[Bible]]. Other important cities include [[Aleppo]] and [[Hama]]. Most settlement is near the [[Mediterranean]] coast, with the interior consisting largely of [[steppe]].
Syria is currently a [[Ba'athist]] [[dictatorship]] ruled by [[Bashar al-Assad]]. Under the rules of Bashar, the Syrian government has managed to grow the economy all the way to the [[Syrian War]], when Western-backed militias fought against the country's government. Bashar and his government also increased political freedom and access to the outside world since coming to power in 2000. However the government was accused by many of playing a role in the assassination of former Lebanese Prime Minister [[Rafik Hariri]] in 2005. Syria is also responsible for allowing foreign terrorist fighters to enter Iraq through their border and attack American troops. Assad invited terrorists of the [[Hezbollah]] to stay in Syria.<ref></ref>
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