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Global warming

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In November 2009, emails were disclosed that implicated a wrongful manipulation and concealment of data by scientists who have insisted that there is dangerous man-made global warming. Prior to [[ClimateGate]], both the Republican and Democratic party Platforms in 2008 suggested that global warming is happening, that it is caused by human activity, and that it should be counteracted. For example, in 2007, the Republican presidential candidate Senator [[John McCain]] called global warming "an issue we can no longer afford to ignore".<ref>"Issues" (September 1, 2007). [2008 senate campaign website] quoted in [ "John McCain on environment"] Retrieved on September 25, 2014.</ref> In 2010, an independent analysis cleared the scientists involved of any wrongdoing ''as scientists'', but remarked upon their omissions as data-presenters. Accordingly, the effects of the scandal still linger.<ref>Whiteman, Hilary (July 7, 2010). [ "'Climategate' review clears scientists of dishonesty"]. CNN World. Retrieved on September 26, 2014.</ref>
Former vice president Vice President [[Al Gore]] won a [[Nobel Prize]] in 2007 for claiming that there is a dangerous man-made global warming that threatens the world. However, it has since been revealed that he convinced many people through inaccurate information in his "documentary," i.e., he only won the Nobel Prize by lying. [See [[#Al_Gore.27s_Claims|Al Gore's claims]] below.]
The following facts can help dissuade even the most illogical of liberals from believing in the flawed theory of anthropogenic global warming.
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