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Democratic Party

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Democrats were willing to use their presidential frontrunner Joe Biden, who supposedly was beating the President by 10 points in national polls, as a sacrificial lamb in order to impeach President Trump. For the first time in history, a trial of a sitting president would be in the Senate controlled by the president's own party. The trial would be transformed into a trial not of President Trump, but of former Vice President Joe Biden and the malignant corruption of Democrats in Washington.<ref></ref>
The first open display by the party as a whole of utter contempt for [[due process]] rights came on October 21, 2019 when it defeated a censure resolution of Rep. Adam Schiff, who was conducting a closed door witchhunt, dubbed an "impeachment inquiry" by Speaker Pelosi to draft Articles of Impeachment, that barred Republicans, the media, the public, the president's attorney's, the right of cross examination, or the right to confront one's accusers. The entire process was begun by anonymous accusers who admittedly based their accusations on hearsay evidence.
====2020 Presidential primaries====
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