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Charismatic movement

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'''[[Charism]]atic movement''', or '''Charismatic renewal''', refers to spirit-filled worship services and [[Mass (liturgy)|Masses]] (e.g., integration of [[Third-force Christianity]]) within certain Christian denominations. It is sometimes considered a synonym for [[Pentecostal]]ism; however, the two differ in that while all Pentecostals would fall within the charismatic movement, not all who are charismatics are Pentecostals. There are charismatics within Evangelical, mainline, and even Catholic churches.
The distinctive characteristic of early Methodism in the United States that most appealed to people and resulted in conversions and joining the Methodist Church was not a theological concept, such as Arminianism, but rather was "enthusiasm," including dreams, visions, supernatural impressions, miraculous healings, [[Speaking in tongues]], swoons, and trances.<ref>John H. Wigger, "Taking Heaven by Storm: Enthusiasm and Early American Methodism, 1770-1820" ''Journal of the Early Republic'' 1994 14(2): 167-194 [ in JSTOR]</ref>