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Communist Party of China

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/* Chinese Communist Party and sexism */
''See also:'' [[Atheism and Asian males]] and [[Atheism and communism]] and [[Atheistic China and sexism]] and [[Atheistic China and gender based workplace discrimination]]
[[File:women.jpg|thumbnail|right|200px|Studies indicate that women in the Western World tend to be more religious than men.<ref>Multiple references:*Kosmin, Barry A., et al. (2008). [ "American nones: Profile of the no religion population"]. American Religion Survey website [Trinity College, Hartford, CT]. Retrieved from Internet Archive.*Britt, Robert Roy (February 28, 2009). [ "Women more religious than men"]. Live Science website.*Khan, Razib (November 18, 2010). [ "Gene expression; Sex differences in global atheism, part N"]. Discover magazine website.</ref> See: [[Atheism and women]] ]]
A majority of the [[atheist population]] is male (see: [[Atheism and women]]).
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