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Atheists eat babies meme

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/* Atheists, atheists eat babies meme and sarcasm */
== Atheists, atheists eat babies meme and sarcasm ==
''See also:'' [[Atheist population and immorality]] and [[Atheists and history]]
When the various [[Atheist population and immorality|moral failings of atheists/atheist population]] is mentioned or the morality of atheists is questioned, many atheists sarcastically mention atheists eating babies. In most cases, there are not familiar with baby flesh powder being consumed by individuals in atheist controlled mainland China nor are they aware of instances of children being eaten in countries which have or have had [[state atheism]] (see: [[Atheism and cannibalism#Soviet Union and cannibalism|Soviet Union and cannibalism]] and [[Atheism and cannibalism#North Korea and cannibalism|North Korea and cannibalism]]).
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