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|government =Sultanate
|language =Arab
|monarch-raw =Sultan [[Qabus ibn Haitham bin Tariq Al Said]]
|area =119,498 sq mi
|pop =3,219,775 (2014)
Oman succeeded [[Portugal]] as a power in the western [[Indian Ocean]] in the eighteenth century. In the late 18th century, Muscat signed a series of friendship treaties with [[Great Britain]] but it never became a British colony. In the 1950s Britain would aid in suppressing uprisings by the rebellious interior tribes. In 1970 Sultan Said bin Taimus was overthrown by his son to free the country from his father's oppressive rule. Qaboos bin Said al-Said has ruled as Sultan until his death in January 2020.<ref>Barrington, Lisa; Barbuscia, Davide (January 10, 2020). [ Sultan Qaboos ushered in Oman renaissance, quiet diplomacy]. ''Reuters''. Retrieved January 10, 2020.</ref><ref>Axelrod, Tal (January 10, 2020). [ Oman sultan dies at age 79, ending longest reign by Arab ruler]. ''The Hill''. Retrieved January 11, 2020.</ref>
With large oil reserves, Oman has been able to develop rapidly.
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