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Gulf War

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The '''Persian Gulf War''' was started when [[Iraq]], under [[Saddam Hussein]]'s leadership, invaded [[Kuwait]] on August 2, 1990. The [[United Nations]] commanded Saddam to leave Kuwait but he rejected the idea. After much planning an international force involving the armies and air forces of, among others, the ''United States'', the [[United Kingdom]], [[France]], [[Germany]], [[Canada]] and [[South Korea]] forced Saddam Hussein out of Kuwait on February 28, 1991.
In the lead up to the war, April Glaspie met with Hussein on July 25, 1990, indicating in a conversation that he may have Kuwait claiming that whatever he does to solve his dispute is not within US interests.<ref></ref><ref></ref><ref></ref> Leading up to the first [[Gulf War]], on September 11, 1990, President [[George H.W. Bush]] addressing the United Nations stated: "Out of these troubled times, our fifth objective – a New World Order – can emerge: a new era" thus becoming the first President of the United States of America to openly state and work toward global governance.
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