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{{Element | name=Oxygen | symbol=O | anumber=8 | amass=16.0 amu | noe=8 | class=Non-metal | cstructure=Cubic | color=Colorless | date=1774 | discname=[[Joseph Priestly]] | origname=From the Greek words ''oxus'' (acid) and ''gennan'' (generate) | uses=Supports life | obtained=From liquid air}}
'''Oxygen''' is a [[chemical]] [[element]]. Its [[atomic number]], derived from number of [[proton]]s and [[electron]]s it contains, is 8. Oxygen's [[atomic mass]] is slightly under 16, since it also has 8 [[neutron]]s (a slight amount of mass is "lost" in the energy contained in the [[subatomic bond]]s).
Under [[normal condition]]s it is a colorless, odorless [[gas]] consisting of two oxygen [[atom|atoms]] which has the chemical formula O<sub>2</sub>. This means it is [[diatom]]ic. Approximately 20% of the [[atmosphere]] is made up of oxygen. Oxygen also forms a [[triatomic]] molecule called [[ozone]] (O<sub>3</sub>), which although unstable under normal conditions, is a very important ingredient in the upper [[atmosphere]].