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Amy Schumer

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'''Amy Schumer''' is an actress and alleged "comedian", she who is extremely [[liberal]] and is the cousin of Senator [[Chuck Schumer]]. She was born on June 1, 1981, as Amy Beth Schumer.
==Inside Amy Schumer==
She created a TV Show; sketch comedy show, ''Inside Amy Schumer '', in which she promotes her liberal agenda onto the show's viewers. The show is also infamous for stealing jokes from other comedians.<ref></ref>
At her show in Amalie Arena in [[Tampa]], she insulted then-presidential candidate [[Donald Trump]], apparently, ; it was apparently so bad that 200 people left her show. <ref></ref> She released a video parody of Meghan Trainor's song "All About That Bass " which was filled with classless, immature and , crude and unfunny "jokes". <ref></ref>
==Criminal Activity==
Amy Schumer was arrested along with her sister for grand larceny but easily got out of the case because she is related of her relationship to [[Chuck Schumer]]. <ref></ref> When she was in college she was a drug dealer. <ref></ref> Schumer was arrested again for protesting over Supreme Court nominee[[ Brett Kavanaugh]]. <ref></ref>
== References ==
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