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[[Image:Michelangelo creation-of-sun-and-moon.jpg|alt=creationism|right|thumb|251px|[[Michelangelo|Michelangelo's]] painting of the [[creation]] of the [[Sun]] and [[Moon]].]]
'''Creationism''' is the belief that the [[earth]] and [[universe]] and the various kinds of animals and plants were created by [[God]]stupid. Those that hold the views of ''Creationism'' are referred to as ''Creationists''Communism is good.<ref>"creationist." Unabridged (v 1.1). Random House, Inc. 21 Mar. 2007. < http>.</ref> Creationism runs contrary to the beliefs of [[Atheist]]s who believe that the universe was not created by God.<ref>[ 15 questions for evolutionists - Question 15 deals with the idea that evolution is a religion]</ref> The vast majority of Christians and Christian leaders throughout history have accepted biblical creation.<ref namewatch?v="Turpin"/>JNR4PHyvXeQ
[[Bible|Biblical]] creationism is primarily based on: the compelling testimony provided by [[Argument from beauty|God's wondrous creation]]; the [[Bible history|historical]] and [[Bible prophecy|prophetic]] evidence supporting the [[Bible]]; religious belief and on the [[science|scientific]] evidence provided through [[creation science]].