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The [[Gospel of Mark]] is the most anti-[[Establishment]] [[the Gospels|Gospel]].
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The '''Establishment''' are the "powers that be," the group of leaders in a society who hold power and use it primarily for their own benefit, opposing [[meritocracy]] and making it unjustifiably difficult for others. The establishment is entrenched in both U.S. political parties, and its adherents support the same goals regardless of the stances they voice to voters.<ref>McManus, John F. (July 30, 2016). [ The Hidden Establishment]. ''The New American''. Retrieved January 5, 2018.</ref> The 1964 [[conservative]] classic ''[[A Choice Not An Echo]]'' exposed and defeated the Establishment control over the [[Republican]] presidential nominating process, resulting in the upset victory of [[Barry Goldwater]] for the nomination. The [[Gospel of Mark]] is the most anti-[[Establishment]] [[the Gospels|Gospel]].
In politics, the Establishment consists of [[globalist]]s and the insiders in the [[Republican Party|Republican]] and [[Democrat Party|Democrat]] Parties who do things behind the scenes to preserve their own position and thwart real competition. [[Nomination by endorsement]] is one way that the Establishment gets what it wants.
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